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I have bought professional gaming acceleration tool for official server 1


I have bought a professional gaming acceleration tool for official server 1 and it worked fine yesterday.
But today it does not work as fine as it did yesterday.

The gaming acceleration tool gets me to the server through a Hongkong Ip.

Does your official server 1 really work for players from other Asian countries?

BTW, there was a big internet service provider hosting a website,, over 10 years ago.
and at that time it's famous and quite successful and tried to develop the Chinese market.
To my astonishment, it transferred my data on western website to its Chinese one without my permission.
Soon, it broke or maybe it did not. At least it vanished fast  in China.

There have been so many western companies trying to understand Chinese and build up connections to China Mainland with the help of their staff from Hongkong or Taiwan.  All of them failed.


Sorry for the late reply, for some reason I didn't receive an email notification for it.

Unfortunately, in the past 2 weeks, international traffic from mainland China to other countries is very limited and many accelerators/VPNs stopped working completely.

We've just moved official China 1 and 2 game servers to mainland China so it should work fine with these servers. Please try now and let us know if you have any issues.

Regarding Asia 1 and 2 — they're hosted in Japan and players from other countries except China have no issues connecting to them. We're considering moving them to Taiwan as we have idle capacity there now (official China servers were hosted there before).



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