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=== CryoFall v0.23.4.5 (experimental version, hotfix 5) ===

    - Idle animations will start from a randomized position to avoid synchronized animation of creatures.
    - Power grid calculation optimized to ensure smooth performance even in an extremely populated world.

    - Destroyed power generators were not removed from the power grid.
    - Some destroyed walls remained after destroying the surrounding objects which resulted in incorrect physical colliders preventing movement through the affected tiles.
    - Fixed issues related to the nickname change.   


Currently, we're running a public A23 experimental version. It's a large update. While testing, we've received 4 patches improving it, balancing, and fixing some issues. You can find the patch notes here
The final release (and servers wipe) is expected within a week. We will announce the exact date soon.


=== CryoFall v0.23.4.3 (experimental version, hotfix 4) ===

    - Hitboxes are improved to ensure the best gunfights inside bases. Overall they're improved to make them intuitive.
    - New art for the wooden crate and workbench. Improved cistern sprite.

    - Primitive bombs recipe changed to also require oilpods (but less copper).
    - Ranged (firearms) hitboxes for grass, sand, and similar small objects were removed.

    - Creatures will be unable to deal you any damage through walls in radtowns due to changed wall hitboxes.
    - Firing near walls and cliffs should work properly now with the updated hitboxes and better algorithm for hit detection. The game will also ensure it's not possible to hit another character standing on a different height level if there is no direct line of sight (a slope) on the way.
    - Fixed random issue when the character movement was blocked after the bomb is placed.
    - Fixed players stuck in their beds if they were despawned to their beds during the server restart.

=== CryoFall v0.23.4 (experimental version, hotfix 3) ===

    - Introduced crafting and manufacturing server rates (set to x5 for A23 experimental server).
    - Added context menu for online players list so you can easily invite to party, start private chat, and block/unblock from there.
    - Current game server info (displayed when pressing ESC key while playing) now includes last wipe date and public GUID.
    - World map streaming improved—client will use local cache of the world chunks from Core.cpk/mods. It will dramatically reduce the network bandwidth usage (especially for servers).

    - Safe storage slots number inside bases increased to 24.
    - Steel gates are now slightly more durable (was 40000 HP same as steel door, now 50000 HP; essentially +1 modern bomb to destroy).
    - "Unstuck" will now be reset on any action and on hit.
    - Server LP rate will also apply to quests LP.
    - Learning skill progression speed reduced to make it a bit more reasonable.
    - Right mouse button click outside of the chat window should close it (same as LMB click).
    - Minimum spawn distance for oil and Li deposits adjusted to not spawn them too close to public towns.
    - Now it's not possible to hide behind a land claim from an exploding pragmium mineral source.
    - Newbies will be unable to interact with any structure (including chests) inside enemy base which is under raid block.
    - Improved text input handling (especially with low framerate).
    - Quests will be processed for offline players as well as for online players (so if you've scheduled a requirement to craft something and go offline, the crafting quest requirement will be satisfied).
    - Public status effect icon (over character) will be visible only if the status effect has reached its threshold (for status effects such as medicine overuse).
    - Improved door orientation detection.
    - Can invite party members via chat or online players list even when you don't have a party (it will be created automatically).
    - Private chat should always receive went online/offline message—not depending on the number of players online.

    - "Offline" mark not displayed over offline player character.
    - Raiding notifications not sent in some rare cases.
    - Random issue with the Ctrl key stuck (pressing other keys has no effects until Ctrl key pressed again) might be fixed now (we need your feedback).
    - Disappearing item sprite in character's hand might be fixed now (we need your feedback).
    - Added scroll for large party members list in Politics menu.

=== CryoFall v0.23.3 (experimental version, hotfix 2) ===

   - Status effect icons are now displayed over all players and creatures. It's much easier now to understand when you've dealt a bleeding wound, burning status effect, etc.
   - Added map exploration percent indicator to the world map screen.
   - Improved farm plant info tooltip—now including info about the watering and skill growth speed boosts.
   - Main menu updated to include info about the latest update.
   - (in PvP) Spawned oil seep deposit will attract two scorpions. Spawned geothermal spring will attract three lizards.
   - Explosion spots will be removed after 32 hours.
   - Added precise detection of the screen current refresh rate and using of it for V-sync and "screen rate" FPS limit.
   - Server shutdown notification has a ticking timer now.
   - Added "Duct tape" item which is required to repair any items on Tinker table.
   - Charge in power banks will combine/redistribute when repairing on Tinker table.
   - Made it possible to enter a technology group regardless of how many LP you have as long as you fulfill actual requirements.

   - Reduced energy consumption for oil refinery from 10 to 2.
   - Increased bioreactor capacity from 250 to 300 EU.
   - Signs could be built only inside of the owned land claim area.
   - Only online players can be invited into a party.
   - Server will purge all chests, trading stations, and barrels content when the land claim is destroyed/decayed.
   - Newbie protection is set to last for 2 hours and ticks even in offline. It will prevent exploit when players were using alt newbie character as "safe storage" on their bases (as newbies don't drop any loot on PvP death).
   - Pragmium explosion distance increased, beware—cigars and other boosts will not help you to escape it!
   - "Player joined/left" notifications won't show when there are over 10 online players on the server (except for your party members).

   - Land claim T2 deconstruction provided more resources than what were spent on its building and upgrading.
   - Scripts compiler process remaining running in the background after scripts compilation.
   - Applied workaround for issue when the game hanged on quit (music continued to play for a few minutes).

Bug reports / Re: Two minor Bugs
« on: July 16, 2019, 03:06:37 am »
Both issues should be fixed now for upcoming A23 update, thank you for the detailed report and video examples!



1. For lithium extractor:
ObjectLithiumOreExtractor.cs, property LiquidProductionAmountPerSeco nd
For oil pump:
- ObjectOilPump.cs, property LiquidProductionAmountPerSeco nd
For oil refinery:
- ObjectOilRefinery.cs, properties LiquidGasolineProductionPerSe cond, LiquidMineralOilProductionPer Second, LiquidRawPetroleumConsumption PerSecond

2. What do you mean by build "quickly"? The construction itself is very quick already. Please elaborate what you're trying to achieve.


Game discussion / A23 Experimental is now live!
« on: July 13, 2019, 04:30:28 am »
It took us a while this time, but we are back with another update!

A23 Experimental is now live!

Please give the game a try on the experimental server and let us know what you think! The patch notes are here.

To join you need to manually set CryoFall Steam branch to "experimental-a23". To access it please right click on CryoFall in Steam, choose properties, then BETAS, and select the experimental version.
After the game is updated—launch it and find A23 Experimental server in the official servers list.

Then join the game and play! ...or rather test! :)

The server rates are increased to make testing easier (x5 items gather rate, x10 LP and skills XP rate).

Mods (such as CNEI) are not yet updated by their authors to support this version—please disable them in ModsConfig.xml file (or delete this file altogether) if the game cannot launch for you and displaying mod compilation errors.

Bug reports / Re: Loss of discharged ammunition with full inventory
« on: July 12, 2019, 09:56:36 am »

Thanks for reporting, this is fixed in A23.
A23 Experimental version launching today, please follow our Discord announcements.


Help section / Re: After modification, he did not produce ash.
« on: July 08, 2019, 02:37:04 am »
To expand the size of the inventory you need to edit this file: Core.cpk\Scripts\Characters\State\PlayerCharacterPrivateState.cs
find the line with "slotsCount: 40" and change it as you want. The change will be applied to new characters on this server (this is only a server-side mod, client-side changes will have no effect).

Please note that the inventory after this change will have a scrollbar and it's not as convenient to use.


Help section / Re: After modification, he did not produce ash.
« on: July 07, 2019, 12:55:15 pm »

You need to modify the recipe duration for byproducts of burning logs, planks, and twigs.
Please edit the C# files in this folder: Core.cpk\Scripts\CraftRecipes\Manufacturing\Byproducts\


Help section / Re: How to use ship.SetEquipmentCacheValue?
« on: July 03, 2019, 04:43:08 pm »
It's decorated with
Code: [Select]
[Obsolete("NOT USED")]Sounds like it was never used or never implemented completely.

Bug reports / Re: Server List Isn't Downloading
« on: July 03, 2019, 04:21:13 pm »

Thanks for reporting.  I don't see any issue and other players are not reporting it.
Anyway, the master server is restarted now. Please try again and let us know whether it fixed the issue for you.

Bug reports / Re: Sometimes crafting results are not in inventory.
« on: July 03, 2019, 07:16:11 am »

I have an idea why this might happen. But first, could you provide please a detailed example?
1. What are the recipes you are crafting exactly?
2. Do you have the slots of the same (result) item type in your inventory?
3. (If #2 is yes) Do you move such items from your inventory to the crates/boxes when the issue happens?

So I will better understand the context.

Bug reports / Re: Lifetime of unfinished structures
« on: July 03, 2019, 07:06:22 am »

That's definitely a bug, finished and unfinished buildings (blueprints) outside the land claim areas should start decaying on the next day and decay within 24 hours completely. Thanks for reporting, we will investigate.


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