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« on: August 30, 2018, 12:08:29 am »
Any ideas how to make combat more fair for both sides? Below is my suggestion. Lets talk about fighting!


There is no combat system in the game right now. And it is very unfair in relation to more developed vs less developed players. The actions I have experienced on EU server prove, that when two players meet on the screen and one (more developed - > better armored and protected) wants to attack the other one (less developed), there is no fight. Because in fight both opponents have a chance  to make their actions. In this situation it is an execution. Like in animal world – stronger eats weaker.
It hurts esspecialy when a player is almost ready to advance the new tech level and suddenly dies in a stupid way with 243 LP points (T2->T3). Just because while chopping down a tree he got three shots from a by passing player – just because he can shoot you for no reason and with no consequences. And even didnt stop to see/take the loot. Just to kill.
My suggestion: combat system like in Fallout 2. When an agressor wants to attack another player he must walk into his „personal area” of  2 squares (like 2 blocks of wall).  No shooting on distance, attacking from SW to NE (by the way – u know why?  - because chat is blocking the view on the screen) or N-S line (because monitors are rectangles, not squares), no sudden deaths while checking the map.  You walk  into 2 squares = you want to fight. And then the fight begins like in fallout 2. In turns (3 seconds for each – move, shoot, hide), alternately,  but with weapons and armors from the game and with use of all environmental features as in place (like trees blocking the line of sight, ores lying on the ground and giving some cover, etc.) And with use of players skills (like boost to cover when survival skill is high, or attack boost when conventional weapon skill is high or damage boost when melee or mining are high). Then the combat is a fight – because both players have a chance to make their actions with weapons of their choice and their abillities.
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