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Ideas and suggestions / Re: do you even lift?!
« Last post by ThomasKR on Yesterday at 07:39:56 am »
please allow us to lift chest, doors, the REFRIGERATOR !!!

Maybe just the empy ones for obvius reasons

or make deconstruc to give resourses :P an 25% resourses should be good,
mqybe 50% it will make the noobs deconstruc their homes when they move so, there will be less abandoned structures = less memory used
Ideas and suggestions / Re: 24h is not enough! (claims, you know)
« Last post by ThomasKR on Yesterday at 07:33:46 am »
it's truely perfect balanced, it make posible raid and claim resourse zones
i am planing a hit, b'cause a tier 1 claim 
 i will destroy the doors and the claim, 8 hour later i will place a claim ang get all the layers of walls just for me  :D
Ideas and suggestions / Re: Skill in the pvp
« Last post by ai_enabled on Yesterday at 07:26:11 am »

We've tried hard to ensure that the armor doesn't dramatically improve the actual resistance to damage - so everyone has a chance against the heavy armored players.
Some weapons (especially machineguns) have a pretty high DPS due to the fire rate and we might want to nerf them a bit more (we've already worked on their rebalancing).

Unfortunately, this is not a 3D game where you can have an advantage over your opponent by applying a better reaction to aim your weapon precisely. In 2D it's easier to aim and also the hitboxes are a bit confusing to make the clear shot. Also, the game doesn't have the client lag compensation (aka "state rewind") algorithm yet so your shots might miss due to the noticeable latency.

We would like to improve this aspect of the game but as you can see we can't do much. We're open to any suggestions you might have!

Ideas and suggestions / Re: Hunt weapon
« Last post by ThomasKR on Yesterday at 05:05:34 am »
Thanks! i love this game :D
Mods / Re: Russian Language mod
« Last post by ai_enabled on Yesterday at 01:48:09 am »
It's not a lost work though.
With Github and diff-tool it's possible to extract all the changes done and then use them in TXT files for localization (when we will implement the localization).
And until then it's possible to use Github to merge changes done so it's not that much work to support this mod updated. I know @Djekke could help with this :-) .
Mods / Re: Russian Language mod
« Last post by Lurler on Yesterday at 12:41:58 am »
Just a note. While we are very happy to see this localization - this is NOT how localization should be implemented.

While this will work with the current version this is NOT the intended way to produce localization as it will break with even the smallest patch to the game.
Localization mods should not overload game core code files.

We are hoping to introduce proper localization support in one of the future versions.

Use this at your own risk and if something doesn't work - the localization is the reason.
Mods / Russian Language mod
« Last post by Kawasoe on Yesterday at 12:29:45 am »
Russian language mod. in this version translate only Quests and base craft item. Another items and elements will be translate in next version mod.
Please, if you find errors in translate write me in this topic, game or Discord (you can find me in CryoFall discord channel)

from use mod  place RussianLanguage.mpk in mod folder game!AiCFvF-CXs7pqRkle1WXFdEhqt7a

after that write in ModsConfig.xml next string

This mode replaces core mod files and work ONLY in game version In enother game version mod may cause an error. If this happens just delete mod initial string from ModsConfig.xml

mod version not changed

Update 1.
-fix some errors
-translated technology
-translated items

Update 2.
-fix some errors
-complete translate quests(tecnical string and linqs)
-translated structurs
-translated some UI

Download new file.
Ideas and suggestions / Re: Hunt weapon
« Last post by Lurler on October 14, 2018, 11:07:23 pm »
Well, there is two barrel shotgun, that's pretty much THE hunting rifle :)
Game discussion / Re: Balancing food, freshness and fridges.
« Last post by Lurler on October 14, 2018, 11:06:21 pm »
Thanks lurler!
It was ai_enabled, though :)
Ideas and suggestions / Re: a few suggestions
« Last post by Xargt on October 14, 2018, 06:58:06 pm »
i meant the claims on the resources need to be able to be destroyed instantly, not wait till whatever tier claim it is to expire, around a certain peramiter around said resource, i for instance have 3 resources, i'm not gonna loose them any time soon unless people camp for 2 days on that spot, because i'll run in there and repair it build walls and they need to start all over again, hardly fair. and i definitely wouldn't have my perminant base on 1

Ah.. yeah.. I misunderstood the previous post big time... Sorry about that.

Anyway, I see your point clearly now. I agree.
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