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CryoFall - Guide for Closed Alpha Test
« on: January 19, 2017, 04:45:52 am »

Note: If you'd like to submit an application to take part in the closed test or just read a bit more information about it - you can do so in this thread.

Anyway, in this thread I'd like to explain everything you need to know to participate in that closed test. So, let's go over everything that's important to consider for the test.

First of all, the rules:
- Please do not post anything about this test on any outside resources. The game is not finished yet and this closed test would not give an accurate representation about the project. Hence it is still a closed test, rather than open release.
- Please do not post or otherwise share any screenshots or videos on any outside resources. If you would like to post a screenshot on this forum please use google drive or dropbox and simply provide a link to the screenshot.
- Basically, while we do not ask you to sign any NDA or anything like that, still, please don't post anything on the outside resources while we are still in the closed phase.  However, you are completely free to post anything you'd like regarding the project on this forum. Whether criticism, suggestions or anything else.

Next, there are a few issues that are bound to come up, so here's some information:
- Important! Currently the game supports Windows 7 and later (e.g. 8, 10). It also requires .NET Framework 4.7. Please ensure you have it installed - there is a web-installer which will check this and install if necessary - web installer.
- Important! There is still no client lag prediction for the character movement. It means if you have a high ping (100+ ms) and you press the movement key, your character will start moving only after the ping time as it will wait for the server processing and response. It may feel quite bad, but it should still be playable. Later we will obviously implement local movement prediction that would make the game perfectly playable even with pings of up to 300-400.
- If the game doesn't connect - simply restart the client and try again.
- The mobs (monsters) in the game currently don't have a proper AI (but they do drop loot). For now it is purely a technology test. You can do some PvP if you'd like, though.
- There is no sound or music yet.
- There are items in the game that currently have no use.
- The game balance is still very rough. We will address that based on testing following testing and when we start implementing proper monster AI.
- Please keep in mind that we will restart the server several times, so don't get too attached to your base :) all progress will be reset if needed by the test. Please don't look at this test as a chance to play the game, but rather - actual testing.

What is completed?
- The crafting should work perfectly and there are more than a hundred recipes you can craft in different stations.
- There are a couple hundred items already that you can either find or craft, which can be useful in some way.
- Skill system and technology progression tree. The former is complete, while the latter is still very much work in progress.
- Weapons partially work. That is, they work, but not in a way that will be in the finished game. For example it still uses very basic animation and effects.
- PvP, respawning, player looting, etc. all works.
- Basically most of the very basic systems work to some degree and you can try everything and see how it plays.

What to pay attention to?
- Aside from the game itself, please also pay attention to network stability. You will see network stats in the top left corner.
- Obviously any strange behaviors you see from the game.
- Well, and the game itself of course! :)

What we are looking for from you?
- General feedback. Basically anything that you think it worth noting.
- Criticism. If you dislike anything in the game - let us know. It is very important for us to iron out anything that isn't up to standard.
- Suggestions. If you think you have an idea on how to improve anything in the game - please share it with us.
- Feature requests. If you'd like to see something implemented in the game - please share your idea with us! Make sure to follow the suggestions guide, though. It would help us a lot if you do.
- Anything else? Please do share!

And a small note about the above - if you are going to make a report or write a suggestion - please do each of that in a separate thread. That is - one thread per issue/request/report. This way we can concentrate on a specific point in each thread. It would make it much easier to follow the main point of discussion.

How to install the game?
1. You will have (or already have) an activation code received by a private message. Please activate that code in your "my games and items" page at
2. After that please download AtomicTorchLauncher. It doesn't require installation or anything like that. Just place it anywhere you'd like, like a desktop.
3. Run the launcher. If you have already activated the code you should see CryoFall there. Simply press install, it will take a few minutes to download and install.
4. When that is finished - launch the game.
5. Next go to the "Servers" tab and connect to the game server. There should be only one.
6. You will be spawned in the game. You can use your map to find your way around the island. Don't forget to use chat ("Enter" key) to talk to other players. We should be online as well from time to time (especially during our working hours).
7. Play for a couple of hours!

Well, that should cover everything important for now. See you in the game when the test launches!
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Re: CryoFall - Guide for Closed Alpha Test
« Reply #1 on: June 18, 2017, 09:48:31 pm »
This topic has been updated since the last test to contain up to date information.


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Re: CryoFall - Guide for Closed Alpha Test
« Reply #2 on: June 24, 2017, 06:48:57 am »
The most important thing is that you need to install .NET Framework 4.7 to run the game now. You can download it there