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Ideas and suggestions / some tip and ideas
« on: May 15, 2018, 04:33:32 am »
first of all i want to say that the game idea is great, and i love post apocalypses, and i hope this project will succeeded.
i played for a few days with my friend and we came up with a few ideas.

1) the crafting wait time for simple recipe should not exist or get a lot shorter, and by simple recipe i mean all that is made in hand or in a workbench, the fact that i can ran a full inventory gather and my 200 flux dust is not finished crafting is ridicules. i think that you did mean to make it possible to "work" the workbench and run around, but imho the game is grindy enough for us not to stand still in the wait of crafting.

2) consider the ability to make fresh water from lakes and seas by take water in to bottles/canisters and then boil it in a distillery to make fresh water and salt, the water rate produced by walls is good imho (they are chip and can by build any where) but imho we need an alternative for mass bullet production. 

3) consider making one a special Claim available once for build per player that is indestructible and the stuff inside it's area is indestructible, this will be the "main base" claim that a player can be sure no one can steal from. and all the other claims that a player build should follow the cornet rules.
this will insure that PVP will rage on the oil/lithium spot and far outposts, but a player won't be robed completely of all of his hard work and "rage quite" the game, more so the "special" claim should not be possible to build on oil/lithium spots or even in 30-40 squares around it.
3.1) once a claim times out and destroyed, all construction with in it's area will be destroyed with it, so that the new "owner" of the spot won't benefit from the the old owner's defenses and must build a new fort to hold the oil/lithium spot.
3.2) make it so that the crowbar will be able to brake stuff in non claimed areas so that players can "clear" abandoned structures on the map. right now there is a ton of "garbage" constructions left on the map and some of it is on mining/gathering spots that i wold gladly clear to make room for resources to spawn.

4)jewelry: please consider making a buffing system made on gemstones as it main ingredient. like every gemstone can boost a different aspect of mining/gathering speed if craft into a ring/necklaces/implant etc... this should be high tier and not cheap.

5)medicine: need more tiers and steps so that it will be actually useful as most meds right now needs pharmaceutical chemicals that are extremely hard to obtain, and you actually need meds to get it.   

6) consider making automation available on higher tiers, like pips and conveyor belts. there is a lot of production going and needed in the game and i some time stuck for days in game inside my base just to fill all the furnaces and tend to all the plants.

thank you for a great game from users Beryozka and Arioe, we are looking forward to see new stuff and see how this game will grow. 

Bug reports / 2 Bugs skill don't work. can't see loot
« on: July 08, 2015, 05:47:56 am »
hi didn't find it on the form so here it is
first: in single player mines and mining laser won't equip all do i got the skills necessary
second: in multiplayer i can't see loot on the screen all do i can see it on radar (and can't pick it up)   

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