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VoidExpanse v1.4.x Update patch notes.

=== VoidExpanse v1.4.0 (EXPERIMENTAL) ===
New features:
   * New hacking system and special terminals that can be hacked for loot
   * New trading mechanics for stock and price generation to make it more balanced and realistic
   * Experience for trading
   * New skills: more experience for trading, several hack-related skills, electronics skill
   * New skill section - industry
   * New ships (a whole lot of them!)
   * New character type - Electronics specialist.
   * Console command for MP: delete_player %player_name%
   * Interactive space objects - refuel and repair stations, terminals
   * Whole load of new weapons, especially fast firing ballistic cannons
   * Added unique faction ships for each faction, you will receive one of them when you join a particular faction
   * New devices, such as healing beam, new EMP, etc.
   * New face parts, such as hairstyles for both sexes
   * New items
   * Modding: added API for opening container exchange for the player & other item related API, API for hacking + new triggers, etc.
   * Patrol system - now if you attack civilian or faction ships in the faction protected systems it will be punished by the faction forces

   * NPCs will now use new merchant and cargo ships (that is, there will be more different NPCs now)
   * More gear on the starting station
   * Relics and alien guts give different amount of science points
   * Asteroids content generation is now semi-random
   * Expanded Joe's quest with new content
   * Expanded tutorials
   * Updated drop lists for killed pirates, pirate dens, "treasure chests", etc.
   * Rebalanced many skills
   * Better multiplayer menu + featured servers are now displayed as such
   * Some devices and boosters now use the new electronics skill
   * EMP device now requires energy to operate
   * Rebalance several weapons
   * Adjusted volume for certain sounds and fixed clipping
   * NoesisGUI updated to v1.2.3
   * Improve savegame backup system
   * Improved particles effects
   * Super-duper-long trails (could be disabled in options)
   * Improved options menu
   * Improved logging
   * Updated to Unity to v5.1 (their new stable version with over 170 engine bugs fixed)
   * Added a notification to the player if they connect to a server with a different language
   * Mods info for MP servers is now shown
   * NPC will now use their weapons even if they are running away from you
   * CoreFunctionality.js refactored, extracted SystemMerchants.js, SystemMiners.js, SystemPatrol.js (finally!)
   * Better AI interactions
   * When selecting items/cargo amount to purchase, the max amount now takes player money into account
   * Trade - tries to put purchased item into the cargo, if no space available then in storage
   * More accurate animation when buying items from the store with Shift-key
   * New audio options
   * No more dead zones for Pirate Den turrets!
   * Improved important skill highlighting to make it easier to see which ones are important
   * Mono server bundles for Linux and Mac are now using Mono 4 with SGen GC
   * Radar marks now use alternative shapes as primary shapes

   * Fixed scale range didn't apply on visual appearance of the special objects
   * Fixed server exception "collection was modified"
   * Fixed savegame being falsely reported as corrupted (unable to load the savegame)
   * Fixed NPCs merchants being stuck on the station entrance
   * Fixed trails rendering issues
   * Fixed rare problems with establishing connection to the master server and game servers
   * Fixed all resources removed in mining quest instead of the specified amount
   * Fixed script error "TypeError: null cannot be converted to an object at StarSystemUpdate (corefunctionality:409)"
   * Fixed various networking issues
   * Fixed savegame corruption issue
   * Fixed some players not being able to start Singleplayer game on Windows XP
   * Fixed issue where players couldn't connect to a multiplayer server until next restart
   * Fixed crash related to AI behavior
   * Fixed after activating a translation mod, the languages list in the options menu didn't show the new language in the list until the game was restarted
   * (modding) Fixed issue when star systems faction was changed multiple times per game frame and the client cannot display factions on the galaxy map at all
   * Fixed music starting to play when the game is not focused and sound should be muted

=== VoidExpanse v1.4.1 ===
New features:
   * Added "Wasp" heavy cruiser hull.
   * Hacking made little bit easier (especially in the starting system) and print short hacking manual to the log.
   * Hacking nodes generation algorithm improved, so you get always expected amount of the dangerous nodes.
   * Fixed Linux input issues.
   * Hacking terminals and mini-stations sometimes spawned too close to each other and stations.
   * Fixed hacking start price - now it's always 1 power cell for any difficulty (except terminal in the starting system).
   * Improved handling of the resolution changes on Mac.
   * Temporal fix for wrong aspect ration on 1280x800 on 13" MacBooks.
   * Hacking of terminal in the starting system now gives you the achievement.
   * RCS trails not rendered properly when you fly forward and try to rotate/strafe.

=== VoidExpanse v1.4.2 ===
It's a hotfix.
   * If by any reason (bug, mod, etc) you have a hull in the inventory - now you will be able to move it to storage or equip.

   * When join a faction you receive a free faction hull, but it was added to the Inventory container, not Storage, and you cannot equip it

=== VoidExpanse v1.4.3 ===
New features:
   * New types of the pirates (based on the new hulls and weapons introduced in v1.4).

   * Savegame compatibility improved. If you're playing the savegame from v1.2.9 now you will be able to finish the terminal hacking quest - just talk about it with Joe again and he will pass you.
   * Battle music now activates if there are any enemies nearby.

   * Asteria hull had the strafe RCS oriented in the wrong direction.
   * Sometimes battle music remains when there are no enemies nearby.
   * Improved Master server connection handling. Implemented fallback mechanism.

=== VoidExpanse v1.4.4 ===
New features:
   * Now players ships has special icons for the System Map with a different icon for the party members
   * Ships has colored name captions - easier to recognize the enemy and friendly ships

   * Data and screenshots folders relocated on Linux and Mac (see below)
   * /pwn command add also power cells (don't cheat please!)

   * Fixed some typos and errors in the text
   * Resolved issue with launching the local and dedicated game server on Windows with FIPS-enforced security policy
   * Fixed bug when while the chat opened the weapon aim lines stops updating
   * Fixed NoesisGUI rare crash on Linux when using Alt+Tab

Notice for Linux & Mac users
Starting from v1.4.4 the game data will be stored in the proper system location (following standard Linux & Mac conventions):
Linux: <Documents>/AtomicTorchStudio --> ~/.config/AtomicTorchStudio
Maс: <Documents>/AtomicTorchStudio --> ~/Library/Application Support/AtomicTorchStudio
(current data folder will transferred automatically when you start the new version first time)
The screenshots in standalone version will be saved to the "<user folder>/Pictures/VoidExpanse Screenshots" folder if it exists. Current screenshots will be also transferred automatically to this folder.

=== VoidExpanse v1.4.6 ===
New features:
   * NPCs are now much smarter. They now understand that homing missiles can track enemies and will take that into account when deciding to make a shot (1)
   * New API function npc.SetupWeaponUsage()
   * Galaxy generation cannot fail now - it will try generation with modified seed
   * World seed info is now saved to savegame metadata (1)

   * Ores and goods amount generation limited according to it's market value (1)
   * Rebalanced trading profits within the same system (specifically faction capital systems)
   * Trading experience now takes into account your character level
   * Improved sort order for goods and ores in shop - they always will be displayed in a consistent order
   * AI will not use weapons non-stop now
   * NPC initial spawn improved (1)
   * Improved balance with the starting and adjacent systems, difficulty specifically (1)
   * SettingsServer.xml is now created right after server startup
   * Path to SettingsServer.xml file is now printed to the server console

   * Fixed objects spawning too close or inside each other

Important! Points market with "(1)" require new game to have effect.

=== VoidExpanse v1.4.7 ===
   * Friendly NPCs won't be so eager to attack you now if you accidentally hit them while fighting the bad guys

   * Fixed spawning of merchants, patrol, mining and headhunters ships

=== VoidExpanse v1.4.8 ===
   * Modding: added long trail XML values (see trail_engine_hull_shuttle.xml)

   * Fixed ships getting stuck on station entry when loading a savegame where it was there
   * Fixed damage being applied twice per hit, experience added twice per kill and other "twice" issue (including some quests problems!)

=== VoidExpanse v1.4.9 ===
New features:
   * Skills reset - ask chief scientist about holodeck training!

   * Long mod descriptions will now be displayed truncated and button "read more" is added
   * When you need a certain item for a quest the game will also check your station storage container if you're docked to the station
   * Some pirates and Xengatarns will now try fly away if you critically damaged them
   * NPC will try not to ram you so often :)

   * Fixed local game server crash during Selek Jeredan's "Exodus" mission
   * Fixed Exodus mission - civilian ship entering jumpgate effect
   * Fixed (Steam version) mods configuration sometimes reset when you connect to a multiplayer server
   * Fixed fanatics quest requiring luxuries while their supply is limited

=== VoidExpanse v1.4.10 ===
   * stb_image updated to v2.06 (faster textures loading, less crashes, support for progressive JPG)
   * Removed "total_memory_process_mb" metric on Mono
   * Remove game option "Default cntrol scheme" as players can simply switch it in the game (from inventory or by pressing "Z" key)
   * New goods/ores introduced with Mods now do not require starting a new game to appear

   * Fixed false "corrupted save" error which made it impossible to load the savegame in some rare cases
   * Fixed undocking button bug in MP
   * Fixed game crash when some ore/goods added by mods, but mods was disabled after that
   * Fixed issue when new ore or goods added with a mod would crash the game upon docking

! Extra notes !
* Saves are compatible with the previous singleplayer version
* For multiplayer - don't forget to update both: client AND server
* Notice to the servers owners - it's better to create a new world, otherwise some new features will not appears on your server

Wow - nice patch notes!
I will give this a test run this weekend - as discussed with AI

Feedback given to AI.

Mac version seems very very solid (can't play enough to test the new stuff but gameplay wise it worked like a charm).

Linux version has issues (atleast on my PC), details and logs sent via PM


--- Quote from: kyokei on June 19, 2015, 10:56:41 am ---Feedback given to AI.

Mac version seems very very solid (can't play enough to test the new stuff but gameplay wise it worked like a charm).

Linux version has issues (atleast on my PC), details and logs sent via PM

--- End quote ---
Thanks for you feedback, hope all the issues will be fixed in the next build.

VoidExpanse v1.4.1 is available now. Now you could download it also from Steam experimental branch.


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