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How many and which type of bombs are needed to explode down 3 layers of steelwal

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How many and which type of bombs are needed to explode down 3 layers of steel walls?

A guy in the game attacked me and I fought back and killed him but I let him take away his dropped items.
A few days later, he destroied outside decorations and stole my outside crops. I searched hard to find his base and protested outside and  he said sorry to me.
But  4 days later, he exploded down my walls, stole my stuff and destroied almost all facilities inside.

So would you tell me which type of bombs and how many of them are needed to explode down 3 layers of steel walls?
I've to finish off this guy at all costs.


We always recommend downloading CryoFall Editor and testing it there (though please remember that you need to place a land claim as only walls inside the green area of land claim are strong).

For a quick reference: (version A22 and A23)

* Wooden wall — 2 primitive bombs or 1 modern bomb
* Stone wall — 7 primitive bombs (or 6 primitive bombs+pickaxe/melee weapon), or 3 modern, or 2 modern + 2 primitive.
* Brick wall — 12 primitive bombs or 4 modern
* Concrete wall — 22 primitive bombs or 5 modern
* Armored wall — 8 modern (not damageable by primitive bombs)

Sorry, I cannot have access to the page you recommended above from here in China.

How about Resonace bombs?

How many resonance bombs are needed to explode down 3 layers of steel walls inside the green area?

Any reply would be appreciated.

I see. Steam Discussions is not available in mainland China. Sorry.

Pragmium/Resonance bomb has the same damage as modern bombs but a very different damage pattern/scheme:

The damage is applied only to the walls and doors.
Red tiles receiving 100% damage.
Pink/yellow/blue are receiving reduced damage, and if pink or yellow tile is empty (don't have a wall/door or completely empty) the damage propagation stops there and next tiles are not affected.

If you need to destroy 3 or 4 layers of armored (steel) walls you need 8 Pragmium/Resonance bombs.

If you want to try CryoFall Editor, here is the text from the Steam discussions:

--- Quote ---The game editor, which we're using to create the game world and test all the game content, is available for download.
Basically, CryoFall Editor is Client+Server in a single package, with the enabled Server Operator mode and creative mode!
You can install it via Steam Client. You need to own CryoFall in order to download the editor. Select Tools menu and look for CryoFall Editor (see this screenshot).

Controls: to switch into the Editor mode press F8 key (press it again to switch back). Press F2 to quicksave, F3 to quickload, F5 for the useful debug tools.

Please note that the Editor user interface is available only in English, though the rest of the UI and all the game content is localized to the same languages as the game.

Also, please note that if at any time the console overlay appears, you can hide it by clicking with the right mouse button over it.
--- End quote ---


Thanks and I'll have a try soon.


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