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CryoFall - Patch notes v0.24.x (Mechanized Update)
« on: November 06, 2019, 03:20:01 am »
=== CryoFall v0.24.3 (experimental version) ===

Major changes:
    - Vehicles! (details below)
    - Female player character model. All the equipment items were redrawn to include the female variant
    - Dynamic music system and new music tracks: special track for player's base (when it's T2 or higher), special track for base under raid, new world exploration track.
    - Demo version—new option to download the game demo version right from the Steam page and enjoy it for free. Players can enjoy the game with no restrictions (with complete access to all game features on official game servers) for the duration of the demo version. It provides a smooth upgrade to the full version of the game. It will be available with the official release of this update.
    - Supporter Pack—if you are enjoying the game—please consider supporting us. This way you will get some extra goodies like game art, concept art, soundtrack, in-game chat badge, etc. Supporter Pack doesn't provide any advantage in the game and is purely optional. It will be available in Steam together with the official release of this update.
    - Features slideshow—when the game launched for the first time it will show a game overview slideshow that will present major game features. It's useful for new players to better understand what they can expect from the game as they progress beyond the first tier of technology.
    - AFK/idle system. Your character will only consume water and food when you are actually playing. AFK system will kick in after 5 minutes of inactivity. By activity the game assumes actions, such as: moving your character, mining/woodcutting/attacking, watering plants, etc.

    - Hoverboard Mk1 & Mk2—also known as gravi-platforms, allow you to quickly travel around the world and engage in combat by using regular ranged weapons.
    - Skipper—a battle mech (or how we call it—battle armor). A heavy combat vehicle that can make a big difference in combat, useful in both offense and defense. Includes a cargo compartment for transporting some extra loot! Available only in PvP.
    - All vehicles could be built and repaired with Vehicle Assembly Bay. Also, it could be used to acquire vehicles that were abandoned in the world outside of the base (vehicles are also put into the garage in PvE mode after a few hours automatically, or during PvP server restart).
    - All vehicles are using newly added pragmium cores as fuel.
    - World map mark for the last used vehicle so you can easily locate where you've left it.
World map:
    - The world has been significantly expanded, especially in the western part.
    - Roads have been added throughout the world making long-distance travel and navigation much easier, roads also give you a bonus to movement speed compared to traveling on rough terrain.
    - All areas have been reworked and improved.
    - Vehicle Assembly Bay.
    - Small pile of scraps—spawned near roads and allows you to get additional resources quickly.
    - New plants: rice, spices.
    - Ogurin is replaced by Milkmelon.
    - Farm plants will now wither (spoil) if left unharvested for too long. Art for all plants has been redrawn to include a unique appearance for the withered state.
    - You can now see which plants have been watered and fertilized just by looking at the soil color.

New items:
    - Dough
    - Milk
    - Cheese
    - Empty reactor core
    - Pragmium filled reactor core
    - Military MRE
    - Rice seeds
    - Spice seeds (to plant spices)
    - Spices (used in cooking)
    - Rice grains
    - Cooked rice
    - Onigiri
    - Harvested spices
    - Impulse engine
    - Structural plating
    - Universal actuator
    - Artificial liver implant (eliminates medicine toxicity while installed).

Weapons and ammo:
    - Machete (T2 melee weapon)
    - Steppen Hawk (T4 pistol, silver and gold variants)
    - .50 SH ammo for Steppen Hawk
    - Light and heavy autocannons (T4, used for mechs)   

Props (decorations):
    - New variations of road tiles
    - Roadside billboards
    - Road piece with a barrier gate (2 versions)
    - Green barrels
    - Colored barrier blocks (red & white)
    - Military tent
    - New explosion ground marks for Pragmium
    - New depletion/explosion ground marks for oil and lithium deposits

New terrain types:
    - Lava (can be found in the center of the north-east volcano)
    - Road embankment

New character status effects:
    - Savory food (offers experience and learning points bonuses). Now it accompanies two other food status effects: Healthy food and Hearty Food.
    - Changed how toxins work. Enemies now add more toxin status effect, but the damage is much lower.

New technology groups:
    - Vehicles 1 (T3, unlocks both hoverboards, parts and reactor cores)
    - Vehicles 2 (T4, only in PvP, unlocks battle mech and parts)
Electricity system balance changes:
    - Bioreactor is twice as efficient now (organic consumption speed decreased).
    - Increased efficiency of all generators: steam +20%, gasoline—doubled, bioreactor—doubled, solar—doubled (also panels are now significantly cheaper).
    - Significantly increased power capacity for all energy storages (effectively tripled).
    - Increased number of fuel slots for Steam generator from 1 to 4 slots.
    - PvE servers: fixed balance for oil extraction and refining while using gasoline fuel to ensure this loop is profitable now.
(part 1/2)
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Re: CryoFall - Patch notes v0.24.x (Mechanized Update)
« Reply #1 on: November 06, 2019, 03:20:16 am »
(part 2/2)

Balance changes:
    - Many recipes in early game are made significantly cheaper to speed up the progression.
    - Tools (e.g. axes, pickaxes, toolboxes etc.) are made significantly cheaper.
    - T1 and T2 construction costs have been further reduced, for some buildings making them 5 times cheaper or even more. This should make early game much faster and allow new players to develop their base easier.
    - Significantly boosted LP from everyday activity, but reduced LP from quests to prevent a situation where you complete all quests and feel that the game turned into a grind. Now the majority of your LP will be gained from just playing the game, rather than completing quests.
    - Increased HP for regular buildings (such as workbenches, furnaces, etc) inside land claim areas. Destroying them during a raid would be much less interesting so base recovery would be easier.
    - Decreased sand usage in all recipes, as it was annoying to gather it all the time.
    - Completely rebalanced food recipes and food nutritional properties (proportional to how complex they are to craft).
    - Changed how Psi and Heat status effects work. Now armor would reduce the maximum intensity proportionally to the armor protection value instead of simply clamping the maximum intensity. So even a little protection against Psi or Heat will provide benefits.
    - PvP servers: oil and lithium extraction speed decreased by 50% (but fuel/electricity consumption is decreased as well, so they are effectively the same in terms of resources, but slower). Alternative sources (which cannot be claimed) are much more valuable now.
    - Heavy machine gun—reduced ammo capacity 24->18.
    - Submachine gun—increased ammo capacity 18->20.
    - Changed energy weapons balance to make them more viable (especially with the introduction of Steppen Hawk (T4 pistol)). Further balancing is expected for energy pistols.
    - Several items made spoilable in order to prevent hoarding, including tobacco, medical herbs, herbal medicine, etc.
    - Pragmium source now spawns twice as much (~10 instead of ~5 in the desert) as well as twice as fast. But it gives fewer resources when destroyed. This way the game provides better, more even distribution of this resource.
    - Pragmium source will always spawn close to cliffs so claiming it with a land claim in would be not reasonable. Its lifetime is also decreased in half.
    - Volcano area rebalanced.
    - Athletics skill is no longer provides LP (as it was too easy to exploit; but regardless, for most players there is no practical difference with this change).
    - Medical herbs can be composted or put into a bioreactor.
    - Improved laser rapiers (increased their armor-piercing properties to make them at least somewhat feasible in PvP).
    - Hunter's tools made cheaper.

    - Removed tree bark from the game. There was not much use for it and collecting it was just an annoyance.
    - AI: some creatures will now fight back even if they are running away from you.
    - The compatible ammo list is now displayed in the weapon tooltip.
    - Improved localization for many languages. Completely reworked Japanese localization.
    - Improved player characters movement animations, with separate animations when movement is stopped instantly.
    - Melee attacks look much faster (the actual attack time is not changed) as they don't blend so much with idle animation anymore.
    - The game will not allow watering plants if they were watered less than a minute ago to prevent using watering the same plant again accidentally. This should be very convenient when watering huge fields.
    - Added player death sound.
    - Improved randomization of pragmium respawn in the desert.
    - Creatures can now die from status effects caused by players (and this correctly counts as a kill for quests).
    - Improved physics engine. Character and vehicle movement has acceleration and inertia. Creatures have noticeable inertia, but we've ensured that players' movement is still perfectly snappy as it was before (with minimal inertia).
    - Improved world map zooming (much smoother and consistent now), panning, and improved behavior when exploring the world (no more sudden map snapping, etc).
    - World map will no longer reset position/zoom on opening.
    - The important notifications (such as "your items were taken") will not stay forever until you click on them—they will disappear after a few minutes on their own.

Other changes:
    - Technology for crafting explosives is removed from PvE, also loot from military crates no longer includes explosives and bombs (all these items were useless in PvE, as there is no raiding; it's still possible to craft mining charges though, as they don't need explosives and only require black powder).
    - When building a bed, a notification will be displayed informing that it was set as the active respawn point.
    - Spawn algorithm will better take into account the spawn constraints (such as min distance limit to certain objects) by considering even objects which are away from the spawn zone.
    - Adjusted draw order for several creatures.
    - Removing any server from the recent server list will not auto-sort it.
    - Changed news channel to load news from the CryoFall Steam page instead of blog.
    - Updated to NoesisGUI 2.2.5 (improving performance and fixing some of the UI-related issues).
Server changes and improvements:
    - Added server rates for hunger and thirst (food and water consumption speed, configurable separately).
    - Added server rate for oil and lithium deposits extraction speed.
    - Upgraded to use .NET Core 3.0 (if you're hosting a game server, please install .NET Core 3.0 Runtime for your OS).

Editor changes and improvements:
    - Recipe breakdown—displays detailed resources breakdown for all recipes in the game, to easily determine recipes' complexity. We're using it to better balance the game but it might be useful for modders too.
    - Construction menu will enable scrolling in case the building information cannot fit the window (usually due to localization).
    - Fixed an issue when the game's startup error window was not properly displayed.
    - Fixed an issue with canisters filling for oil pump and refinery which prevented draining a full canister even though there should be enough liquid amount to fill one.
    - Fixed an issue when a player character or creature appeared as standing on the workbench.
    - Fixed an issue with melee weapon or tool in hand sometimes visually disappearing when finishing the attack animation.
    - Fixed an issue when gunshot sound was cut sharply when player who was shooting was going outside the screen bounds.
    - Various other fixes.

    - Currently this update is available in the experimental branch. Feel free to give it a try!
    - As always, when the update is released all official servers will be wiped. The date of the wipe will be announced in advance.
    - Community server owners can choose whether to update or not (previous game client version will still be provided via Steam Client "betas").
    - If you're interested to see what has changed in code with this version, you can find the diff on CryoFall Github.

And finally, please consider leaving a review for the game on Steam if you haven't done so yet! :)
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Re: CryoFall - Patch notes v0.24.x (Mechanized Update)
« Reply #2 on: November 07, 2019, 02:04:31 pm »
=== CryoFall v0.24.5 (experimental version; aka Hotfix 4) ===

- New sounds: Stepphen Hawk shot, mech autocannons shot.
- Music will pause in radtowns and on volcano (we have great ambient sounds there).
- Mech armor increased to 600 HP. Its move speed is also increased (+12%) to match player character's speed in normal movement mode.
- Increased light radius for the mech and changed its color a bit.
- Trading stations without active trading items will be not displayed on the world map.
- Trading stations made more expensive.
- Map tooltip for trading station now includes items currently available for sale/buy there.
- Last selected slot (before riding a vehicle) is saved and restored when you dismount the vehicle (unless you've selected another slot while riding the vehicle).
- Onigiri provides +15% Savory Food buff now.
- Fixed energy consumption by vehicles to ensure the reactor cores are properly consumed when there is a minimal remaining charge (so you can drive until the pragmium core is completely depleted).
- Energy in vehicles would be taken from less charged pragmium cores first.
- Creatures will see through passages in cliffs if player is riding a vehicle.
- Object overlays (such as electricity status or oil/Li deposit stats) were not displayed when riding a vehicle.
- Fixed an issue when skills experience and learnings points were not added when creature died from a status effect induced by player.
- Fixed a random issue when joining the server while riding a vehicle the game was displaying a black screen (until [Q] key was pressed to dismount the vehicle).
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