Author Topic: Known issues as (of CF closed test 2)  (Read 295 times)


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Known issues as (of CF closed test 2)
« on: June 25, 2017, 11:20:43 pm »
In this topic I will try to compile a list of all reported issues.
Just to help us make sense of it and so people don't have to report the same thing twice.

Also note, this list doesn't refleft whether the issues reported here already fixed or not. Just lists those issues. The actual fixes are/will be reported in the version history thread.

(Fixed issues are highlighted in GREEN color)

Bugs / issues:
* Can't repair walls
* When crafting many items (250 planks as an example) lag increases - this is because the game sends update for each individual item crafted. It will be addressed shortly.
* Respawning does not seem to work always. One ends up in the screen where one can choose between respawning and respawning at their own bed. Clicking any of those buttons does not anything. One has to log out and in again. This seems to be related to lag.
* Items (such as a mob loot) could drop on a neighboring tile of different height - common scenario: killed a mob near the cliff - items spawned on tile under the cliff.
* Not dropping container items on the ground when the container is destroyed - already fixed.

Requires investigation:
Those are the things we haven't confirmed yet and we will need to investigate more to see what is up.
* The chat window stays open after login and never closes automatically, as it does when opened manually
* Re-joining a server randomly crashes the game - NoesisGUI bug, need the crashdump.

Known NON issues:
These are the things we know and that are not bugs or issues. Most of those things are simply not implemented yet or implemented in a way that will be changed later.
* The opened area on the map is not saved and reset after login (and other issues related to the map) - yes, we simply haven't worked on the map at all. It will be implemented later for the next closed test. Current map system is just a placeholder.
* After closing the crafting window, the selected object reverts to the first one in the list - same here, the crafting interface is not final and will be reworked later.
* If you have lag higher than 200ms or so the movement seems like on ice - yes, that's because there is still no local prediction/processing of input, etc. It will be added in the next version.
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Re: Known issues as (of CF closed test 2)
« Reply #1 on: June 27, 2017, 04:31:11 am »
Most of the issues are resolved now.
Also some improvements were done:
  • Destroyed container will drop the contained items on the ground
  • If you currently don't know any recipes and open a crafting station it should clearly state so. "You do not know any recipes for this crafting station."
  • Cannot pickup loot through character corpse (also it was possible to push corpses as they had physics)
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