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Bug reports / Re: Colliders Server Thread Aborted crash?
« on: June 22, 2019, 11:11:25 pm »
Could it also be the way that I am "exporting" the models out of Blender that could affect the collider generation inside VoidExpanse?

9sMODs - Part 2.2 of 9.0 - RELEASED

Fixed a few bugs:
1. The drone faction was non-existent and was showing as a red square instead of "Neutrals". Fixed it.
2. The mining drone AI wasnt working when the drone started mining and that the player was getting 25 units away, the mining drone was going back and forth to the last asteroid and back to the player infinitely. Now fixed easily.
3.Cleaned the Title of the drones that show up in the store so that they don't include the character "_" (underscore).
4. I had forgotten to add the option to select a mining drone to go back to player to deposit its cargo but the option was there in the onBoard Computer. Now the option is added and works perfectly.

Mods / Re: COMBAT + REPAIR DRONES - 9s/\/\()|)s - Part 2.1 of 9.0
« on: June 22, 2019, 03:56:00 am »
NEW UPDATE - 9s/\/\()|)s - Part 2.1 of 9.0

Ability to spawn Mining Drones.

  • I added the ability to Release and Recover drones with the inventory items beeing removed and added accordingly
  • fixed a couple bugs in the repair drones release.

  • Add scopeShips to the pathfind of the mining drones so that the drones are not hitting each other when going to mine.
  • Replace npc.InstantStop with npc.Stop so that the mining drones motion are less jerky when approaching an asteroid.
  • Change this version number to part 2.2 because i forgot to only change the version but DID UPDATE THE FILES ON STEAM

Mods / Re: COMBAT DRONES RELEASED - 9s/\/\()|)s - Part 2.0 of 9.0
« on: June 21, 2019, 11:41:05 am »
NEW UPDATE - 9s/\/\()|)s - Part 2.1 of 9.0

Ability to spawn Repair Drones.

Bug reports / Re: Colliders Server Thread Aborted crash?
« on: June 21, 2019, 08:22:29 am »

I have just tested again with the station interior and somehow, the crash only happened once I changed system. Here are the logs. Could it be that jumpgates or turrets jumpgates are spawning inside of the station colliders?

Bug reports / Re: Colliders Server Thread Aborted crash?
« on: June 21, 2019, 06:45:46 am »
Hi ai_enabled,

Thank you for investigating. The bug is not happening at a precise moment. It can happen at 30 seconds gameplay or at 10 minutes gameplay for no apparent reasons. I removed all of the polygon colliders from the station interior xml files, I removed the turret spawning and repair/refuel platforms spawning and still, the bug was apparent. I have got no clue on what is creating the error.

I have just released the part 2.0 of 9.0 of the 9sMODs series without the station interior, but I am still using 8 different rotations for all stations. It seems that the bug is not apparent when I am only using the original station colliders... But also, I made sure to use the original copies of the station XML files with only modifying their name and rotation and size. Next, I will try to reincorporate one by the one the station interiors to see if it can handle it. Thank you again,

Don't continue testing as again, its a periodic bug that happens and I have got no clue on how to reproduce it faster. You will lose time working on Cryofall if you start playing Void Expanse just for this bug. When I will have a more pinpoint way of knowing where the bug comes from, I will update the thread here.

Mods / Re: COMBAT DRONES UPDATE - 9s/\/\()|)s - Part 2.0 of 9.0
« on: June 21, 2019, 12:04:57 am »
RELEASED: 9s/\/\()|)s - Part 2.0 of 9.0

9sMODs part 1 of 9 was a failure because the station interior models and colliders were not compatible with the current physics library.

9sMODs part 2.0 of 9.0 is a reroll to the original stations just made bigger. BUT all prior functionalities that were added in part 1 of 9 are STILL inside the game and they are better now.

NEW: Combat Drones are now accessible.

  • Players can add each other to a list of friendlies with the OnBoard Computer. This makes it so that the drones will NOT attack at will your friendlies. You can also remove friendlies at any time
  • Players have the ability to Release and Recover up to 11 different types of Drones. Current Drone Weapon Types are Ballistic and Energy and drones are only using the "Close Combat (cc) technique" for the moment. "Range Combat (RC)" will be available in future updates.
  • The drones have a maximum distance of combat of 25 InGame Units from the player. After that, they go back in formation. Once their current target dies, they go back in formation unless other enemies are close. Once an enemy ship comes into range, they automatically go attack the enemy.
  • The drones "kills" give experience to the owner player.
  • The collision between the same player drones or between the player and drones that are owed by that same player are nullified.
  • Players have the ability to reconstruct Station Turrets at a certain price depending on the System Danger Level and Tech Level of Stations.
  • The Galaxy Market is available from INSIDE the station or from your own ship if you purchase the OnBoard Computer at any stations inGame.
  • You need to purchase an OnBoard computer to have the ability to Release Drones.
  • The Mod Is Compatible with the expansion the Pariah's Bane
  • It works in Multiplayer

Bug reports / Re: Colliders Server Thread Aborted crash?
« on: June 17, 2019, 10:05:39 pm »
Very sorry for the commotion about this. It seems that the problem really was on my end. Sorry for "snatching" you from Cryofall to look into this but it seems as it turns out, this turn of events made me find the bug. It really seems to be in the scripts basegenerator or NPCGenerator where the turrets are spawned that the bug is and it's my fault. But I must admit, now that the station interior mod is rolling, not yet updated on steam, and that I can finally spawn drones at will, the development can continue. thank you

EDIT: 2019-06-18 - 02h57am - Nevermind... the crash is still there...

EDIT: 2019-06-18 - 02h57am -All of the station colliders had a mass of 8. I changed that to 1. The drones colliders were 1000 of mass, i changed that to 1. I removed the turrets and repair/refuel platforms from spawning. testing now for stability .

And after doing that I got this error.

Also I am using a hull that has absolutely no vertices and no faces and use it for the NPC At Base. I just removed it for testing.

Bug reports / Re: Colliders Server Thread Aborted crash?
« on: June 17, 2019, 08:28:55 pm »

I was so frustrated about this bug yesterday that I had put that station Interior projekt on the shelf. So today I rebuilt the drone MOD completely WITHOUT the station interior but forgot to remove the custom spawning of the turrets... The server console went red again with somewhat of a similar crash with the main thread hanging... I didnt take a screenshot but that might mean that the problem is coming from the script where i am spawning the turrets and where I am spawning the repair/refuel platforms, in the script "BaseGenerator.js" .I have commented out all of that code and will keep testing tonight... I really hope a thousand percent that the mistake is mine somewhere in that code, it would mean that i will be able to find it and fix it.

Bug reports / Re: Colliders Server Thread Aborted crash?
« on: June 17, 2019, 01:52:41 pm »
got another screenshot here. The error at the top has a different syntax.

UNSTABLE... DOWNLOAD AT YOUR OWN RISK.... REASON is the simple colliders that I am using for stations are incompatible with the farseer physics implementation in Void Expanse. Until there is a fix, I'd have to remodel ALL of the station interiors to fit "I dont know" what type of parameters for the colliders to be compatible. I'm leaving the download there for the moment.

Bug reports / Re: Colliders Server Thread Aborted crash?
« on: June 16, 2019, 12:26:12 am »
I didn't remember that I originally had posted this thread here. I am still having some issues it seems. I have removed ALL polygon colliders of all XML station Interior files. But it did crash again with the same thing. What could be causing this issue. I mean i am on some or all stations using more than 30 colliders combined. I can't really lower that number unless I refactor all of the station interiors but again I don't even know what to model them too because I don't know where the bug is coming from. I am re-testing tonight with ALL polygons removed but its a needle in a haystack. I mean all stations have a concave shape but no colliders themselves are concave since I am now using only circle colliders mixed with Box Colliders. Only the mining station and science station have circle colliders, all of the others have box colliders ONLY.

Help section / Re: Collider hangs main Thread question?
« on: June 13, 2019, 10:28:23 pm »
Finally, it wasnt even the squad miners beeing spawned . They arent even touching the station colliders when spawned. The problem really is the station interior colliders. I have decided to refactor all station interior Polygon colliders so that they do NOT touch any other types of Colliders, they are completely separated. I don't even know what actually is the problem on this one so I'm just going with my guts feeling. It really feels like a needle in a haystack though... Not even sure if this is finally going to fix this crash.

Is it possible to know which type of Physics library is/was used for Void Expanse? I would like to search on the forums of that library to see what do to/not to do, at least it would tell me what Im doing wrong.

EDIT: Farseer Physics - as per this thread here

Help section / Re: Collider hangs main Thread question?
« on: June 11, 2019, 11:19:46 am »
Nevermind, again, the bug is still there. I thought it was the miner squads beeing spawned on top of each other or on top of the station colliders but it doesn't seem to be the issue.

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