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Sources of Pragmium


Beast Mastese:
Are there any more sources of Pragmium in the game apart from the random crystalline outcroppings in the Barrens? I’ve come across one, and only once, two, while running my usual lithium salts gauntlet out there. I’m guessing that there’s always at least one that’s spawned on the map at any given time but curious if I should be scouring the wasteland more thoroughly to mine any significant quantities.

There are always several large pragmium crystals in the desert and they respawn relatively fast.
But if you want to find a more or less guaranteed spot - you can go to volcano and mine some pragmium there. Though, you will need heat protection to go there.

This is at the top of the map above the barrens. It's a dangerous maze. There are a lot of scorpions. Heat protection is the least of your issues. You will still take 20% heat damage through pragmium armour with the heat gel. Getting hit by a single scorpion can make you bleed, in pain and poisoned let alone the psi drain. Maybe Lurler forgot to mention psi blocker and that it's more important than the heat gel. Even with a healing gland implant which won't heal you at all if you have a single status effect you will have a hard time here. Bring a military shotgun and 100 ammo, 50 to 100 water jars, premium cigars, and healing herbs or herbal drink. On the plus side there are no obelisks just fragments scattered over the entire area quite far apart. It's a lot of effort to gather them all.


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