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Bug reports / Game fails to boot after update
« Last post by Jpeasy on Today at 04:01:32 pm »
Hey all,

I have just updated Cryofall to v0.16.1.1 from the previous version and now the game will not boot for me. The first time I click the play button within the launcher nothing happens, but I do see the Cryofall icon appears in my taskbar and then disappear quickly. The second time I click the play button it says "Checking Data" and then after that a pop up appears saying that the game installation is corrupted and to please click "Repair" in order to fix it. When I click repair the bar fills up and completes and then the Play button becomes available again. Then the whole process happens again in a continuous loop and the game will never boot.

EDIT: Even after uninstalling the title and re-installing the same issue occurs.

If there is any other information you need me to provide please let me know :)
News and Updates / CryoFall - Patch notes v0.16.x (Tropical Update)
« Last post by ai_enabled on Today at 08:03:35 am »
New CryoFall update is finally live now!

We are looking forward to your YouTube videos and specifically let's plays as well as Twitch streams!

Don't forget to join and follow our social channels and websites:
   - Discord server:
   - Forums: (this forum)
   - Reddit:
   - Twitter list:
   - Official website:
   - Development blog:

Now, without further ado, let's see what's new in this version.

=== CryoFall v0.16.1 ===

New features:
   - "Unstuck!" button added to inventory. It can help in the case when you're trapped in a house or simply want to respawn without dying and losing your items (takes 5 minutes countdown and you should stay still otherwise the request will be cancelled).
   - Structures decay is finally implemented! It has 24 hours delay after which decay starts and in 24 hours the structure will decay completely (taking damage every 5 minutes). Buildings inside the land claim area are protected from the decay. The land claim building itself will start decaying if the land owner doesn't visit the land claim area for 24 hours. The timer is reset whenever you enter your claimed area. After this land claim decay timer starts (with duration depending on the land claim tier). If it's not repaired it will decay completely and all the buildings in the destroyed land claim area will start decaying in 24 hours as usual. This should help with abandoned bases and structures significantly!
   - Now it's possible to deconstruct blueprints and get all the spent resources back. Hold the interact button (right mouse button by default). No crowbar or any tool is required. Only possible on blueprints in your land claim or in the non-claimed area. Very useful if you accidentally place the blueprint in incorrect position.
   - Destroyed walls now display as such. So you can see that they have been actually destroyed. Destroyed wall can be quickly deconstructed with the crowbar tool (even if they're located in another player's land claim area). It's possible to build over the destroyed walls without the deconstruction.

New content:
   - New tropical biome with all new content! New plants (e.g. pineapple), trees (e.g. banana tree),  new animals (tropical boar), etc.
   - Wall system has been completely rewritten from scratch!
   - New wall tier - reinforced bricks.
   - New oil-berry bush. You can extract petroleum from its fruits!
   - New plants in the desert biome (cactus).
   - You can get cactus flesh and craft cactus drink or eat it as-is.
   - Several new quests and updated existing quests.
   - New neural implant that gives 50 LP upon usage. It's quite expensive though.
   - Added world map icons for important resources (petroleum and lithium).
   - Added tobacco farming, drying and production of several cigar types.
   - Many other additions, recipes, items, objects, etc.

   - Significantly expanded the world map. Main change is the introduction of tropical areas, but other areas have been expanded as well.
   - Crowbar tool moved to Tier 1 technologies (Industry group) as players requested to get access to it as early as possible in the game.
   - Rebalanced radtowns to make their loot be a bit more reasonable.
   - Rebalanced several recipes resource requirements (especially cloth items).
   - Updated certain visuals (e.g. walls, several trees, grass, etc.).
   - All walls now have proper physical colliders (depending on the actual shape of the wall).
   - Saplings cannot be planted right next to other trees/saplings anymore, one tile padding is required now (to prevent "impenetrable forests" and "tree walls" :) ).
   - Now it's impossible to remove yourself from the owners list of the land claim building, door, etc. Ask another owner to remove you.
   - Plantings a plant (from seed) will repair the farm plot automatically (if it's damaged; for free).
   - Tooltip for the technology node is improved to display the reason why it cannot be unlocked (such as not enough LP or requires another technology as a prerequisite).
   - Respawn window redesigned to make it more straightforward.
   - Increased LP award for the first dozen of quests from 2 to 3 LP.
   - Completed quests (awaiting the LP claim) will be much more noticeable in the quest tracking UI.
   - Added heavy weapon experience for bomb planting.
   - Heavy weapon skill now offers "bomb installation speed increase".
   - Removed damage bonus from heavy weapon skill (it was never actually used).
   - Better error notification when you attempt to edit the sign text in another player's land claim area.
   - Added recipe to produce fibers from plastic so late game players have access to more fibers at the cost of resources.
   - Removed intermediary levels for land claims.
   - Big strength boosters now have more benefits (e.g. time, price) compared to small boosters, as small boosters are currently more convenient due to their short duration.
   - Rebalanced toxin drop rate and recipe prices.
   - Rebalanced all 10mm bullets to make sure that different bullet types actually have different effects.
   - Changed coin recipe to make penny coin more valuable.
   - Lithium sources are now relatively far away from oil sources to prevent players from claiming both.

   - Multiple spelling errors and typos.
   - The "Official" server tag sometimes disappeared until server list refresh.
   - Fixed an issue when the game client is unable to connect to the server with the different mods configuration (thanks @Djekke).
   - The game will display a proper error message when it's launched on 32-bit Windows (which is not supported).
   - Game stuck on the loading screen for particular Windows Region settings due to unability to parse the shader by the MonoGame Effect compiler (thanks @alsvartr).
   - Fixed inaccessible mining area in the desert region (thanks @Daitalica).

   - The world has been wiped. Enjoy a fresh start!
   - If you host the game server - please update it (the savegame from <game root>/Data folder should be deleted manually as the game will be unable to load it due to incompatibilities between the versions).
Added workstation recipe to make tree bark, 1 log gives you 4 tree bark
Mods / Re: Big Bad Wolves Mod
« Last post by Lurler on Yesterday at 11:11:44 pm »
Moved topic to "mods" section.
Bug reports / Re: Stucked On Login Screen
« Last post by ai_enabled on Yesterday at 09:46:50 am »
The bug is reported to MonoGame
And I've fixed it locally so the upcoming update will already include a fix. Thanks for reporting!

Mods / Re: Big Bad Wolves Mod
« Last post by Daitallica on Yesterday at 04:40:07 am »


Important note - this mod should be installed on both client and server as the server is responsible for their spawn :-).

What he said!
Mods / Re: Big Bad Wolves Mod
« Last post by ai_enabled on Yesterday at 04:37:01 am »
Important note - this mod should be installed on both client and server as the server is responsible for their spawn :-).
Mods / Big Bad Wolves Mod
« Last post by Daitallica on Yesterday at 04:11:55 am »
Big Bad Wolves
Have you thought that the vanilla wolf was a bit weak, then look no further, big bad wolves never back down
so they wont run away with low health.

Added two new wolves
Alpha Wolf:
Bigger,stronger and faster than the vanilla wolf, you can outrun it... just

Dire Wolf:
Bigger, stronger and faster than the Alpha Wolf, you can't out run it... at all.... ever..
It's a fight to the death!

Download here :
Big Bad Wolves

Copy to your "/Cryofall/Data/Mods/" folder

edit your "/Cryofall/Data/ModsConfig.xml" so it look like this:
Code: [Select]
<?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8" standalone="yes"?>

and you're good to go, any issues hit me up on the Cryofall discord Channel
I have removed the wolves for this server, they're a bit OP at the moment, please nerf haha
I've separated and added to their own mod

After a suggestion from Djekke on the discord channel, I have put in an mpk so no extraction of core.cpk required
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