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Mods / Re: Crybox
« on: August 13, 2019, 12:16:05 pm »
Server and mod have been updated to the next update.

Server name has changed as im moving from vanilla fallout, and heading towards newer ideas based around multiple ideas

Server new name: "Cataclysm | PVPVE"

Issues resolved server is now playable.

Both Nexusmods, and Google Drive have been updated to newest mod version.

Mods / Re: Crybox
« on: August 05, 2019, 08:33:13 pm »
I put up a preload to Nexus Mods, if anyone wants a copy before launch, as long as the devs dont do any more changes while we are waiting it should work completly on server update.

As for those who dont want to bother with nexus mod site, you can wait and ill post when the copy on google drive has been updated.

Mods / Re: Crybox
« on: August 04, 2019, 03:26:05 am »
Alright, this coming update to the server will return it to being a test server.

it will have the fallout content as i stated before, and will have somewhat regular wipes, as i add content, once its in a stable condition with the original content i want to add, it will be less regular wipes

Some Examples of content that will be added in the next few updates:

- PVE Zones (Newbie Island) players on newbie island wont be able to be harmed by other players as well as there creations, however npc enemies and the like can still harm them (there will be some moderation, IE dont do things that would be deemed as trolling, like building walls to block off entry to newbie island, or boxing players in inside newbie island, or otherwise troll like behavior, as i am the only admin and will ban for long periods, as i dont have the time to mediate, but will probly listen after if there is a legitamite reason to do so)

- Around 60 or so firearm weapons (Using real world Imagery as well as concept/imaginary, however may not follow real world technical data, as i have alot of various content to deal with IE: laser weapons, rail/gauss weapons, Autocannons, and the like)

- New Medicine of various kinds to replace the fallout contents additions, as well as amply increase status changing items for use in PVE and PVP

- More Powered Armors (Still no art for them yet, sorry and it looks like there may not be for a while as my artist has had a chunk of personal issues)

- More Melee Weapons (not sure what route ill go for it)

- Server Wide Events (tied into the AI Director)

- More Story Content (tied into the AI Director)

- Some other stuff i cant remember atm

Mods / Re: Crybox
« on: July 10, 2019, 06:54:30 pm »
This coming update will still retain all the fallout content, however i will slowly be phasing it out, to make way for the original versions, some items may change more then just image and name/description, as some of the ideas from fallout wont be as viable in the newer universe thats going to be built in the story layer, so just a heads up.

Mods / Re: Crybox
« on: July 03, 2019, 03:23:09 pm »
I am going to be reworking all of the content a bit, taking it from fallout as i get assets for it, the idea is going to be somewhat of a mix of fallout with a bit of horror and stalker/metro ideals.

however this will be a slow process, as i am building a Artificial Director that will run the behind the scenes, which may take me some time, ill be slowly adding to it so its presence will be in the game after the next patch however it may just be doing simple things for the time being.

My plan is to do a proper Horde Director or something like it (This is the standard type for most games that followed suit to Left 4 Dead), however it is to be seen how much this engine can handle as its built for more then 16 players, and i may have to lighten it compared to other games of the same AI hierarchy, i am also drawing ideas from rim worlds attempt at a story teller, which will be the first stuff i add (Basicly going to revolve around telling background stories of before the catastrophy that caused the planet to become barren)

Mods / Re: Crybox
« on: June 26, 2019, 11:07:06 am »
Alright Server is back up, sorry for any inconvenience to anyone who was playing on the server prior to the downtime.

Mods / Re: Crybox
« on: June 26, 2019, 10:42:42 am »
Will take a while to get a server thats stable for all players if my current host is unable to host anymore, ill have a temporary server up once you release the electricity update and ive fixed any issues that may occur from it, but it wont have good ping for most players.

Mods / Re: Crybox
« on: June 26, 2019, 03:03:48 am »
I am aware the server is down, and it may remain down till the next server update, as i am unable to get ahold of the server host atm, but if they continue with radio silence i will load up my back up server, it just isnt well placed and may have high ping for some people.

Mods / Re: Crybox
« on: June 26, 2019, 02:45:25 am »
Next Update Additions (This Content isnt in game yet) (This Update will need a Save Wipe)

- Night time is now Pitch Black, this means torches or some form of vision enhancement is needed. (This is to allow for realistic "Enough" stealth ingame, as well as realistic danger from night stalking predators)

- Working on increasing day length, may take a few attempts till im happy.

- Map has been updated, this does not include new POI's only Land Mass and resource Clusters (POI's will be delt with on another server wipe update) (This map update brings it up to a few KM's and a total of 5 Land Masses | this consists of a few islands and 2 small continents, and Newbie Island is in the middle of all of them, with exits/entances to each new landmass)

- Fusion Core and Cells added, for use with Power Armors (Fusion Cores will have different versions for now there is one added in that should allow power armor use and energy weapon use at the same time, might need some buffing later)

- Energy System has been redone, it now relys on how much its used, each use (suit ticks and energy/plasma weapon fires) will cause it a small ammount of damage, and charging can cause a larger ammount. Also charging batteries can be dangerous for the battery in question, this refers to overcharge, which can overload and explode a battery in real life, this only applys to Fusion Cells (At the moment), as there made for charging fusion cores faster, and can wipe out more then 5 other batteries easily.

- Friendly Fire has been added with a reduction compared to regular PVP (it is 20% of normal damage)

- LP gain in groups is now a 15% share (dropped from 30% vanilla)

- Decay Start is now 72 hours (This is for players who are away for many days and cant get to there computer to log in)

- Ruin Zoning has been fixed up, this means that locations like groceries, military bases, gun stores, and so on have items specific to them (This is the first of many updates to this specific part of the mod)

- Ruin Loot System has been made Harsher, and more rewarding. (base loot is now very basic, and involves scrap more then anything, but you can now find Loot crates of all different kinds that revolve around what kind of building ruins they are, meaning even if the base loot you find is crap you can still find VERY good rewards it is just rarer, Scavenging skill also helps some.)

- 2 New Ammo types "EMP" and "TASER" for use with non-shotgun type weapons (EMP is added to combat power armor users, as it degausses power supplies equipped by the player and any others located within there inventory)

- Powered Armor template has been readied for use with the energy system changes, this may need nerfing, or buffing as i havent tested it long term.

Mods / Re: Formifers Modder/Server Admin Resources [MODS]
« on: June 12, 2019, 03:07:15 pm »
Patched a bug fix to Simple Loot Boxs

now it should be finished.

Mods / Re: Formifers Modder/Server Admin Resources [MODS]
« on: June 11, 2019, 10:15:08 pm »
Sure heres a few of what im using it for in my mod

Preview it to zoom in.

Saddly the mouse positioning didnt apply properly you place the box in the use slot under your character.

Mods / Re: Formifers Modder/Server Admin Resources [MODS]
« on: June 11, 2019, 05:28:28 pm »
Updated Simple Loot Boxs

- Added a bug fix
- Added Notifications

Updated it again to comment out my mods addition of power armor

anyone who has already downloaded it just needs to add a // at the left most point of the powerarmor1 line.

ANOTHER UPDATE, this was just me fixing my english on the bug that can occur, as i was writing this script after i had taken my sleeping pills, so it wasnt well done for documentation.


Anyone who has downloaded it previously (if there is any) please redownload, as this version has a major fix, as i hadn't fully tested it.

Mods / [Client+Server] Formifers Modder/Server Admin Resources [MODS]
« on: June 11, 2019, 03:33:55 pm »
These will be things I randomly do on my mod that I think other people may want to use in there own mods, or that admins of modded servers may be able to use to help make stuff better in some way


SWNFI = Save Wipe Needed For Install


Simple Loot Boxs (SWNFI)
Description: This adds in a Simple Loot Box Example, which a admin of a modded server or a modder can take and use in there own server it should allow the creation of ingame stores, and admin prize systems with ease (This is a Client-Server mod, meaning it needs to be on both client and server, having a modded server usually means you have a core mod you distribute for it, so you can add it to that, or make another mod file specificly for it)

Google Drive Link:


This list will probly very slowly grow as I am working on my mod server for fun, and recieve no form of payment for any work I do for it, but I hope that some of the things I randomly make and add to this list can help someone.

Modding info / Q&A Useful to other modders
« on: June 05, 2019, 02:14:00 pm »
First Q

Alright a summary of what i want to do for the power armor - Determine how much energy is currently in the equipped player, and have a indicator if energy is running low, have lights on the suit that are directly determined by if the suit is powered or not (I have so far setup a powered Boolean for this), the suit will also need to update its Protection depending on if its on or not.

questions below on this

- How do i see if the item is equipped (as im unsure as to how to do this yet)

- How do i have the item able to see how much energy is on the equipped player

- How do i attach lighting onto the suit that doesnt revolve around the LightedHelmet Script (is it just the skeleton rig code, or is there more needed)

- Is PrepareEffects run every interval, or should i apply the defence and movement changes under ServerUpdate, and if i should use ServerUpdate is there any specific way i should do this (This is a 2 state system using the Added Boolean for if suit power is on or off).

-  How would i have the suit give a warning to the player that there energy is low.

- What is the best method (in coding terms) to apply the energy drain within ServerUpdate, and is this the correct application for 1 second intervals:
                     public override double ServerUpdateIntervalSeconds => 1;

(AI_Enabled, will reply on this first Q when he gets the time to do so, any modder intrested in these current Q's should keep this thread marked as intrested - if thats possible on this forum)

Mods / Re: Crybox
« on: May 25, 2019, 03:09:31 am »
Next update Additions


- More fallout Medicines (Psycho, Mentats, BuffOut, Jet, etc)

- More fallout Drinks

- Finished Exo Power Armor (Only 1 model atm)

- Sound Distance changes have been reverted, as they currently dont work properly, AI_Enabled has stated he may change how audio is delt with in the future, and at such time I will re-add the changes.

- Updated all the nuka-cola's with health regen

- Rebalanced Radiated food/drink, now you should avoid stuffing yourself full of it, seeing as nuka-cola is now super effective in fights, so if you spam it you will easily kill yourself, but if you use it caringly it will still help quite a bit (this may need more balancing)

- Added in new seeds, as this mod is based around scavenging, so some resources are much harder to find and can be gated by larger groups of players, this should allow other players access to some of these resources (atm theres all the medical Herbs, and Water Bulbs)

- More "Dust-izing" to the loot lists for the world fill spawns (Garbage, and resource piles), they are a bit more dulled down to bring it more inline with Dust Simulators idea. (This doesnt mean there totally useless, infact some of the harder to get loot is now easier to get - this only applies to garbage piles, as resource piles rares are the harder to get resources and should stay as rare as they already are.)

- Added in the start of Junk Processing (1 new item found in garbage piles that can be smelted down for either copper or iron - this also gives toxin byproducts)

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