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News and Updates / CryoFall - Patch notes v0.17.x (Pragmium Update)
« on: November 06, 2018, 04:53:51 am »
New CryoFall update is finally live now!

We are looking forward to your YouTube videos and specifically let's plays as well as Twitch streams!

Don't forget to join and follow our social channels and websites:
   - Discord server:
   - Forums: (this forum)
   - Reddit:
   - Twitter list:
   - Official website:
   - Development blog:

Now, without further ado, let's see what's new in this version.

=== CryoFall v0.17.1 (experimental/testing branch) ===

Major new features:
   - Device system. You can now craft and equip different devices that will give you some special abilities in certain situations.
   - Energy system for devices. You can now equip powerbanks that will provide power to other devices and energy weapons.
   - Implant system. You can now craft and use different implants that offer your character different abilities or improve certain stats.
   - Digital signs that can display images (later you will be able to draw your custom images too).
   - Cybernetic medical stations - you will be able to install different cybernetic implants here.
   - Pragmium mineral source - new mineral type found in the desert. It is a major part of gameplay in CryoFall now, but we won't spoil how it works - find out for yourself! :)
   - Energy weapon system - now we can add weapons that use energy instead of ammo. With this update we added several laser and plasma weapons you can unlock and craft. More to come!
   - All crates now have the owners list and access settings similar to doors. Fridges too :)
   - Animal corpse looting - spoils won't just spill on the ground now. Hunting skill receives some experience for this action.
   - Technology tree now has icons for all tree nodes making it easier to see each individual technology.
   - New safe item storage inside the land claim structure. It will keep your items safe as long as the land claim is not completely destroyed. The items will be dropped upon destruction to ground and stored there for 24 hours.
   - Blueprint placement continuous mode implemented for walls, floor and farms - hold LMB and move the mouse cursor (or move yourself) to place these blueprints (no need to click every time).
   - Improved defense bars in inventory window to clearly communicate the defense value of the equipped items.
   - Land claim "Upgrade" button tooltip added to let you know about the stats of the upgraded land claim.

New content:
   - Expanded and reworked the world map.
   - Device: Biomaterial collector - allows to collect "biomaterial" from killed creatures.
   - Added special hygroscopic granules that make it unnecessary to water plants when applied to the soil.
   - Several new quests + reworked existing quests.
   - New area in the desert: salt flats.
   - New salt mineral (source of salt but also contains small quantity of lithium salts sometimes).
   - Five cybernetic implants you can craft and install on the new medical station.
   - New tropical trees and fruits (e.g. durian tree).
   - Mining charges - it can be used to quickly mine large area, but requires resources to craft.
   - New alcoholic drink: tequila.
   - Cooking table with half a dozen new recipes such as sandwich or fruit salad.
   - New props (decorations) such as roads and road signs.
   - New skills: Cybernetic affinity.
   - Armored safe - to store your most important valuables.
   - Trash can - to store your most useless items :) . It will dispose of them instantly.
   - New tech groups: energy weapons, cybernetics, industry 4, medicine 3, farming 3, chemistry 3.

   - Structure decay delay increased to 32 hours (was 24 hours) as most players cannot come back to play at exactly the same time.
   - Improved item placement when you try to drop them on the ground. Now it makes a bit more sense as it allows to place an item anywhere inside your interaction radius.
   - Now you can't plant seeds inside rad towns (duh).
   - Construction sites (blueprints) now have only a fraction of durability of fully built structures, especially walls and doors. Make sure you complete them as soon as possible.
   - Fixed healthbar craziness when there many damaged structures on the screen. You will now see them in a radius around your character. But you can still see all if you press "Alt". If you point over a damaged structure it will reveal the healthbar as well.
   - Some players developed a bad habit or kicking every door and wall so a threshold was added to ensure that the healthbar will not appear over structures with >98% durability. If you ever want to reveal these little scratches - the "Alt" key works here too as well as pointing over the damaged structure.
   - Construction site (blueprint) progress bar is now hidden by default. But it is displayed as normal when you're pointing your mouse on it (needless to say, "Alt" key works too).
   - No need to hold right mouse button to interact with world objects - just click it and it will work automatically. To cancel, click again or move your character.
   - Reworked batteries: there are now two types. Both work exactly the same, but give different amounts of energy.
   - Changed prices and recipes for many items.
   - Completely reworked all technology trees.
   - When you die your character will receive "Weakened" status effect - this is mostly to prevent people from abusing respawn mechanic to loot radtowns naked.
   - Many items have been rebalanced or their effects changed.
   - Reworked ammo and weapon balance (e.g. automatic weapons are not so overpowered now).
   - Rebalanced LP gain. Now you will gain slightly more LP in the beginning of the game, but as you advance your skills you will get slightly less LP to account for increased efficiency for each particular action. Plus removed several points of abuse to quickly grind thousands of LP.
   - Bandage now also gives small health regeneration bonus to make it more useful.
   - Removed unused items and objects from the game to reduce the size.
   - Rebalanced most skills and implemented all remaining missing effects.
   - Basic land claims destruction timeout has been increased (especially for the lower tiers, T1 is now 24 hours).
   - "Clear list" button was added to the "favorite" and "recent" server lists.
   - Destroyed weapon will unload remaining ammo as an item, so it isn't wasted (thanks @Djekke).
   - Proper explosion damage propagation algorithm (which allowed us to increase the explosion damage distance).
   - Cigar "high" status effect rebalanced (thanks @Samir).
   - Eating Rustshroom will cause nausea for 5 minutes instead of 10.
   - Now you can't build land claims which will cover/intersect the grace area of another land claim unless you're in the access list of both land claims.
   - Equipped armor destruction on death will deduct 10% durability measured from the max durability value instead of the current durability.
   - Players in creative mode can deconstruct any building anywhere with the crowbar (useful for OP of private servers).
   - Better reporting when there are not enough items to craft the selected recipe for campfire and other manufacturers (previous it was reported as "Input items doesn't match any recipe").
   - Toggle run mode should persist between game sessions (thanks @Samir).   
   - Cascading land claim decay reset implemented - all nearby land claims will be reset from decaying if you're visiting at least one of them and you're in their access list (thanks @Samir).
   - There were no deconstruction sounds, so for now we are reusing construction site sounds.
   - Enabled auto-flipping for some props sprites to increase variety.
   - Using Reflection API in scripting is forbidden now for security reasons (mods should use TypeExtensions as a replacement).
   - Recipes and technologies were refactored to derive their names from items and buildings automatically. This will help with the localization in the future. Some duplicate descriptions for items and buildings have also been improved.
   - Now hand-crafting recipes could define optional list of crafting stations where they should be displayed in the recipes together with the station-only items.
   - Improved console help command to list all the console commands with their detailed descriptions.
   - Adjusted collision boxes for trees (it was hard to hit them with an axe, especially tropical trees).
   - FMOD (Sound System) updated to version 1.10.07.
   - Various performance optimizations and improvements for both client and server.
   - Now no extra permissions from the OS are needed to launch the game (no UAC pop-ups).

   - Spawn areas were incorrectly processed resulting in inconsistent spawn when the required padding between certain objects was ignored.
   - Long-lasting issue with error in console (dev mode) when another player is hitting an object with weapon and this player is not in your scope.
   - Proper movement smoothness for observed players and creatures (movement choppiness was noticeable on servers with the tickrate below 60 FPS).   
   - Game processed keyboard and mouse input in unfocused mode if it was started this way (e.g. Alt-Tabbing right after launching the game).   
   - Item container sorting was executed (and caused client hiccup) even if the items were already in order.   
   - In some rare cases the game was unable to discard/revert the input options changes and stuck in never ending dialog windows loop.
   - Crash when failing to initialize FMOD (Sound System).
   - Stale servers in the servers lists (now Master Server is able to properly handle half-opened TCP connections to detect these dropouts!).

   - This is a public test version of A17. The server hosting this version will destroyed with the full A17 release and all the game servers will be wiped and updated to final A17 release!

Help section / CryoFall - General FAQ
« on: October 01, 2018, 03:58:30 am »
So, it is time to work on this little FAQ to address most common questions that people are asking.
If you have any question that you think would be a good addition to the FAQ - please post it here and I will include it in this post.

Can I deconstruct buildings/structures?
Yes. You can deconstruct any building/structure inside your own land claim by using a crowbar.
You will not get any resources back.

Can I cancel blueprints?
Yes, you can cancel any blueprints by just holding the right mouse button over them. They don't even have to be on your land claim.
You will get ALL resources back.

What do land claims do?
They do the following:
- prevent other players from building anything inside of your land claim area
- prevent other players from deconstructing any building inside of your land claim area
- prevent other players from claiming any area that intersects with your existing land claim
- prevent other players from changing sign text and doing other miscellaneous unwelcome changes
- prevent other players from canceling your blueprints inside of your land claim area

Are there any advanced chat commands?
Yes, you can do:
- Add exclamation mark before your messages to use local chat, e.g. "! hi guys" (without quotes)
- You can right click on any message in chat to bring up menu with special commands such as mention or block

Are there any points of interest on the map?
Yes. There are many abandoned bases which can be explored for loot and rare items. It is protected by relatively strong monsters and also has radiation, so you might want to grab some appropriate protection and weapons.
All bases are separated by tier:
T1 - residential zones (green)
T2 - military (red) and industrial (brown) zones
T3 - scientific zones (blue)

I'm trapped/stuck! What can I do?
You can use "unstuck" command. To access it you can open your inventory and simply press the "Unstuck" button. You will have to wait for 5 minutes though without moving. This is to prevent abuse of this feature.

News and Updates / CryoFall - Patch notes v0.15.x (Explosive Update)
« on: August 06, 2018, 01:47:38 am »
New CryoFall update is finally live now!

We are looking forward to your YouTube videos and specifically let's plays as well as Twitch streams!

Don't forget to join and follow our social channels and websites:
   - Discord server:
   - Forums: (this forum)
   - Reddit:
   - Twitter list:
   - Official website:
   - Development blog:

Now, without further ado, let's see what's new in this version.

=== CryoFall v0.15.2 ===

Major new features:
   - New boreal forest biome with all new vegetation, monsters and resources!
   - Explosives! For now we have added bombs specifically designed for raiding, but we will introduce more explosives (and new wall types) in the next update.
   - Ambient sound system (game environment now feels much more alive!).
   - New monsters: bear, pangolin, crawler, hyena
   - New skills: learning, crafting
   - New loading and splash screens. Looks much better, right? ;)
   - New weapons and related items: .300 heavy rifle, machinegun and .300 ammo.
   - New structure: fermenting barrel to produce alcohol.
   - New sound effects for new and existing game content and features.
   - New night vision helmet with green night vision effect.
   - Completely new visuals for all trees, bushes and mushrooms in the temperate biome.
   - Hammers have been replaced with toolboxes. Now it makes a bit more sense :)
   - New droplist system - now you can be sure that loot in radtowns will be more consistent.
   - New structure: bed.
   - New bricks floor (brick wall will come later too).
   - New coal mineral node that can be found in boreal biome.
   - New tech groups: offense 3, offense 4 and recreation.
   - New glow in the dark mushrooms (don't eat them ;) ).
   - New frame limit option: screen refresh rate.
   - FMOD integration - much better sound engine which will also allow us to use DSP effects in the future (such as echo, reverberation in caves, etc.).

   - Significant balance changes to many aspects of the game.
   - World object spawning now uses local density which drastically improves spawn consistency and ensure no resources will be depleted even if they're mined regularly.
   - Respawn algorithm for players have been significantly improved. Also the spawn areas are modified to ensure a more randomized initial spawn.
   - Quests menu will now have visual indication to show when a quest is completed or unlocked.
   - Quests now track certain actions even if you haven't received the quest yet. Meaning that you won't have to do certain things twice.
   - Walls have been rebalanced to accommodate introduction of explosives into the game.
   - Rebalanced all tools: now better tools offer much higher efficiency when mining/cutting, while skill effect have been reduced accordingly.
   - Improved terrain decals system.
   - Land claim areas now are always visible/highlighted in the structure placement mode.
   - Dropped items after dying will now lose 10% of durability, rather than 30%.
   - Much improved performance and overall gameplay smoothness.
   - Ranged weapon attack vector precision improved.
   - Game builds now use CPK and MPK format for game data (same as in our previous games) which improves loading and installation time significantly.
   - Improved torch/lamp character animations. Also the torch fire position is properly animated.
   - Fullscreen mode is now used by default.
   - Radiation sound effect have been made quieter so it doesn't overpower everything else.
   - Improved inventory shortcuts (e.g. when Shift-click moving items between containers you will never have an item moving to an unexpected destination such as your hotbar).
   - Texture preloading. This ensures that certain visual effects won't be rendered with frameskipping (e.g. muzzle flash & explosions).
   - Added a few minutes pause between the music tracks, and a slow fade-in fade-out effects - so it will be not so intrusive.
   - Wolves and boars were nerfed a bit to make them easier to avoid/kill by the new players.
   - Randomized tree scale (+-15%) to add more variety into the forests.
   - Loot piles and crates now have no free item slots (as you're not supposed to place anything inside them)
   - Now seeds only can be placed in tiles nearby the character.
   - Updated credits.
   - Multitude of other improvements.

   - Fixed many typos and incorrect text in descriptions.
   - Fixed FPS counter.
   - Fixed campfire and other objects consuming fuel even if their output stacks are full (don't waste the fuel!).
   - Fixed "Use mulch" quest requirement cannot be finished.
   - Fixed AI creatures zig-zag movement.
   - Fixed cannot input ! char on AZERTY (same key as /? in QWERTY)
   - Other small fixes.

=== CryoFall v0.15.3 ===
   - Move animation speeds adjusted for several creatures.
   - Shadows adjusted for several creatures.

   - Moved the Toxin recipe from Laboratory to Medical lab (as it should have been).
   - Equipped armor will now only lose 10% of durability on death (previously it was set to 90% by mistake).
   - Invisible player's corpses will no longer create a problem for construction (thanks @p0ki for reporting).

=== CryoFall v0.15.4 ===
   - Walls, doors and land claims are all generally 2X stronger then before. Certain other structures have also been adjusted slightly.
   - Price to craft explosives have been increased to be 2X more expensive (with other slight adjustments).
   - Blast radius for advanced explosives (bomb) have been reduced.

   - Fixed bug: it was possible to place explosives through the door.
   - Fixed bug: it was possible to build structures in the top right corner of the lithium deposit.
   - Fixed bug: if number of players in a land claim or door was too large it broke the UI formatting.
   - Fixed bug: infinite "Game cannot compile" dialog message boxes spamming with editing scripts.

   - The world has been wiped. Enjoy a fresh start!

=== CryoFall v0.15.5 ===
   - Maces rebalanced: dazed special effect duration increased to 3 seconds, chance increased to 6% and 7% for Copper and Iron maces resoectively. Attack animation/interval now 33% slower.
   - Improved player (re)spawn algorithm to ensure the better spawn position (less probability that a player will respawn in a non-claimed walled up area).
   - Players won't respawn in the bed if the area around it is claimed by another player.
   - Bear loot adjusted to be more consistent (thanks @Evil Mammoth).
   - When attacking any structure with fists it will deal zero damage (thanks @Djekke).
   - Physics de-stuck algorithm implemented to ensure characters won't be stuck in another physics body.

   - Berry pie recipe requiring 5 ingredients but Oven has only 4 ingredient slots (thanks @BobTheFish).
   - Special effects (such as bleeding and dazed) were not applied to creatures.
   - Rare issue when player's character couldn't move after the respawn in bed.
   - Loot sometimes not dropping from a dead player (thanks @z00nk).
   - Sound volume option was not working properly (even with volume set to zero player could hear all the sounds as usually; thanks @APXEOLOG).
   - Crafting queue displaying an "empty" recipe on reconnection (thanks @Evil Mammoth and @Daitallica).
   - Barely noticeable color banding ("16-bit color") in night around the light sources.
   - Live recompile crash in certain conditions (thanks @Djekke).   
   - High CPU usage after long server uptime which required regular server reboot.
   - Stumps and fallen trees were playing "falling tree" sound on destroy.
   - (Steam version) the game will ignore screenshot key (F12) to ensure there is no conflict with Steam Client screenshot feature. It's still possible to rebind the screenshot key to another key and use in-game screenshot feature (thanks @Kane Hart).
   - Problem when opening an interaction window (RMB click) and item stack is under the just opened window - sometimes item was taken automatically in the hand (thanks @Evil Mammoth).
   - Fixed bug when the bottom right corner of the map was uncovered for the dead players (unfortunately the fix will apply only to the new characters).

=== CryoFall v0.15.6 ===
    - The game server runtime is ready and we're planning to release it very soon as we finish the documentation.

    - Now mining and woodcutting experience is added proportionally to the structure points of the object (for example, regular iron mineral will give 120 XP total as it has 1000 structure points, but sand pile will give only 30 XP total as it has 250 structure points).
    - Door auto mode will not consider offline players.
    - Post-effects checkbox is removed from the Debug tools overlay (it will be available in the Editor game version only). Please don't use the developer mode (unless you're a modder and require the debug experience).

    - Meat & Mushrooms stew recipe requiring 6 ingredient slots but Oven has only 4 ingredient slots (thanks @Sarai0989).
    - Major performance drop with the land claims visualization (very noticeable when building/destroying on the EU server).
    - Properly restore the time continuum after loading the server snapshot/savegame (bug with the incorrectly long plant growth time after server restarts after a patch, also bug with the berries growth duration).
    - Items desync: when a manufacturing output item is moved from the output slot while its count is incremented on the server side (thanks @Daitallica).   
    - Exploit introduced in the 0.15.5 when players were able to push each other through the walls.
    - When disconnecting from the game server during the world map loading in background, it spammed errors in the console.
    - Object owners list UI: adding a new user right after construction of certain objects (e.g. door or land claim) led to an issue when the creators username displayed twice in the owners list.

News and Updates / CryoFall - Patch notes v0.14.x
« on: June 22, 2018, 04:40:30 am »
New CryoFall update is finally live now!

We are looking forward to your YouTube videos and specifically let's plays as well as Twitch streams!

Don't forget to join and follow our social channels and websites:
   - Discord server:
   - Forums: (this forum)
   - Reddit:
   - Twitter list:
   - Official website:
   - Development blog:

Now, without further ado, let's see what's new in this version.

=== CryoFall v0.14.0 ===

Major new features:
   - Completely new quest line with more than 30 quests.
   - New items: miner helmet (with light! Tier 2 Defense tech) and yellow construction hat.
   - New industrial crate that can be found in industrial ruins.
   - New types of quests.

   - Rebalanced a lot of technologies, especially tier 1 & 2.
   - Significant rebalancing of almost all weapons and ammo in the game (both stats and crafting costs).
   - Some food rebalancing.
   - Updated quest menu, now shows number of quests available and completed.
   - Improved client movement and lag interpolation & prediction in connection with stamina (no more pullback when you're running and your energy depleted).
   - Lamps in auto mode will now only use fuel when there are players nearby (and they're online).
   - Rebalanced certain enemies, especially Scorpion. It now has substantial armor and it's better to use armor piercing rounds or heavy slugs against it.
   - Improvements to certain notifications, error messages and other popup windows with information.

   - Fixed lamp/flashlight recharging bug when the fuel/battery amount didn't changed on the client side.
   - Fixed random nausea when drinking pure water.
   - Fixed incorrect amounts in item notifications under certain circumstances.
   - Other small fixes & improvements.

   - The world has been wiped. Enjoy a fresh start!

News and Updates / CryoFall - Patch notes v0.13.x
« on: May 31, 2018, 04:34:49 am »
New CryoFall update is finally live now!

We are also looking forward to your YouTube videos and specifically let's plays as well as Twitch streams!

Don't forget to join and follow our social channels and websites:
   - Discord server:
   - Forums: (this forum)
   - Reddit:
   - Twitter list:
   - Official website:
   - Development blog:

Now, without further ado, let's see what's new in this version.

=== CryoFall v0.13.0 ===

Major new features:
   - New quest system!
   - Number of starting quests that will teach new players basics of the game and provide general guidance early on, we will be expanding this system with each subsequent update further
   - Items can now be used directly from inventory (drag and drop it on your character or simply Alt+Click on it)
   - New strength boost medicine and character effects
   - New structure: Evaporation fridge
   - New items: industrial chemicals, new bottles with water (salty and stale), etc.
   - New props and decorations for ruined towns
   - New equipment: respirator
   - Help button in inventory (listing of all the item shortcuts)
   - Interaction tooltips/hints are added to world objects
   - Many new technologies
   - Trees now drop saplings that can be planted
   - New water type (lake)
   - You can now fill bottles from water bodies (lakes and sea)
   - Added survey when exiting the game (please leave your feedback if you have extra 5 minutes)

   - Map size expanded (specifically desert and northern area)
   - Map now includes more points for oil and lithium extraction
   - New points of interest to explore on the map
   - Each radtown now has an individual sign to denote which type of facility it was (and consequently what loot you can expect)
   - Radtowns radiation levels rebalanced (there are three distinct tiers of radiation danger depending on the facility type)
   - AI can now move and attack up/down slopes
   - Screenshot now includes game version
   - You can now move even with any menu open
   - Door blueprints are now "open" by default so you can move through them
   - You can no longer punch trees (you could, but no damage applied and the game will tell you to use an axe)
   - Significant balance changes, especially to crafting (some recipes are also cheaper)
   - Improved performance across the board, especially asset streaming which decreases the micro freezes on asset loading
   - Improved server performance so you should experience smooth gameplay even if there are hundreds of players.
   - Credits updated and now includes the list of used technologies.

   - Fixed exploit with weapon range. We will see how it plays and make further changes if necessary
   - Fixed issue with some animals that couldn't be killed
   - Fixed annoying head bobbing during the melee attack animation
   - Fixed console not opening in non-US keyboard layouts
   - Fixed new options not applying when an updated version of the game is launched
        - Fixed incorrect door orientation detection when building a door near an another door.
   - Number of other fixes and improvements

   - The world has been wiped. Enjoy a fresh start!

Game discussion / Balancing food, freshness and fridges.
« on: May 16, 2018, 10:30:12 pm »
Question to everyone.

I saw many of you say in the game chat that fridges aren't particularly useful and that food still rots.
Well, that's to be expected as adding food that never spoils is bad for game balance. Especially considering that it's already quite easy to obtain food and water.

But still, I would like to better balance this system.

Currently food is separated into 4 categories:
- Perishable (1h)
- Normal (3h)
- NonPerishable (8h)
- Preserved (2d)

I will probably bump it to 1.5h, 4h, 8h and 2.5d to make it slightly more convenient.

Now, about fridges. They slow down freshness decrease by 10 times. I think it is quite a substantial increase.
But if you log our and login the next day and  your food has rotted away in the fridge I can see how fridge can feel a bit useless. But increasing it further, more than 10x would introduce disbalance.

Anyway, before I make final changes I'd like to hear what you think. Maybe there's a better way to fix it?

Now that we have finally launched CryoFall publicly we would like to see as many people play it as possible!

And so far feedback seems to be quite positive.

There is one issue, however. There aren't many videos about the game and it is actually a problem. Usually we use those let's play videos to investigate typical play sessions and adjust the game to make it easier to understand, easier to use and generally better. But without those videos we simply have no source of this information.

So, if it's at all possible - please consider recording a video with you just playing CryoFall and commenting your experience. There is not better way to improve the game than this!

And thank you guys for your support! :)

News and Updates / CryoFall - Patch notes v0.12.x
« on: May 09, 2018, 03:35:28 am »
Largest CryoFall update is finally live now!
With this we feel the game is ready to fully enter public alpha and ready for large number of people to join and try the game!
We will be starting with promotional activities this month, which means there should be more players now.

We are also looking forward to your YouTube videos and specifically let's plays as they allow us to examine just HOW exactly you play and make adjustments to the game based on that knowledge. So, even if you have a tiny channel with a few subscribers it will still be useful to us!

Don't forget to join and follow our social channels:
   - Discord server:
   - Forums: (this forum)
   - Reddit:
   - Twitter list:

Now, without further ado, let's see what's new in this version.

=== CryoFall v0.12.0 ===

Major new features:
   - Completely new terrain system (with all new visuals).
   - Complete reworking of the biome system along with new biomes: wasteland, meadows, ruins, etc.
   - New metal armor set (in "medieval" style).
   - Huge number of new technologies and technology groups. A lot of existing technologies have been reworked.
   - New static objects: signs, large chests, etc.
   - Fridges to store perishable food for longer.
   - Commerce system. Now anyone can build their own stores (trading stations) to sell or buy items.
   - Item durability and food freshness system.
   - Inventory sorting (with middle mouse button).

Other new features:
   - New water shader with water distortions, transparency and shore waves.
   - New character status effects.
   - New lighting systems that blends several light sources correctly and realistically.
   - Proper handling of multiple displays.
   - Significant game improvements to performance across the board.
   - Local chat messages. Now they will be displayed over your character head as speech bubbles. You can start your messages with "!" to use it. Such as "!Local message, yeah"
   - New sounds and sound events.
   - New map icons and improved icon scaling for larger maps.
   - Added credits to the game ;)
   - Capture screenshot feature (F12 by default).
   - New game options.
   - Multitude of other small additions.
   - Added help notifications to explain new players that they can learn new technologies in technology menu.

   - Most of the components are made craftable, although the primary way to obtain them is still looting from ruins.
   - All vegetation in the game have been passed through color-correction to adjust it to the new terrain system. We will still be revisiting it later, though.
   - Complete rebalancing of gold and currency. Gold now has wider use, but it is also not as rare as before.
   - Bushes and other gatherables are now more common on meadows and slightly less common in the forest. It makes foraging a bit more interesting and less random.
   - Now all technology groups have their own icons. Individual tech nodes are still using generic graphic, though, as we want to continue working on them for the time being before commiting to their final form.
   - New players are spawned with a torch to make it easier if they join the server at night.
   - Increased light radius for all light sources to make them more useful.
   - Significant improvements to UI: better tooltips, improved menus, better scaling, value interpolation for progress bars, etc.
   - Changed how drying cabinet works. Now it is possible to manually select the recipe.
   - Improvements to map editor (not available publicly yet ;) ).
   - Mobs will now regenerate their HP.
   - Complete rebalancing of the LP systems and skill experience progression.
   - Improved spawning algorithm (now distribution takes object density into account).
   - VSync now uses native display refresh rate (especially useful if your display uses refresh rate higher than 60hz).
   - Other changes and balance improvements.

   - Fixed fists/weapons draw order.
   - Fixed all memory leaks.
   - Fixed interaction system to use universal interaction range.
   - Multitude of other fixes across the board.

   - The world has been wiped. Enjoy a fresh start!

News and Updates / CryoFall Alpha Launch!
« on: March 22, 2018, 03:54:39 am »

News and Updates / CryoFall - Patch notes v0.10.x
« on: March 14, 2018, 04:36:26 am »
New CryoFall update!
We are continuing to address all of the small issues and also adding new features that are necessary for the wider release.
We will still keep the game low profile for now. There are still a few things we would like to add before making any kind of promotions.

=== CryoFall v0.10.0 ===

New features:
- All players will now have their own T-shirt. It will be randomly chosen from the set of possible variants when you join a new server
- If you die now you will see your dropped loot location on the map and you will be notified if someone steals it
- Social tab now includes a list of currently online players (but it is still work in progress)
- All held items are now properly visualized (so you can see a burning torch held by another player's character, etc)
- Game map now displays coordinates where your cursor is pointed

- Land claim protection range increased substantially, now it actually makes it possible to protect your base from other players right away
- Stuff cannot be spawned on the edge of water now
- Dead character bodies are now removed from the world after 10 seconds
- Improved interpolation algorithm (to ensure less lag), added debug display for interpolation-induced lag
- Increased mineral density in the forest
- Changed balance of axes, now they are always better at chopping wood than any other type of melee or ranged weapons (who chops trees with a mace or a shotgun anyway?)
- Floor tiles are now cheaper
- Increased mobs spawn rate slightly
- Rebalanced LP gain from farming (much less than before; thanks to @ninekorn for his feedback!)
- Rebalanced LP gain from building (building walls is not the best way to gain LP anymore!)
- When you deconstruct your land claim there is no waiting period anymore
- A lot of other small balance changes
- Updated MonoGame and NoesisGUI to their latest versions

- Fixed "unable to launch" issue when disk cache for UI/XAML assets was purged by Windows (we don't cache it now and stream them directly)
- Fixed oil pump not shutting off when necessary
- Fixed issue with character input (firing, moving) not being reset for offline characters
- Fixed map not being centered on the player after connecting to the game
- Fixed tooltip position/size being incorrect in certain circumstances
- Fixed campfire rendering order
- Fixed fallen tree rendering to match physics
- Fixed toggle between fullscreen and windowed mode - the previous window size will be restored
- Fixed fullscreen toggle - the game resolution now matches screen resolution

- The world has been wiped. Enjoy the fresh start!

News and Updates / VoidExpanse - Patch notes v2.1.x
« on: March 06, 2018, 02:55:17 am »
VoidExpanse v2.1 is here!

=== VoidExpanse v2.1.0 ===

New features & changes:
   * New game option - static camera (the camera won't follow the mouse cursor, as you guys asked us to add!)
   * Reduced "Big party!" achievement requirement changed to 4 players online (was 10)
   * Better algorithm for selecting the default video settings
   * Better detection of HiDPI/Retina screens and automatic selection of the according option to improve rendering on such screens
   * Modding: can create devices to interact with space objects (such as debris)
   * Modding: added multiple new scripting API methods

   * Fixed (Pariahs' Bane expansion) Pariahs ship was appearing in the store on stations of other fractions
   * Fixed local game server connection dropping issue (on a low spec PCs)
   * Fixed scripting API npc.GetSystemAsteroidsByDista nceToNPC() not working properly
   * Fixed scripting API generator.RemoveAsteroid() not working properly
   * Fixed crashes due to OGG loading
   * Fixed Render texture creation issue
   * Fixed chat in 4K scaled incorrectly
   * Improved savegame writing reliability (should help with random corruption issues)
   * Fixed typos in Russian translation (thanks to Белослав)

Extra notes:
   * Saves ARE compatible with the previous versions!
   * Important! It is necessary to update BOTH clients for users and servers for server hosters.

=== New scripting API methods for modding===
(game scope)
bool game.IsProjectileExistsInSyst em(int system_id, int projectile_id);
bool game.IsAsteroidExists(int asteroid_id);
bool game.IsShipExists(int ship_id);

(NPC scope)
crate_id[] npc.GetSystemCrateContainersB yDistanceToNPC(int npc_id, int limit);
void npc.SetHiddenInStation(int npc_id, bool is_hidden);

(player scope)
void player.StartDialogue(string player_name, string npc_tag_unique_id);

(items scope)
int items.GetShipStationStorageCo ntainerId(int ship_id, int station_id);

(ship scope)
{x,y} ship.GetVelocity(ship_id)
bool ship.IsGoingForward(ship_id)
bool ship.IsGoingBackward(ship_id)
bool ship.IsInCruiseMode(ship_id)
bool ship.IsRotatingLeft(ship_id)
bool ship.IsRotatingRight(ship_id)
bool ship.IsStrafingLeft(ship_id)
bool ship.IsStrafingRight(ship_id)

Game discussion / CryoFall - Development Roadmap (Public Trello board)
« on: October 25, 2017, 03:44:18 am »

We would like to share our roadmap for CryoFall!

With this game we would like to make all of our ideas, planned features and information about what is currently in progress public. You can also vote on things you'd most like to see in the game sooner. With your input we will have better idea of what's important for you. Obviously it will go hand in hand with discussions here on the forum. So you can create topics about any of the planned features to discuss them in greater details or offer your opinions.

You can find the roadmap here:

And if you'd like to participate in discussions in realtime you can always join our discord server:

Game discussion / CryoFall - Visual effects research (VFX)
« on: September 04, 2017, 09:28:24 pm »
So, as I already mentioned in our blog ( ) we are currently finishing all the remaining tasks to make the game publicly available for everyone to try. And the most important thing remaining is the visual effects system which we haven't finished yet.

Now, the reason I created this post is because I want to hear your opinion on the matter as well.

So, here's what we want to have in the game in terms of VFX.

* Ambient occlusion / Shadow maps - Is a system to create shadows and make otherwise simple 2d visuals look like there's more depth. We plan to add shadow maps for all game objects so the game engine knows what shape the shadow has to be. Plus use a shader that will create artificial shadow/light scattering around the edges and add additional darkness around objects where it makes sense.

* Tone mapping / Color grading - will be used in conjunction with day/night cycle to create more realistic visuals. For example more blue-ish colors at night and red-ish at dawn and dusk.

* Vignetting - This is quite simple and cool effect which we would like to use for certain events such as taking damage and such. You know, when you are hit the edges of the screen glow red.

* Chromatic aberrations - Usually I don't like this effect in games because it's used in completely uncalled ways, but when the situation makes sense, I think it looks quite cool. We will most likely use it for psi fields (to distort the visuals).

* Neon glow - This one is also quite simple and there are a lot of interesting situations where effect such as that would be cool.

* Bloom - Now, this is one of the most useless effect in AAA titles that I've ever seen. And it just makes the game look like junk. But why? Well, the reason is very simple - there's just TOO MUCH of it in a typical game. Still, if added just a tiny bit it makes otherwise bland image look more vivid! So, everything is good in moderation!

* Grain + monochrome - This is the "standard" way to display radiation effect and we won't be reinventing the wheel here :)

Well, that's more or less it.

But what do you think?

General Discussions / Anyone using discord?
« on: August 07, 2017, 09:35:18 pm »
Anyone is using discord on regular basis?
We are considering creating a server so we can join with you guys and have the possibility to talk in real time.

Game discussion / CryoFall - Closed Alpha Test 2
« on: June 18, 2017, 09:31:01 pm »

It's been quite a while since our last test. Last time the information we were able to gather proved invaluable and given how much the game has progressed in these several months we feel that we need to repeat it.

So, with that post I'd like to announce our second closed alpha test for CryoFall.

As before, each of these milestones is a huge step for us towards completion of the project! :)

The aim of this test is to:
* Get general feedback about all new additions into the game.
* Specific feedback about new important mechanics such as skills and tech tree.
* Possible general suggestions about future additions and roadmap for new features.
* Also to identify and fix any possible bugs that might be present.

Please note that:
* For now we can only provide a build for Windows, because other builds are still in development and will not be available until the actual release.
* The game is not even in alpha. It is still an early development build, so many of the basic features are still missing.
* You will need an Internet connection to play the game as CryoFall is designed for a multiplayer experience.

How to participate?
1) If you have already taken part in previous test - you are already set! Just download a new client when the test is live and join the server. No need to do anything extra. We will announce it here, so, please ensure you're subscribed to notifications from this topic - press "NOTIFY" button at the top of this page.
2) If you are new - you will need to apply to be a part of alpha testers team. Please fill in the form below and post in this thread.
You will be provided with an activation code for the alpha test of the game. To activate the access code you have to have an account on the AtomicTorch site. If you still don’t have one, create it here:

Either way, please read this guide just in case:

Application Form
Location - Country and city or at least a general region where you are (mostly to understand your ping)
Hardware and OS - General information about your rig and system
Internet connection - Type and speed of your connection
How much time can you dedicate - Just how much time can you spend on that and when are you usually free, your time zone (e.g. everyday on late evenings PST)

Example of a filled form
Location: USA, LA
Hardware and OS: HP Envy 17 laptop (8GB ram, 2 GB video), Windows 10
Internet connection: ADSL, 8Mb
How much time can you dedicate: Couple of hours every evening, my local time is GMT -10.

We are hoping to see you in the game!

And again - please also read this topic with all the necessary information on installation and participation explained in more details!

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