Author Topic: salt ammo, blank ammo and items info  (Read 752 times)


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salt ammo, blank ammo and items info
« on: November 07, 2019, 05:17:39 am »
1 pls remove  salt ammo and blank ammo.. its useless and only annoying when found in ruins
2 pls add info about items burn time (coal. .. "x" sec, wood .. "y"sec")
3 pla add weapon and ammo info about strength( in "J" or game dmg) and armor penetration 


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Re: salt ammo, blank ammo and items info
« Reply #1 on: November 07, 2019, 06:10:58 am »

1. The idea was to let players try these ammo. But I understand the annoyance. We will consider removing them from the ruins' loot.

2. We will consider this...there is a problem that the oil and Li extractors in A24 are burning fuel much slower than the burn time specified in the fuel items' properties (in order to keep the balance between electricity and other fuels in the game). BTW, the same problem with the freshness stat as it depends very much on the current item location (chest/fridge/freezer).

3. The problem is that ammo has different damage against different defenses (so there are 8 damage values instead of a single one), and it could be modified by weapon via a multiplier (for example, .300 cal machinegun has x0.8 damage multiplier to nerf the DPS a bit). Plus the ammo has a final damage multiplier (applying after the damage is calculated by taking into account the target's defense; this way expansive ammo (and some shotgun rounds) are dealing way more damage to the unarmored targets while their basic damage is quite low). Displaying all that info in a non-confusing way seems to be not possible. These stats alone don't have much meaning and require applying damage formulas in order to figure out something useful from them. For example, there are 3 different shotgun rounds (slugs, pellet, buckshot) and they have very different stats—it's quite complicated to keep in mind even for us (but we have a spreadsheet to balance weapons and ammo). So, we've tried to provide all the necessary information about the ammo properties in the description text in the tooltip and allow players to empirically determine what works best for each particular case.