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Planets and ships
« on: January 12, 2015, 04:15:06 pm »
I saw with one of the newest release that the planets have moving atmospheres on them and clouds and suchlike, this looks very cool, I really like this.

And it made me think - the map has the planet marked and a circle marked as well, so as the planet is just a background image and doesn't get in the way of the game objects, could it be relatively easy to make the planet actually orbit, to say set a time of 10-14 our days or something for the planets we see to orbit their corresponding suns? just moving the image around the centre of the sun position on the level map ?

Just an idea but would be pretty cool.

Also, there are a lot of merchant ships and lots of pirate ships but not much else - can you add other NPC non-hostile craft such as private transports, tourist ships, like cars on a road, there are all sorts of different ones, but they're all "cars".

Just some ideas  :)


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Re: Planets and ships
« Reply #1 on: January 12, 2015, 07:22:23 pm »
Well, actual orbiting for planets wouldn't really add a lot to the game, but would take time to implement... time that we rather spend working on the gameplay elements. That is why we haven't done what you describe yet :)

As for other NPC - I agree.