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Game discussion / Re: wonder can i somehow join to pirates or aliens
« on: April 28, 2014, 05:52:57 am »
Hi Guys,

Joining the Aliens could come later in the game. You could be captured by them in a random encounter. And given the choice to defect.

They then infect you and you switch sides.

Just saying, there are many possibilities. You don't have to start off as an Alien. You could get converted to one.

Think Kerrigan in Starcraft.

Game discussion / Re: What mods would you like to see?
« on: April 28, 2014, 05:49:08 am »
Hi Guys,

At this moment i feel that Mods would be a wasted exercise.

Rather get the factions and quests up and running 100% and get all the current ships more fleshed out with better ships, better guns and gear for them.

Polish the game until it's near perfect. Then give the community the modding tools and let them have fun.

Mods are something i feel only gets implemented when a game is completely done.

Ideas and suggestions / Just some of my ideas on the game
« on: April 28, 2014, 05:46:14 am »
Hi Guys,

So. Here i am. On the forum. Sweet.

None of my ideas have to be used. These are merely my suggestions that could be used. I don't even want credit if they get implemented.

1. More ships
- Why not have at least 4 ships in each class. Variety would be really nice. 4 Ships per ship class. Leave the MK1 and MK2 namings until later. This can be implemented in the future. First give us a few ship choices. Different ones. Not just the same ship that has a different color and name.

2. Ship customizing
- Will we be able to color and paint some graphics on our ships ? Nice big teeth, with eyes, like the A10 warthogs. 
- Different ship layout choices. So i can change where my hard points on the ships are. Thus changing gun placement. And mix around where some of the things are on my ship such as engine placements, wings, the cockpit, etc. The ships can be handled as modules. So when you land at a ship yard, you can switch the modules around, pay something for it, and leave the ship yard looking like a different ship but using the same modules for instance so ship designs don't get too weird.

3. Controller support
- I'm finding it extremely hard to press Q and E while pressing W,S,A and D at the same time and pressing Space to break. I rarely dodge anything even with upgraded maneuvering and so on on the keyboard. It feels clunky and not smooth and fluid. So most missiles and lasers hit me. Sharper cornering would help, better dodging. And i think a controller would be a lot more fun in this type of game. You dont really need a keyboard and mouse.

4. Better expansions for ships
- The expansions are super limited currently. We have so many engines and generators, but only 2 Radars ? Like with the ships, why not give each choice equal amounts. Rather than 8 engines and 2 radars, make 4 engines and 4 radars. Variety. Limit some upgrades as well. Why am i buying a $60k ship if i can quip all the ship expansions on any ship. Only certain ships should be able to use certain ship gear. So you have something to look forward too.

5. Variety of Space Bases
- A fighters only space base with gear and ships for fighter pilots would be nice. Also a Miners only space base. And they should look the part, so when you see them you know, oh this is for miners, and oh, this is for fighters. The space bases don't really resemble who occupies them. This of course doesn't count for the Aliens as they have Hives. Maybe also, replace the missile turrets with patrolling ships.

6. More random encounters in space
- Some random encounters would be awesome. Jumping to a sector, dead quiet, no one around, just some nebula's, only to find a huge space varying alien space creature that has made that sector its home and eats all the ships that jump into it. Or jumping to a sector to find a space base in need of evacuation when a nearby sun is soon to explode and go supernova. So you have to rescue the people on board. Of course the random missions would depend on your chosen class. So id rather remove Adventurer as that would unbalance the game. Or leave it in, and if you do not have enough cargo for the survivors you fail the mission, or rescue only a few people and get less reward. But random encounters. Something cool. Even a new ship. Maybe forgotten on a old ancient alien space base that you can dock and get for free.

7. Automated weaponry
- I don't know about you. But when i buy a huge freighter and im just trading and mining, i don't have time to fight or want to fight. I just want to mine. Or trade. So the perfect thing for me would be automated Turrets. Buy a Freighter and have automated rotary turret hard points that need weapons and can shoot 360 degrees. It's in all the sci fi moves. The big ships always have automated turrets. Its the future. AI pilots ships mostly. With a bit of human interaction. But even now these days we have automated weapons. So it's not really such a far fetched technological step. Then you can have another upgrade. Ship AI. And we can buy better and more accurate guns and ship AI upgrades.

Thank You Very Much.

Game discussion / Re: Scott manley
« on: April 28, 2014, 05:15:08 am »
Hi Guys.

I came upon this game through Scott as well.

Im glad i purchased it.

News and Updates / Re: VoidExpanse - Patch notes v0.7.11
« on: April 28, 2014, 05:12:33 am »
Hi Guys ! Hope you are well ! I have found that my game has crashed 3-4 times with the new game. And it slows down and lags also quite a bit. i have one crash report that was generated but there is no easy way i see in the game to submit this to you.

Another thing, i can copy my save from the old game over to the new one. Although you say i cant. I can. And it actually loads and works fine. But, i started a new game anyways just to make sure that i did not miss anything. The new version has a lot more performance problems on my machine. Its frustrating to play.

The biggest issue currently causing my 10 hours of gaming to have died, is that the mission with finding the missing scientists is completely broken ? There is a huge yellow block inside of a planet and when i fly into it i explode. Yes those big radiation planets. The only thing nearby was a crate, but it only had an artifact and didn't change the missions parameters when i found it. Also flying straight through the planet and mission marker does nothing. I cannot escape as well. There are no aliens and no hives...but... i cant use the warp gates ! It keeps on saying that i need to liberate the system ? There is nothing to liberate ? No Aliens. No Hives. Nothing except Pirates.

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