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Title: Bugs and other things
Post by: defrag on March 17, 2018, 04:01:57 am
Hi guys, I might be not really great in bug reporting, but becoming a tester is my duty to report some things I have found during playing the game.

1. Notification after death that we have 1h to get back our items doesn't disappear after we collect all dropped items. I think it would be nicer if it will disappear in this case. Additionally, as i understand the idea, there must be a timer counting down the time left before our items gonna disappear however, currently it always shows 1h 00m 00s which doesn't provide any useful actually :)

2. I have 2 active wi-fi connections. The one is wired (it is shared with neighbors) and the other is using a 4G modem. Once it happened, I got high pings on my wired connection (probably my neighbors decide to download a torrent) and I switched to my 4G modem without disconnecting from the server. It ends up with the game crash due to all RAM available was "ate" by the game. However, I was unable to reproduce this issue later. Will try to spend some more time investigating this.

3. Gaining LP. I don't know the exact idea of gaining LP in the game, but I think this is require consideration. When we use fist or a knife to gather materials i.e. we chop a tree with a fist (hello, Chuck) or/and a stone using a knife, we're getting LP's almost after every hit, so for example, gathering an ore deposit using knife would give us 12 LP (if I remember correctly). The same with chopping a tree, we can get something about 10-12 LP while if using an axe to do the same it will grant us only 2 LP after we gather wood. This allowed me to open all Techs just in few hours of gathering (and in the same time I maxed out my melee weapons skill). I may be not precise in the numbers as I'm not in the game right now, but you can try this yourself easily.

4. As you have already noticed, attack sometimes stuck. I can easily damage something inside my house just by passing nearby. Usually, it doesn't require relogging as it removes by triggering an attack by mouse button (at least it stops damaging my stuff and trees).

5. Typing in the chat "eats" some letters sometimes. When I type something in the chat, some letters don't appear or getting misplaced in the end of the word if space button been pressed (the last letter appears after space). I suspect this is due to microlags caused by CPU/GPU throttling as I play on laptop with an internal graphics (Intel HD4000). The CPU usage isn't high but the CPU temperatures are high because of GPU load.
I have microlags in any game that uses GPU but never experienced similar problems with keyboard input during play.
NOTE: I experienced this on the first day of testing, 2 days ago. Yesterday it seemed was okay, however, I didn't chat much. I will update if I will get the same thing again

I think there were some other things I'd like to report, but I don't remember right now. Sorry, didn't register on the forum before to post the problems as I discover them.

PS it's impossible to destroy a bedroll in case it was misplaced and would be nice to have an ability to change the active bedroll (in case we have few) where we want to resurrect. I built 2 houses and after placing a second bedroll, in my first house it just waste space now. It says "It doesn't belong to anybody".
Title: Re: Bugs and other things
Post by: ai_enabled on March 17, 2018, 05:09:47 am
Thanks for trying the alpha and reporting all the bugs!

1. Yes, we will redone this in the future... currently, it's a simple notification - same as any other notification. It was a quick and dirty way to implement the feature.

2. The memory leak issue was fixed in the latest patch.

3. Yes, we fixed it today. The experience was mistakenly added when you dealt damage to any object in the game, but it was expected to be added only to the damage dealt to other characters (and so the added experience amount was quite large). Additionally, using an axe on a tree also added experience to weapon skill when actually it should go only to the woodcutting skill (same for pickaxe). Now all these issues are fixed.

4. Thanks, we continue investigating the issue.

5. Thanks for reporting - even if the framerate drops significantly, the printed chars should be never "eaten". We will investigate it.

Regarding the bedroll - in the latest update you should be able to use crowbar to deconstruct it (also it should work with floor). We're working on a feature to allow targeting non-physical objects such as floor and bedroll (you will need to hold a special key to attack such objects).
We will consider adding a feature to allow selection of the current bedroll (by interacting with any of the previously built bedroll).

Title: Re: Bugs and other things
Post by: defrag on March 17, 2018, 05:41:46 am
2. Is the latest patch you mention It happened last night, after this version has been rolled out.

4. As an update, it seem happens if you died during fight, maybe in some other cases as well. And maybe it caused with the throttling that is present on my system

5. I may assume it caused by my typing style, but it doesn't happen whenever I type outside the game.

Yeah I already figured out about the crowbar. Now after I removed the second bedroll (which was misplaced) I'm unable to respawn at my first bedroll as it still doesn't belong to anybody :) So basically I can only spawn at random spot unless I build a new bedroll.
Anyway, regarding to the crowbar. What about to make some items recoverable after destroying something using crowbar? Like we can get some amount of wood destroying a wooden wall etc.

And would be nice to have an option to disable game sounds when it is backgrounded
Title: Re: Bugs and other things
Post by: ai_enabled on March 17, 2018, 06:29:29 am
2. Yes. Thanks for reporting! If you can provide the game client logs it will be the best report (you can get them from the Game Launcher by using "create debug dump"). We record the memory usage into the logs.

4. It seems to be a netcode issue - the input update command (change fire mode) seems to be not sent/received to/by the server.

5. Handling chars printing is always hard in the game when framerate is not stable. But in our case we passing all the input into UI middleware and there might be a bug when multiple keys are pressed in the single processing frame.

Regarding the bedroll - I think we can add a simple UI to allow making any free bedroll to make yours respawn point. This should resolve the problem.

Crowbar - yes, we will consider returning some amount of the spent resources when deconstructing. Just added this into our tasks lists.

>> And would be nice to have an option to disable game sounds when it is backgrounded
Right, we have this feature enabled by default in VoidExpanse. Will be useful here too. Thanks for reminding us!

Title: Re: Bugs and other things
Post by: defrag on March 17, 2018, 06:45:04 am
2. I don't remember the exact time when the crash was happened. I've created a debug dump and it contain all the logs created by the game. Is it okay to send it as is? I can only say the matching logfile probably is Client_CryoFall_2018-03-17_00-44.log
Title: Re: Bugs and other things
Post by: ai_enabled on March 17, 2018, 06:51:30 am
Thanks, you can delete the link now - I've got the file.
Yes, I see where the crash happened. I've noticed that many times the game was unable to create a texture object ("The GPU device instance has been suspended. Use GetDeviceRemovedReason to determine the appropriate action.") and when that happened the memory usage jumped (maybe the texture was allocated but due to the error it was never released).
Alas, we don't have GPU stats in our logs. What is the model of integrated GPU you're using and how much VRAM it can address? You can get this info by launching dxdiag, "Display" tab.

Title: Re: Bugs and other things
Post by: defrag on March 17, 2018, 07:05:54 am
Oh now I remember. The game once got frozen due to lack memory (because the OS and apps used a lot or RAM - I have a huge amount of opened tabs in Chrome). I have 16 Gb RAM and about 60% according to Task Manager is used by apps (mostly Chrome). So when it happened, Windows warned me that the RAM is full and advised to close the game but I ignored the warning and kept playing until it gets frozen so I had to close the game.

But the issue of the crash when the connection was lost is an another case. I hope you'll find its traces. The client just close itself without showing any errors and in Task Manager history I noticed it was increased memory usage since the lost of the connection until the game closes. It was about 10 secs of duration.

As I mentioned before, my GPU is Intel HD Graphics 4000 and according to dxdiag it can address approx. 1792MB
Title: Re: Bugs and other things
Post by: ai_enabled on March 17, 2018, 07:17:03 am
Will continue working on it on Monday.
Title: Re: Bugs and other things
Post by: defrag on March 17, 2018, 07:42:53 am
Have a great weekend!