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Bug reports / Re: Two minor Bugs
« on: March 15, 2019, 02:56:05 pm »
Ok, I tried to replicate the bugs.
I managed to make two videos for bug 1 in which the game behaves differently.
Video 1: please ignore my partner's voice, I forgot to mute her mic on recording)
Video 2:

I also added right and left click sounds for better detection of the issue.

As you can see this first bug is happening not only with a player entity but also with a crate entity ( as can be seen in the second video) the bug is more severe when it happens with the crate entity because the effect is partial even if you reconnect or you are disconnected and in the game menu, which doesn't happen if the bug is triggered with a player.

As for the second suspected bug, I couldn't replicate it, it happened to me a lot but just in single place with a specific combination of large steel crates + simple steel creates, and since I don't have those conditions anymore you can consider this issue a false positive, and even if it's not it doesn't matter as it's extremely hard to achieve and has little to no impact.

Also, I noticed that if you spam a crate with the open command when you're running towards it will open and close instantly most, games don't allow such effect by checking the menu stays open for at least 50ms or 100ms before accepting a close command.

Also I noticed that without any modification the client even in low lag conditions goes UP and Down on the LP points, which is probably a problem of consensus with the server, but it's a bit frustrating to see that you have first let's say 478 points and then see the screen again with 475 for example, I think the client should first consult with the server before displaying a "false" number, then again these inconsistencies of consensus appear if you hit a wall with a melee weapon as the bar moves a bit left and right instead of only going in one direction, this happens only on buildings that take like an hour to destroy with a melee/ranged weapon. 

Out of curiosity, I have seen that you guys posted on the developer blog that the game is currently opened source but, I didn't manage to find a link to a repo, I was wondering if I missed it somehow.

Bug reports / Re: Two minor Bugs
« on: March 15, 2019, 12:52:03 pm »

I will try to replicate my second suspicion it happened pretty often in a place where walls were built(but unfortunately I don't have that place anymore), but the idea was that even if you didn't switch positions and tried to open the blocked one after you opened one that was openable it worked.

I'll try later to replicate them and come with some recordings, if I don't reply again it means I couldn't replicate them, I'll try to replicate the second one with the simplest conditions to see if I can.
The simplest conditions would be a wooden wall and some crates, but it happens most often to some steel chest that I had. 

Bug reports / Two minor Bugs
« on: March 15, 2019, 12:31:10 pm »
Hello, I would like to report two minor bugs.

First one is easy to replicate, it happens if you throw stuff away and a friend moves in your place of throwing, the item that you throw remains blocked on the cursor and you have to reconnect in order to fix it, upon reconnection you have the item in your inventory, it's a very minor bug and probably is hard to fix I guess as probably there is some kind of race condition failure there.

The second bug is even more insignificant it usually happens when you cram some storage entities close and you try to open one that is partially blocked, you won't receive any message as ( something is blocking the way) and you will not be able to ever open that specific chest( even if you correct your position) ever until you open another chest then you will be able to open the "blocked" chest again( probably there are some clean up routines problems on opening/closing chest I am guessing).

From my whole gameplay of some tens of hours, I didn't find other bugs.

Hello everybody, I would like to share a story about this game, I hope that somebody will find some value in this story and I hope, it will be useful.

This story of our game experience began just a few days ago when my partner recommended this game to me and we started to play together, we liked the game very much and we did voice communication through telegram, even though we were a room apart.

It captivated us so much that we started to play insane amounts of time, and when I say insane it means only play this game nonstop with just a couple of hours of sleep, as we both had some time off to spend. We planed that we won't keep this insane schedule for a long period just until we fully experience all the researchers and items this game has to offer.

We played on Europe official server, as we are from an eastern-Europe country and we thought that we should get better network performance.
But playing so long will attract some attention as we didn't know that the server is hostage to gangs that ally themselves and do not like others to progress faster.

So when I was around my base, and when a player that thinks he is some kind of "master" of the server noticed that I have an advanced armor decided to hunt me I try to run away, but I was killed. Never mind, I said it's a survival game and it's normal to get killed, but is also normal to try to have some revenge(even in the respawn menu that is mentioned), especially when it was a hunting kill, and when we encountered a lot of players that were nice.

My partner doesn't manage extremely well the game combat mechanics so I had to try the impossible and try to have some revenge, so we played and played and farmed XP and hoarded resources in order to try to tame this player(also a base of two players) who we thought wasn't nice.

But little we knew that such feat was impossible because yes, we played a lot of time and I got in a few days to research 3 top tier technologies (defense, chemistry, offensive), but the players were in a large team of Argentinian players which scope was to "rule" the map so after our attempts of getting revenge failed we ended having our base blown up even though it had layers upon layers of brick walls, some steel doors a lot of iron doers etc.

Now personally I don't have a problem with that, and I acknowledge that this is the game but I want to share how exactly this happen and also make some suggestions.

They did it by having all their inventories(two players) full of primitive bombs, and when I say full I mean over 60 bombs in total in my estimation, now for only a few days after the reset that amount of bombs is insane and it can hardly be made by only two players, but they were not only two players but a band a players, and all helped them to make this ridiculous number of explosives.

Now my first problem experienced during this game was that players talked in chat mostly in Spanish I believe saying that this band must eradicate "gringos" off the map, such kind of words "gringos" is in my humble opinion viler than any insults as it's a form of xenophobism, also I have seen in the chat messages, from some Spanish language players asking if this player(who started the dispute) is the "alpha" of the server.

One player also complained that the player in question demanded rubber from him in order to not harass him (probably to make many bombs to have any chance against players to choose to play nonstop)

Here are some suggestions that you might consider in order to make this game more enjoyable.

My first suggestion is as in some other multiplayer games to restrict the general chat language to English because it offers a better neutral environment.

Secondly, I would suggest limiting how much bombs a user can carry even up to 10 per type.

Thirdly I would suggest making possible the username changing because this way you can easily restart a base without harassment, make an artificial id the primary key and let ppl change their usernames.

Also, I believe players should be able to deconstruct buildings that are not covered by any land claim because ppl can abuse this function and build a wall around someone's base.

Also, there should be small 1x or 2x a safe space around each player so people stop using wall blueprints and toolbox as weapons.

Also, if you shoot walls that you build yourself outside the base you can farm huge levels of XP and get ahead which seems pretty exploitative.

Also, you can make mining zones weapon free as they can generate a lot of conflicts sometimes.

Also, maybe limiting a bit the ruins impact in the game would be nice, because I believe it's unfair to find a tier 4 weapon when you have only a tier 2 researched because early in the game ppl might abuse this to harass other players.

Also, I don't know if it's fair to show the online players to everyone( you should make a friend function or something), because some maleficent users will target players who play all day.

And lastly ppl should be less rewarded by spending time in the game, ( make a daily hourly limit of getting LP like 2-3 hours) otherwise, the game mechanics incentives playing without stopping which results in an unbalanced experience.

I thank you the developers for this game, in conclusion, the game seems pretty well programmed, fast, and I like the server authoritative architecture that keeps most nasty things at bay, but you should also add systems to prevent hostile and abusive behavior and don't rely so much on human nature as we all know how it will end and most likely it will dissatisfy many of the players.

Thanks again I hope you appreciate my efforts to contribute to this game by telling you my experience with this game.

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