Author Topic: [v1.0.4] Internal server crash when encountering a pirate ship with 3 lasers  (Read 771 times)


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Game version:[v1.0.4]
Game mode:Single Player
Bug Location:Space
Steps to Reproduce: Encounter a pirate ship with 3 lasers
Reproduction Rate:100%
Bug Description:Any time I encounter a ship with multiple lasers it will crash the internal server. If the ship has 2 lasers than the game will start jumping around eratically while I am still able to perform other actions (all movement stops while still being able to aim, shoot, and open other menu tabs). If the ship has 3 lasers than the same thing will happen at the start, but then the internal server will crash.


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Thanks for reporting. It seems the issue is already fixed in the latest experimental build (v1.1.13c). However, currently it's available only for Windows.