Author Topic: VoidExpanse - Patch notes v0.7.11  (Read 3981 times)


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VoidExpanse - Patch notes v0.7.11
« on: April 23, 2014, 03:49:52 am »
Original post:

The update is finally here and with a lot more stuff than we initially planned! Here goes.

New stuff:
    New hint system. If you are doing something wrong the game will tell you. For example trying to equip an item in a wrong slot will show you a hint on what you are doing wrong.
    Ability to ask for fuel from other friendly ships in space.
    See contents of the asteroids skill if finally implemented. So, if you are a miner it will really come in handy!
    Added "show on map" feature and ability to cancel quests.
    All stars now do radiation damage to the neighboring ships.
    Implemented skill: bonus to quest reward.
    When near JumpGate it indicates where it leads.
    Item comparison window.
    Added button to quit to the main menu from the character creation screen.
    Added faction icon near ship names (if the pilot belongs to any faction at all).

    New mining system. The main idea is that now you will actually get some good money for mining, but much less experience compared to before.
    New experience system. We changed the amount of exp you get from killing pirates depending on their level as well as how much exp you need to level up.
    Rebalanced the freighter hull. It is now somewhat weaker in combat.
    Extended name generation for star system names.
    Rebalanced the game start. It is a little bit easier now.
    Galaxy map now reports actual asteroid density in different systems.
    Added energy usage for all weapon types upon each particular shot, not just recharge. So, now all weapons use energy. We are still balancing the system so we would really appreciate your feedback on the forums.

    Finally fixed multiplayer (lags, hangs, "lose of control")! And this time it really does work! :)
    Fixed disappearing items icons (finally!).
    Fixes to some quests, e.g. now they properly put markers, in the correct category and contain less grammatical mistakes ;)
    Fixed collision box for science station.
    Fixed docking zones for all stations. No more going through walls.
    Fixed "Spiral docking" issues.
    Fixed merchant Ships being stuck on certain stations.
    Fixed "if game path contains Unicode symbols, NoesisGUI does not works".
    Fixed random lags in game.
    Fixed camera jumping after death/jumpgate.

And a whole lot of other small fixes!

As always we welcome you to join the discussion on the forum!

And more importantly - join us in multiplayer. We really want to see big battles going! Join in and show your skill!


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Re: VoidExpanse - Patch notes v0.7.11
« Reply #1 on: April 23, 2014, 09:56:25 am »
Thanks for the update! Also, yay for the icon fix!

Well, the first thing I noticed (on a clean install/copy) was that I can't rebind my keys anymore: The window pops up behind the options window and only becomes visible after closing the options menu. Worked around it by just copying over my original/last SettingsClient.xml
Alternatively editing the xml directly is probably easier since there doesn't seem to be a way to swap two keys (except bind one of them to a temporary key).

One (hopefully) small request: as someone who's still new and doesn't know what works and what doesn't, could we get a small text in the description of things that aren't working yet? I only saw in todays patchnotes that quite a few skills are only working starting today.


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Re: VoidExpanse - Patch notes v0.7.11
« Reply #2 on: April 26, 2014, 12:09:34 am »
Nice update. Will look around for more bugs.


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Re: VoidExpanse - Patch notes v0.7.11
« Reply #3 on: April 27, 2014, 10:42:33 pm »
We are working on some quick fixes for this update. There are still some problems remaining. Hopefully the next quick patch will address everything reported so far.


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Re: VoidExpanse - Patch notes v0.7.11
« Reply #4 on: April 28, 2014, 05:12:33 am »
Hi Guys ! Hope you are well ! I have found that my game has crashed 3-4 times with the new game. And it slows down and lags also quite a bit. i have one crash report that was generated but there is no easy way i see in the game to submit this to you.

Another thing, i can copy my save from the old game over to the new one. Although you say i cant. I can. And it actually loads and works fine. But, i started a new game anyways just to make sure that i did not miss anything. The new version has a lot more performance problems on my machine. Its frustrating to play.

The biggest issue currently causing my 10 hours of gaming to have died, is that the mission with finding the missing scientists is completely broken ? There is a huge yellow block inside of a planet and when i fly into it i explode. Yes those big radiation planets. The only thing nearby was a crate, but it only had an artifact and didn't change the missions parameters when i found it. Also flying straight through the planet and mission marker does nothing. I cannot escape as well. There are no aliens and no hives...but... i cant use the warp gates ! It keeps on saying that i need to liberate the system ? There is nothing to liberate ? No Aliens. No Hives. Nothing except Pirates.

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