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Help section / array of object inside objective
« on: May 09, 2019, 09:48:14 pm »

I need some help trying to put an array of objects inside of an objective? Is it possible and if it is, how do I do it?

On the official wiki page it shows this: "npc.AddObjective(25334, "go_to_jumpgate", {jumpgate_id: 15});"

But if I put and array of objects instead inside the "object parameter", it gives me the error below?

Does anyone have any ideas?


Bug reports / Colliders Server Thread Aborted crash?
« on: May 03, 2019, 05:02:16 pm »

Here is the image of the current bug I am facing. Is it due to too many colliders on the same object?


I am trying to correctly UVmap the Station Interior in Blender. The problem is that Void Expanse at it's highest graphics is awesome but NOT my UV mapping as blender is doing things wrong. This is still a question that is for Void Expanse importing .obj models.

I am doing the SEAMS of the objects separately and THEN using SmartUVMapping and THEN use CTRL-J to join/fusion all objects... At that point, I press Tab to go in EDIT mode and the UV mapping is all wrong. Alternative is if I use UNWRAP in Edit Mode on the fusioned Model, the UV mappings are on TOP of each other which doesnt work either.

I gotta work on this tonight in order to release the station Interior MOD tomorrow. If anyone has ANY ideas of another free program or how to perfectly do UV mapping in Blender with COMPLEX objects of 9000 vertex++, please help.

thank you,

EDIT: Nevermind... I might have found the solution. It seems that I hadn't correctly done the seams on the Mining station. I did also activate the "Magic UV" pluggin... Dunno if that helped.

Help section / static NPC?
« on: May 01, 2019, 04:58:11 pm »
Hi ai_enabled or/and Lurler,

Again, the basic interior station MOD V1.0 is almost completed. But I wanted to know if there is something that i can do to have a static NPC. Meaning - a NPC that doesn't move.

I have thought of a couple of things:

  • making a NPC Stick to point
  • to make its WEIGHT super HEAVY.
  • to make the collider WEIGHT super HEAVY.
  • to make its speed 0 and acceleration 0 inside of the calculateShip.js script
  • to use opposite direction force with addtorque/addforce
  • All of the above combined

The reason is I want the interior station MOD V1.1 to incorporate destructible stations. I can put a NPC that has an empty hull but individually attach the Stations colliders to it to make it stay EXACTLY where the station is and BAM if the npc is destroyed by hitting its colliders that are positioned EXACTLY where the station walls are, the station is also destroyed... That is how i have thought of making them destructible.

Any ideas of a better way or static NPC function?

Oh and i have got no clue if 30++ colliders on an NPC will affect the game performance. It might hit it hard.


Help section / player spawning question?
« on: April 30, 2019, 10:20:16 pm »
Hi, The station MOD is almost ready for release. The basics and most important are done: interior station models, colliders, unwalkable tiles...

Now I need to setup the spawn points for players to be more distanced to the starting station but cannot seem to find the setting where to modify it.

I would need help on that. I think i know how to spawn turrets already and specify which position i need them.

Help section / cleaning up of my posts on the forums?
« on: April 28, 2019, 06:08:40 pm »
Hi, I would like to know if its possible to change some of my posts to the correct forum sections... For instance, Ive got a lot of crap going on in the mods section of the forum that I would change to the MOD INFO section instead.

Also, I would like to know if I can modify some titles of those Posts?


Its nothing urgent. It just feels unorganized because of me.

Bug reports / Concave Collider Server Error?
« on: April 24, 2019, 12:15:17 am »
I need some help figuring out the current Error. Here are images of my current collider for the interior of the station outpost. It only has 4 polygon colliders and those don't seem to be working on stations? is that normal? I was trying to limit the number of colliders for each stations while building the physics for them otherwise I will have to use a LOT of cubic/box colliders in order to cover all the parts.

Help section / Void Expanse distance of view option?
« on: March 06, 2019, 04:22:41 pm »

I am pretty sure that I saw somewhere that I could change the distance of view for players. I would need to change that setting as the station models are disappearing too soon. Is it possible and if it is, where is the setting again?


Modding info / Void Expanse Free ASSETS.
« on: March 03, 2019, 12:15:07 am »
Hello guys,

So here are the assets:

********* GIMP assets. *********

1. Those are only the original dismantled sprites of items, with the background picture removed and with item rarity or "MK0 to MK5". If I remember correctly, I was able to clean ALL of the item assets with Gimp in order for them to be ready for the infinite items mod. You just have to install GIMP and then open up every GIMP project and export the sprites (PNGS). With an export pluggin in GIMP it is faster.


Help section / Overriding a whole folder of scripts in Cryofall?
« on: March 02, 2019, 04:19:43 pm »
Let's say I want to override a full folder of Cryofall, to get rid of all the scripts inside of it for testing purpose.

In Void Expanse, I had to manually "comment out" each scripts that I didn't want or remove all "function calls" towards those scripts and put those scripts in the MOD folder of Void Expanse. As for XML Files, I would have to make them unavailable in the shops etc..

Removing the scripts for the core.cpk in the Steam folder wasn't the way to go in Void Expanse so I presume I cannot do this either in Cryofall? So Let's say I want to remove all Mobs to start off. I want to remove all items, all tech trees, all world objects, all weapons, all skills, all quests etc... I want to know how the server loads Cryofall first and foremost and how the world is created, not how the objects are created. I want to know where and when the world starts if thats a better explanation. If anyone knows already, it would be much appreciated to have an explanation and I am more than willing to write down in my scripts that explanations are coming from other modders for the credit of how I was able to get there myself.

I have decided to go in another path for modding Cryofall. At first I wanted to build an infinite weapons/items and Zombie/Skeleton Mod but now I want to go a different way.

Any help is appreciated.



Hi, ai_enabled or Lurler.

I tried everything many times in corefunctionality.js to try and activate more than 1 system at a time with only 1 player in the game. It NEVER has been working.

I didn't find a loophole BUT, it seems that if I put a "timer" linked to a function inside of the AI scripts, then make them jump to another system, the script of the AI is still alive so to say, because the timer functionkeeps debugging me information but the AIDecision function is not working because the NPC physics are deactivated.

This made me think of this. Could it be easier to just remove this "deactivating" function instead of making all systems alive at all times. I'm just saying coz that is something  that I have been looking forward to for a long, very long time in Void Expanse.... to have more than 1 system alive at all times.... If the system isn't alive but I am able to use the NPC's physics, would I be able to control the NPC AIDecision in the other system without the physics affecting the "upper layer" system? I mean, it must be layers that you guys have used to do this game, I suspect so if it is layers and physics are independant from one system to another, then only reactivating the physics/movement capabilities of the ship and AIDecision on whatever layer they are on could make it so that we have multiple "AI's alive" in different systems in Void Expanse... well, the systems won't be alive but the AI will still be which would make everything that exists in other systems, accessible by AI's... I don't need to see what they do, I need to read the debug window on what they do, to know if they are following the correct orders, like going to a base, fighting another ship, trading with another station etc.

Thank you for taking the time to answer. And please consider this for the next Void Expanse update. like pretty pretty please. Like a blitz fast update that would make it possible for me to work on that new option. It's all for Void Expanse and the station mod and whatnot that I'm working on.

I want to make a "persistent" Game/Mod. I know that performance will be crucial in those cases so I'm always wary of that when I code especially since Void Expanse is NOT multithreaded but it still has a lot of capabilities. I know you guys are working hard on Cryofall but please consider it.

EDIT: lol i tried addingForceToObject to the NPCs ship that are on the other system but it has no effects. I also tried using the "set ship as arrived from jumpgate" method because it reactivates the physics for a second but unfortunately, the physics are deactivated right after that because the NPC isnt in the same system as I am. No loopholes. prooves the game is well coded lol.

Bug reports / adding items to an instanced container doesn't work.
« on: February 24, 2019, 09:51:21 pm »
I'll shoot a video soon to proove it. BUT I have broken so many core scripts that it might be the reason why it doesn't work. I'll do more testing later on when I'll rebuild the core scripts.

Edit: Also, when creating an empty "instanced" container, it won't be deleted even after manually putting items inside of it and removing the items after that. Just creating them with generator.AddContainer function and choosing a droplist doesn't work. No items are beeing generated inside of it. sad bug as instanced containers can have a BIG impact probably with huge servers.

nothing urgent. Just to let you guys know.


is there a generator.DestroyCrate API function in VoidExpanse? I searched all scripts with NotePad++ and didnt find anything. The API function list in the wiki page doesnt show anything either for crates.

thank you,

SetGlobal is accessible for all AI Scripts inside the server. So what is storage.set for? Is it to keep a storage/data accessible only in one AI script.

Please explain when you got the chance.

thank you,

Bug reports / did I break my void expanse or something?
« on: February 17, 2019, 10:05:03 pm »
Approx 1 week ago, I deleted all my saved games (120 of them) because they were useless just because I was clicking on save instead of cancel when quitting a server game for testing. Ever since then, some weird stuff is happening with Void Expanse. For instance I now have a "JSON save game error" that popups everytime I start a server.

 but foremost, I cannot spawn containers anymore. I can only spawn space_objects with the command:

 var id00 = generator.AddContainer(sys_idNPC, depositX, depositY, arrayOfXMLScraps[0], "droplist_empty");

which isn't normal.
BUT if it makes it so that all my space objects now use the <data> options:


it's insanely great... except that I still need containers.
I deleted Void Expanse multiple times and resintalled but nothing is coming back to normal. Maybe I changed too many settings in the game that it really messed up the inner core on my side only. Just a thought. Otherwise, is anyone else that is still playing/testing Void Expanse encountering the same issues?

Also, those spaceObjects have a WHITE icon on my map instead of a yellow/orange icon like when spawning containers (if i remember that they are that color) and they aren't even interactible.

I'll probably revert to my Galaxy Market Only Server and re-test everything from scratch. Oh + if I do generator.AddSpaceObjects, and then use
npc.DeviceActivateOnObject(currentObjective.npcID, "device_scrap_metal", currentObjective.scrapID);

in order to activate the device on the space object, the args.target_id gives me a 0 as target ID everytime. But if I spawn a generator.AddContainer instead which in fact still spawns a space object instead of a container, then if i use:
npc.DeviceActivateOnObject(currentObjective.npcID, "device_scrap_metal", currentObjective.scrapID);

on the object, the device gives me the correct target_id... so weird. I'm not dreaming. I'm actually recording this.

nevermind... It's actually another kind of bug. The containers are really containers but somehow when I am on the station Interior model, even though it has no colliders, it disables the ability to grapple the container. So I gotta push the container outside of the station interior in order to grab it. I'm gonna try thinking of something to compensate for that. It's as if there's something that checks for the bounds of the station interior and even though it doesnt show the ability to dock, it disables the ability to grapple... But it doesn't do that for the repair station and refuel station.

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