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Help section / Re: help
« on: Yesterday at 07:55:59 am »
Do you mean CNEI mod?
Have you followed the mod setup guide?

Help section / Re: help
« on: Yesterday at 07:52:43 am »
This will require making a server mod. We don't yet have a modding guide yet, unfortunately, so you will need to figure out how to create a mod by looking at how other mods are made and figuring this out.

Basically, you will need to override this file and change its values:
Then install this mod on the server.

However, please note that in order to properly work, the game clients will also need to use the same mod otherwise their stack sizes (when they split and combine items) will be still limited to the current stack sizes.

In the future, we're preparing to provide support for Steam Workshop so such mods will be automatically installed when connecting to the game server.


Help section / Re: help
« on: Yesterday at 07:44:11 am »

Do you mean the item stack size? Like berries limited to 10 items per slot or copper ore limited to 250 items per slot?


From this guide
(for PvP) Misc
  • Abandoned buildings will decay if they're not protected by a land claim building.
  • Abandoned land claims (not visited by any of the owners for more than 32 hours) will start decaying and then decay (lose "health points" to 0) within 24 hours.
  • Land claim will start a destruction countdown on reaching 0 HP (displayed over the building). If it's not repaired timely, it will destroy completely.

And specifically for PvE servers:
Official PvE servers have 64 hours decay delay (x2 longer than PvP servers).

Let me elaborate. If you don't visit the land claim area for 32 hours on official PvP server (or 64 hours on official PvE server), the land claim building will start decaying and will receive damage for the next 24 hours—after that it will start the destruction countdown. It's 24 hours for T1 land claim building and up to 36 hours for T4.
In order to reset the decay timer, you need to login and visit your base (the tracking is done automatically). You can repair the land claim building if it started decaying or the destroy timer was initialized.
So you will not lose your base due to decay if you (or any of your friends who added into the land claim building access list) login into the game and visit the base at least once in three days in case of the official PvP server, and at least once in five days in case of an official PvE server. And if you got raided on a PvP server you have a timer for 24 (T1) and up to 36 (T4) hours to repair.


Bug reports / Re: Colliders Server Thread Aborted crash?
« on: June 23, 2019, 07:33:18 am »
No, the 3D models are not used in any way on the server side.
Only the defined in XML physical shapes are used.


Bug reports / Re: Colliders Server Thread Aborted crash?
« on: June 21, 2019, 09:38:44 am »
Yes, it's very likely to be related to the distance from stations to asteroids and any other objects (which are using polygon shapes to define their physics).

I've tested the MPK you've uploaded but with it, I cannot reproduce any issue when I teleport to other systems (tested several star systems).

Bug reports / Re: Colliders Server Thread Aborted crash?
« on: June 21, 2019, 06:57:31 am »
I see. So the issue is random...
Ok, please let me know if you will stump on it again and then send me your latest server log file to check.


Bug reports / Re: Colliders Server Thread Aborted crash?
« on: June 21, 2019, 04:27:17 am »
I've tried your MPK but I cannot reproduce any issues. It works flawlessly here as far as I've tested (flying in shuttle around and inside the first base).

Please let me know any exact steps I could use to reproduce the issue.

Also, please pay attention to the "physics_ms" performance stat in the game log. If it's going much higher than 1.00 milliseconds something is probably wrong.

Bug reports / Re: Colliders Server Thread Aborted crash?
« on: June 21, 2019, 03:15:23 am »

I've checked your MPK source code and it doesn't have any polygon-shaped colliders used anywhere.
Are you certain you're using only this MPK and your Core.cpk is not modified?

We're using polygon physics to define physics for some asteroids (probably all asteroids), hulls (though only a few of them), and stations in Core.cpk. So the issue might be related to our physical shapes having a calculation problem when they collide with the physical shapes you've defined in your mod.

I will try using your MPK to try to locate the issue.


I'm glad Editor works fine :-)

if you destroy his land claim, it would still take many hours to have it disappear!
Indeed. But you could take away content of the containers which might be worth dozens of hours to collect.


I see. Steam Discussions is not available in mainland China. Sorry.

Pragmium/Resonance bomb has the same damage as modern bombs but a very different damage pattern/scheme:

The damage is applied only to the walls and doors.
Red tiles receiving 100% damage.
Pink/yellow/blue are receiving reduced damage, and if pink or yellow tile is empty (don't have a wall/door or completely empty) the damage propagation stops there and next tiles are not affected.

If you need to destroy 3 or 4 layers of armored (steel) walls you need 8 Pragmium/Resonance bombs.

If you want to try CryoFall Editor, here is the text from the Steam discussions:
The game editor, which we're using to create the game world and test all the game content, is available for download.
Basically, CryoFall Editor is Client+Server in a single package, with the enabled Server Operator mode and creative mode!
You can install it via Steam Client. You need to own CryoFall in order to download the editor. Select Tools menu and look for CryoFall Editor (see this screenshot).

Controls: to switch into the Editor mode press F8 key (press it again to switch back). Press F2 to quicksave, F3 to quickload, F5 for the useful debug tools.

Please note that the Editor user interface is available only in English, though the rest of the UI and all the game content is localized to the same languages as the game.

Also, please note that if at any time the console overlay appears, you can hide it by clicking with the right mouse button over it.



We always recommend downloading CryoFall Editor and testing it there (though please remember that you need to place a land claim as only walls inside the green area of land claim are strong).

For a quick reference: (current version A22)
  • Wooden wall — 2 primitive bombs or 1 modern bomb
  • Stone wall — 5 primitive bombs or 3 modern (or 2 modern+1 primitive)
  • Brick wall — 12 primitive bombs or 4 modern
  • Concrete wall — 22 primitive bombs or 5 modern
  • Armored wall — 8 modern (not damageable by primitive bombs)


Bug reports / Re: Colliders Server Thread Aborted crash?
« on: June 17, 2019, 01:58:30 pm »
Hmm, this is weird. Please upload the MPK file and share the link, I will take a quick look.

Bug reports / Re: Does not start
« on: June 17, 2019, 01:54:28 pm »

Could you please upload the logs (located in <Documents>\AtomicTorchStudio\CryoFall\Logs ) on Google Drive or Dropbox and send me the link in a private message?


Game discussion / Re: HACK?
« on: June 17, 2019, 05:18:16 am »

We have a known issue when it's not possible to damage objects/players/creatures which are too close to cliffs and some other objects. It's related to how the hitboxes are implemented (cliffs hitboxes are catching the damage). We will change the hitboxes implementation in the near future.


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