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Hm, did that happen during installation through the updater (AtomicTorch game launcher) or already when launching the game?

And yes, there is no virus. It is obviously a false positive.

News and Updates / CryoFall - Patch notes v0.10.x
« on: March 14, 2018, 04:36:26 am »
New CryoFall update!
We are continuing to address all of the small issues and also adding new features that are necessary for the wider release.
We will still keep the game low profile for now. There are still a few things we would like to add before making any kind of promotions.

=== CryoFall v0.10.0 ===

New features:
- All players will now have their own T-shirt. It will be randomly chosen from the set of possible variants when you join a new server
- If you die now you will see your dropped loot location on the map and you will be notified if someone steals it
- Social tab now includes a list of currently online players (but it is still work in progress)
- All held items are now properly visualized (so you can see a burning torch held by another player's character, etc)
- Game map now displays coordinates where your cursor is pointed

- Land claim protection range increased substantially, now it actually makes it possible to protect your base from other players right away
- Stuff cannot be spawned on the edge of water now
- Dead character bodies are now removed from the world after 10 seconds
- Improved interpolation algorithm (to ensure less lag), added debug display for interpolation-induced lag
- Increased mineral density in the forest
- Changed balance of axes, now they are always better at chopping wood than any other type of melee or ranged weapons (who chops trees with a mace or a shotgun anyway?)
- Floor tiles are now cheaper
- Increased mobs spawn rate slightly
- Rebalanced LP gain from farming (much less than before; thanks to @ninekorn for his feedback!)
- Rebalanced LP gain from building (building walls is not the best way to gain LP anymore!)
- When you deconstruct your land claim there is no waiting period anymore
- A lot of other small balance changes
- Updated MonoGame and NoesisGUI to their latest versions

- Fixed "unable to launch" issue when disk cache for UI/XAML assets was purged by Windows (we don't cache it now and stream them directly)
- Fixed oil pump not shutting off when necessary
- Fixed issue with character input (firing, moving) not being reset for offline characters
- Fixed map not being centered on the player after connecting to the game
- Fixed tooltip position/size being incorrect in certain circumstances
- Fixed campfire rendering order
- Fixed fallen tree rendering to match physics
- Fixed toggle between fullscreen and windowed mode - the previous window size will be restored
- Fixed fullscreen toggle - the game resolution now matches screen resolution

- The world has been wiped. Enjoy the fresh start!

Bug reports / Re: Yrol's Bug and Errors Displaycase
« on: March 12, 2018, 09:48:30 pm »
Thank you for reporting it. We will take a look!
But it's purely visual, we just need to fix positioning of the sprite.

We just sent out a newsletter to a small batch of subscribers. Around 40 people.
We will keep it low profile for now :)
Most likely we will continue monitoring the game with a few people and if everything is great and there are no game-breaking bugs then we will make proper announcement early next week!


What we have been waiting for has finally happened! And that is first public release of CryoFall!
Yes, CryoFall has finally been launched!
And not only that, but it is also available completely for free during this initial first alpha release and anyone is welcome to join and try the game! We hope to see as many players giving it a try as possible!

You can download the game from our website (just login into your account or create a new one) and download AtomicTorch Game Launcher. You don't need to install anything, just place this single executable file anywhere (such as your desktop) and launch it. It will handle the rest.

Please note that:
* For now we can only provide builds for Windows. Builds for other platforms are still in development and will not be available until much later.
* The game is still in early alpha. So please don't expect everything to be completed or polished. But in terms of stability it should be good.
* Current terrain systems and ground textures are all placeholder! We will replace it with a much better system in a month or two which will completely change how the game looks!
* You will obviously need an Internet connection to play the game as CryoFall is designed for a multiplayer experience.

How to play?
Just download AtomicTorch Game Launcher from our website, launch it and it will handle the rest. No need to do anything extra. But you will obviously need to have an account. If you don't have it yet you can create one in just a minute or so.
And no, you don't need any gift codes or anything else to play. The game is now launched and available for free during this testing period!

We are hoping to see you in the game!

Development discussion / Re: CryoFall - Closed Alpha Test 2
« on: March 06, 2018, 08:56:17 pm »
You don't need to apply for the closed test anymore. The game will be released for open alpha really soon! :)

We welcome everyone to participate!

News and Updates / VoidExpanse - Patch notes v2.1.x
« on: March 06, 2018, 02:55:17 am »
VoidExpanse v2.1 is here!

=== VoidExpanse v2.1.0 ===

New features & changes:
   * New game option - static camera (the camera won't follow the mouse cursor, as you guys asked us to add!)
   * Reduced "Big party!" achievement requirement changed to 4 players online (was 10)
   * Better algorithm for selecting the default video settings
   * Better detection of HiDPI/Retina screens and automatic selection of the according option to improve rendering on such screens
   * Modding: can create devices to interact with space objects (such as debris)
   * Modding: added multiple new scripting API methods

   * Fixed (Pariahs' Bane expansion) Pariahs ship was appearing in the store on stations of other fractions
   * Fixed local game server connection dropping issue (on a low spec PCs)
   * Fixed scripting API npc.GetSystemAsteroidsByDista nceToNPC() not working properly
   * Fixed scripting API generator.RemoveAsteroid() not working properly
   * Fixed crashes due to OGG loading
   * Fixed Render texture creation issue
   * Fixed chat in 4K scaled incorrectly
   * Improved savegame writing reliability (should help with random corruption issues)
   * Fixed typos in Russian translation (thanks to Белослав)

Extra notes:
   * Saves ARE compatible with the previous versions!
   * Important! It is necessary to update BOTH clients for users and servers for server hosters.

=== New scripting API methods for modding===
(game scope)
bool game.IsProjectileExistsInSyst em(int system_id, int projectile_id);
bool game.IsAsteroidExists(int asteroid_id);
bool game.IsShipExists(int ship_id);

(NPC scope)
crate_id[] npc.GetSystemCrateContainersB yDistanceToNPC(int npc_id, int limit);
void npc.SetHiddenInStation(int npc_id, bool is_hidden);

(player scope)
void player.StartDialogue(string player_name, string npc_tag_unique_id);

(items scope)
int items.GetShipStationStorageCo ntainerId(int ship_id, int station_id);

(ship scope)
{x,y} ship.GetVelocity(ship_id)
bool ship.IsGoingForward(ship_id)
bool ship.IsGoingBackward(ship_id)
bool ship.IsInCruiseMode(ship_id)
bool ship.IsRotatingLeft(ship_id)
bool ship.IsRotatingRight(ship_id)
bool ship.IsStrafingLeft(ship_id)
bool ship.IsStrafingRight(ship_id)

Development discussion / Re: CryoFall - new screenshots & news
« on: March 02, 2018, 04:13:44 am »
While we are finishing up some infrastructural tasks (we call it "VoidExpanse curse") to be able to actually launch CryoFall here's something I thought could be interesting.

(click to enlarge)

It is the first version of our tech progression in CryoFall.

- All technology in the game is separated into 5 tiers (each horizontal row)(not all tiers are complete at this moment, obviously, there's a lot more to be added in the future)
- Each tier has several groups (rectanbles)
- Each group might required some other groups as its prerequisites
- And each group has a large tech tree inside it with several dozens of individual technologies that you can learn

What we are trying to do is make it so each player pursues completely different path, thus specializing in a very specific field, making them competitive on the server and allowing for social interactions beyond just "kill everything that moves" you see in most other open world online games. Let's see how it plays out :)

Development discussion / Re: CryoFall - new screenshots & news
« on: February 27, 2018, 01:22:51 am »
We have finally launched CryoFall website!

Also new blogpost:

Can't answer about the bug, we will have to wait for the reply from ai_enabled.

But as for energy and fueld - the answer is yes. Fuel is consumed as the generator recharges your capacitor. If you don't do anything it will only drain a tiny bit of energy (and consequently fuel), but if you fly around and shoot non stop then it will eat a lot of energy and generator will use fuel to replenish it.

Development discussion / Re: CryoFall - new screenshots & news
« on: February 06, 2018, 09:27:37 pm »
Just a little update guys. We have launched the server and everything works great so far. I've been play-testing it everyday for the past week almost. Bottom line is - we will launch it publicly within 30 days or maybe even less! :)

Help section / Re: Is there a IMCache.GetValue and IMCache.SetValue?
« on: February 04, 2018, 09:33:32 pm »
Just to make sure - did you add all required dependencies for all of those functions/classes?

Development discussion / Re: Linux
« on: January 29, 2018, 04:05:46 am »
The forum are quiet these days, so i just wanted to jump in and spash the silence somehow.
That is true, but not for long! :)
I'm sure there will be plenty of activity once we launch the game!
We will be sending out e-mails to people to participate in this soft-launch. Especially considering that the game will be free during this initial period.

Sorry to interrupt your conversation, but I'm just amazed at seeing this kind of mods being developed for VoidExpanse :)
Please keep up the good work and I really hope to see this released when you finish everything you have planned! :)

Development discussion / Re: Linux
« on: January 28, 2018, 09:25:35 pm »
As we mentioned it before, unfortunately we cannot support Linux and Mac from the very start. Support for those systems will come later, when the base game stabilizes (around beta).
The reason for that is simple - this way we won't have to battle with each version to add support for those systems and instead focus all of our energy towards developing the game.

We really wish we could offer support for other systems sooner, but the reality is much more harsh... it takes a lot of time and effort to make each patch fully compatible with all OS-es, and frankly we just don't have enough resources and manpower to justify it currently.

But again, good news is - we will be able to focus entirely on the actual game and it will make it possible to reach beta much sooner, and then add Linux and Mac support!
It is still our priority in the long run! All of our games fully and natively support Linux and we want to keep it that way! :)

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