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Ideas and suggestions / My Ideas
« Last post by ratzlaff on January 08, 2019, 08:41:52 pm »
1. At the moment my greatest wish is to reduce the long walking, even more if you plan to make the map even bigger.

I know something like teleporters are planned and I look forward to them. But they may be something of a late-game feature right?

Another idea for this: Something like a bike, which gives running speed 4x.
To balance this for combat:
-Short Setup time, where you need to be static.
-If you get hit while you are on a bike you are stunned, or lose some portion of health or bleed or something to make it dangerous to use bike in a fight. Shooting could also be disabled.
Note: It doenst have to be a bike, could be a mule, I just like to have that function. If its an animal you would have to feed it and so on.

2. A pump with a higher throughput than the current well, tier 2/3, higher building costs.

3. All shots from firearms should be tracer rounds if technical feasible, so you get instant feedback where you shoot. If they are hitscan, an instant line would be ok.

4. Recycling (tech and building)
You can put any intermediate product in and it will give you a part of the original ingridients back.
Mods / Re: Infection Mod
« Last post by Lurler on January 02, 2019, 05:00:31 am »
Looks great! This would certainly be a good addition either by itself for a more hardcore server or as a part of larger mod pack focused on survival.
Mods / Infection Mod
« Last post by BobTheFish on January 02, 2019, 04:51:33 am »
Author: BobTheFish

Many mobs and weapons can sometimes cause dirty or contaminated wounds. You can prevent or fight infection using soap, antiseptic, or antibiotics.

Note: This is a server-client mod. It will only work if you and the server both have the mod.


Mod type: Client-server mod.

Latest version: 0.1.0

Supported game version:

Download latest version: here

How to install mod:
  • If you are using a launcher:
    Pressing cogwheel near "Play" button and select "Open Mods folder"

    Place mod file "infection.mpk" there. Go one folder up and you find "ModsConfig.xml". Open it.
  • If you run game client directly:
    Place mod file "infection.mpk" in your "Data" -> "Mods" folder. Then go back in "Data" folder and open "ModsConfig.xml"
File "ModsConfig.xml" looks like this:
Code: [Select]
<?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8" standalone="yes"?>
Add following line to enable this mod.
Code: [Select]
<mod>infection_0.1.0</mod>Result file looks like this:
Code: [Select]
<?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8" standalone="yes"?>

You also need to include the mpk and infection_0.1.0 line in your server, if you are hosting.
Ideas and suggestions / Re: List of ideas.
« Last post by Warbot on December 19, 2018, 01:25:56 pm »
Instead of increasing number of free slots with every tier, how about decreasing them instead?

How about not changing them?

Have "x" slots in total sum, over all of your claims, do not change them with tier,
so you put "x" items into one claim, you can put zero into another.

Though I'd say it would be reasonable to increase that number with tier unlocks.
Ideas and suggestions / Re: List of ideas.
« Last post by Neoxion on December 19, 2018, 04:00:53 am »
Instead of increasing number of free slots with every tier, how about decreasing them instead? People will trade safe slots for base cooldown, build area and reclaim difficulty. If a person has a t3-4 land claim he is not a newbie anymore, if someone thinks it is smart to stay in t1 he/she will be raided pretty easily once someone realises that he has good stuff. But of course it will work if claims are not invincible. But in general with this safe storage you forget about one thing - people can create multiple accounts (even if you need to pay for a game several times) and make as much safe storage as they want which ruins the whole PVP idea (or simply cooperate and even 20 slots per person is a lot in this case). Just make a PVE server with a PVP zone and leave PVP servers free from all of these nonsense, so you will not need to please everyone because it's impossible.
Game discussion / A noob's first impression of CryoFall so far (A17)
« Last post by Samii on December 18, 2018, 06:44:36 am »
Hi all, today is my fifth day in the CryoFall! I learned english as foreign language, so please excuse my horrible writing  :-[

First of all, I really appreciate devs and communities effort to develop this game until current status.
Feels like somethings are missing while I'm playing, but I fully understand we're in public alpha stage and actually I enjoyed my experiences at the CryoFall. This game has really massive potential and I would love to see it's growing.

Here's my few thoughts about CryoFall
  • Tier upgrade is quite steep and boring.
  • I have to do/learn everything by myself.
  • These monsters are somewhat... peaceful.

Okay, then let me explain these.

1. In A17 version, we have total 39 quests that finish with T2 technologies upgrade. The reason why I completed all of these quests is because they are great resource for acquiring LPs. Well, at least that's what I feel about the quests.
They are teaching something useful with instruction and also it's very rewarding -as i said, free LPs!- , so this is the decent way to provide tutorial I guess. The problem is, if we finish the last one, then we can't earn easy LPs like before and you'll have to put tremendous time to learn about game system and get to next tier.
Like, I'm using @Djekke's CNEI mod but I still have no idea what exactly is Hygroscopic granules. :o
I hope devs are preparing more quest for the next update so newbies can learn something faster and get mingle with OGs more easily.

2. I used to play at the official North America server when the most of americans in the bed.  -My timezone is JST- In the five days of experience, there was only 1 fight with people when I passed by their base.
So I think it's not a exaggeration if I say that there's nobody to fight or co-op with. I expect more players after CryoFall's official realease, maybe this issue is temporary I guess.

3. It's about AI. I know devs are already addressed this issue at the roadmap so I just want to suggest something about it. What do you think if the animals troop together and attak random player's land claim continuously? So for these unlucky players, give them some prep time before the steapede. when the time has come, spawn the animals based on target area's land tier. (i.e. t1 wolves -> t2 lizards -> t3 bears -> t4 sand crawlers) Of course the animal's damage parameter should be adjusted. (differentiate their damage to player and building) This could add some tension in the game.

Thx for taking your time to read this. And kudos to our passionate devs and players! ;D
Ideas and suggestions / Re: List of ideas.
« Last post by ai_enabled on December 18, 2018, 05:10:14 am »
96 slot safe space storage - are you kidding?
In the latest update (A17) where we've introduced this feature (it was released about a month ago) we clearly let people know that we're gathering the feedback (exactly like @Kraker provided) for further balancing as obviously these numbers (T1 land claim provides 12 safe storage item slots, T2 16 slots, T3 20 slots and T4 24 slots) are impossible to set properly instantly. But it was clear that we must introduce something like that otherwise new players were losing all their stuff and after that most of them quit the game. So, this feature is here to stay - the only question is the actual numbers.
Please note that 96 slots number is for 4*T4 land claims which are practically impossible to build if you're playing alone. So 96 slots are shared with teammates on the base and with this perspective, it's not that much.

Meanwhile, the explosives resource costs went much down so it's easier to destroy walls and penetrate the bases. Though, we've done another change by making chests unopenable for non-owners so you might need to spend some explosives after penetrating the base on the regular chests too - but it's not much and overall you will need fewer explosives than before to raid a similar base.

Regarding the Oil/Li land claim claiming - we've let people know that the we're working on a depletable/destroyable/respawnable Oil/Li resources system and (probably only in Discord, not sure about Forums) that we have not enough time to push it into A17 update and it will be postponed as there were multiple reasons preventing us from finishing it in A17. We've settled with another idea for A17 - in addition to claimable Oil/Li deposits we've added public oil and Li "towns" which cannot be claimed by any player - which turns out to be a good idea so we're considering to keep it.
Meanwhile, A17 introduced a new mineral (Pragmium) which have a depletable/destroyable/respawnable mechanic so we've gathered some useful feedback which goes into improving the upcoming depletable/destroyable/respawnable Oil/Li resources system.

Please remember that the updates (with wipe) release rate is roughly 1.5 months and we're fixing urgent issues with patches for a few weeks after each update. Some things cannot be easily patched after the update is already released due to technical limitations (savegame compatibility) and some things simply are not justifying the immediate change as there is no clear feedback yet (as was the case with safe storage on the land claims).

The land claim safe storage size was discussed before A17 release in Discord and players provided their opinions so we've settled with these initial slot numbers as they sounded like a good compromise (there were no clear consensus) - to start with and then iterate upon.

It's important to note that some changes cannot be included into the next update as the scope is already fixed and we cannot push more stuff without cutting something else which we've already scheduled or even started working on. So I completely don't understand complains that "everything was written 2 months ago". Some urgent issues could be patched instantly, but serious features and changes have to planned, designed/specificated, implemented and tested before the release (and could be postponed on each stage further if we're not happy with something and need more time to gather more feedback or simply think about it). With our iteration rate of roughly 1.5 months it's impossible to expect faster delivery. Honestly, I believe our updates rate and scope (as could be seen from the release notes) is pretty decent, even if you don't consider the limited team size.

Servers / Re: How to configure the local server?
« Last post by Lurler on December 17, 2018, 09:31:23 pm »
Would it be possible to make a setup video that shows us how to host a server?
You can join our discord and people there will be happy to help you with configuration. It's not that difficult actually.
Ideas and suggestions / Re: List of ideas.
« Last post by Lurler on December 17, 2018, 09:28:44 pm »
I remember writing about not being able to claim someones land and that a lot of people left after they realised this. Looks like it's even worse now - 96 slot safe space storage - are you kidding?
You have to remember that it is still alpha and we are working on other things at the moment.
We have technical requirements that must be fulfilled first, before we go back to working on game features and content again.
A17 was purely content focused. A18 is a technical update (modding, localization).

I'm not trying to mock anyone here, but I read this whole document and realised that everything was written 2 months ago - even suggestions are the same. I really want this game to succeed, but I cannot do anything for it.
Changes take time. And there are essentially just two people working on the code. You can't expect things to magically change overnight.
We are doing our best, but it still takes time. So, please just be patient and all of the things you mentioned will be addressed :)
Ideas and suggestions / Re: List of ideas.
« Last post by Neoxion on December 17, 2018, 04:52:45 pm »
It's kind of funny that all the problems that were stated before (like 2 months ago) are still there. I remember writing about not being able to claim someones land and that a lot of people left after they realised this. Looks like it's even worse now - 96 slot safe space storage - are you kidding? When I played, 1 large steel crate was enough to save ALL valuable stuff - of course raiding is not profitable, because everything is in a safe storage now. You are worried about newcomers too much or people who never played these types of games before, making your game too safe for a PVP game. Why do you think that they are the majority of your playerbase or target audience? Why do you think casuals will be interested in this game for a long time? People who play this game casually play on PVE servers or leave these type of games in 2 weeks. The majority of PVP players I knew in ARK, Rust and other similar games are quite hardcore to say the least - most of them will not cry over raided base and some of them are complete no-lifers.
I haven't played in latest patch because I was checking server population in prime time and it was 10-20 people on a server even after wipe. When we had 60+ I met other people on the map once per 20-30 mins probably. With 10 it will be a PVE game and in its current state this game has 0 PVE potential - you will get all the stuff and skills in a week or 2 and for what? And I also wonder how is trading going on with 10 people on server? I also stated this population problem and suggested to not split players between a lot of servers (spanish, russian).
I'm not trying to mock anyone here, but I read this whole document and realised that everything was written 2 months ago - even suggestions are the same. I really want this game to succeed, but I cannot do anything for it. I cannot even recommend it to anyone who enjoys these types of games. What can I say to them? "Ok guys, there is a cool PVP/building/crafting game, but PVP is actually dead and you cannot raid anyone or claim their territory and after week of playing you have nothing to do". You can make content for a year of playing, but it's not easy. The longevity comes from PVP playerbase and their interactions. PVP is the core of this game unless you redesign it completely - if you dont fix it, nothing else matters.
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