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 Hello Devs and players!

 I will try to express here all my thoughts about the game in it's state and bring up some of my suugestions about all it's aspects. I'm not good in English so ,please, forgive me for some possible mess. Thank you!
 So I start:

 1) "Guns&Roses"

-Once more : for the moment Luger is only one ranged weapon of choice. It is extremely cheap to produce and it use cheap 8mm  ammo (almost only raw materials needed to produce). And it brings up best cost/damage results. It is 4-6 shots needed to make pig or wolf run away and finish em with mace.
 -Same time 10 mm hand gun shows same results - 4-5 hits for wolf and pig. But cost of ammo are EXTREMELY high. I used to try all ammo - piercing, hollow and normal - all are bad in same way. Big price with no result.
 -Same goes submachine gun. Low damage with with high fire rate. But  there is no any need in this high fire rate - fire rate of pistoles are fast enough to deal with any monster for the moment. May be it will take use in PVP, but then it will be very short PVP firefights since there is not any way do dodge, cover or use any other battle tactic.
 -Now separately about piercing ammo - it doesn't work at all. Same number of hits needed with piercing ammo, normal and hollow. So...why pay more?
 -And separately about musket and flintlock weapons: there should be much bigger delay in learning this guns and offence2 weapons, because it takes short time between learning musket and 8mm/10mm guns. So there is no need in crafting those relict weapons. Because very soon player goes in better weapons.
 -about 12 mm guns - buff it a lot or remove it. I crafted military shot gun and very VERY expensive 12 mm ammo and it takes 5 shots to kill a wolf! Same as Luger do.

 -Crafting nitrocellulose powder is too complex at my feelings.  Using intermediate materials, which has no any other use.
 - What is the point of revolver gun, if only 20 skill points later I get better Luger gun? Who ever will craft it and what for? Give any kind of use for it - give cheap ammo or 4 times higher durability or something.

2) Food

 - make roasting meat faster. It is fast to roast in real life - it takes 6-10 minutes to cook well done steak for me. I agree with long boiling berry jam, but simple roasted meat should be cooked in a moment. It will not brake any gameplay.
 - Why meat in drying cabinet is drying 1 after 1 ?  It should be cooking in stacks! Long, but in big amounts at same time. For the moment when I put 10 slices of meat in drying cabinet - I will have some of them spoiled before all are cooked! How could that be? When meat is placed for drying - it starts drying all at once, not 1 after 1. And no meat will be spoiled if it was places there. If game mechanic don't let you make meat salting in stacks - make drying cabinet have properties of fridge, where meat will not spoil.
 - We need better ways of preserving food. Freezer in addition to fridge or something. Because only thing we can keep in fridge for some  reasonable time is berry jam and salted meat. Roasted meat spoils in fridge just in 1 real time day, what means that preserving meat becomes pointless. And in real life - we don;t have to place jam and salted meat in fridge to preserve it longer. Jam as any other canned food should not spoil for much longer even without fridge.
 So freezing fresh meat, mushrooms berries in freezing machine can be one the ways to preserve food for longer. Never wanted to start farming, because only interesting food to produce, such as stew, is costs a lot, but can not be preserved for few game sessions (2-3 real time days).
- Canned food. I wish there could be the way to craft canned food. Let it cost a lot (salt, iron, spices  and other) but let us cook it. For long preservation (really long! Well canned meat can be kept for 5-10 years).

 - Yes, as player I am ready to pay time for cooking and preserving food. But I want it to have a point, I want to be sure that it will not spoil until my next game session. Otherwise I will eat raw meat and berries, cooks most simple receipts and forget about farming.

Ideas and suggestions / Food preserving (freezer and canned food)
« on: June 09, 2018, 07:01:54 am »
  As I already noted it in nearby forum brach: it will be good idea to add Freezer in addition to Friedge in late game. I think we have to be able to preserve food for some longer than 1 game session or 24-36 hours of real life time. Players payed time it take to collect and cook complex food. So there should be a chance to prederve it.
 To balance it - deeply freezed food may should be unfreezed before use, with 1-2 in-game day time, placed to friedge, or spoiled instead.

 Also may be it would be interesting to add canned food for long time preservation. Player will pay it's toll in time and resources (water,salt,iron/glassbar,spices) to preserve canned food.

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