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A23 Experimental is now live!
« on: July 13, 2019, 04:30:28 am »
It took us a while this time, but we are back with another update!

A23 Experimental is now live!

We will post detailed patch notes on Monday, but for the time being—please give the game a try on the experimental server and let us know what you think!

To join you need to manually set CryoFall Steam branch to "experimental-a23". To access it please right click on CryoFall in Steam, choose properties, then BETAS, and select the experimental version.
After the game is updated—launch it and go to "custom servers" tab in the servers list. There add a new custom server by using this public GUID:

Then join the game and play! ...or rather test! :)

For the time being, we plan to keep server rates normal (1X, though the game is rebalanced to make the progression a bit quicker and overall more enjoyable), but next week we will most likely increase them to allow people to quickly test late game content.

Mods (such as CNEI) are not yet updated by their authors to support this version—please disable them in ModsConfig.xml file (or delete this file altogether) if the game cannot launch for you and displaying mod compilation errors.