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VoidExpanse v1.5.x Update patch notes.

As was mentioned before it is mostly bugfix update, but never the less we were able to add a few nice thingies in there as well :)

=== VoidExpanse v1.5.0 ===
New features:
   * Solar blaster cannons (high power energy weapon)
   * Swivel cannons (ballistic cannons)
   * Frag missiles (missile/mine weapon)
   * New items for your ships
   * Added "share feedback" button in main menu of the game, so you can directly open steam discussions (or this forum) when you play the game.
   * New galaxy map rendering algorithm using our custom algorythm, now generated galaxies will have no holes in their territory and generally look much better
   * And other small additions.

   * AI: enemies will now stop headbutting the player (!!)
   * Now all skill icons are preloaded (faster)
   * Better compatibility with Windows 10.
   * Improved animation of item quick move (shift + click)
   * Missiles/mines and other explosions will also shake the screen (relative to explosion power)
   * Updated NoesisGUI to 1.2.4
   * Now supporting DirectX 11 renderer (no need to install DirectX 9 on Windows 7/8/10)
   * Updated to Unity 5.2.1
   * Updated to latest SteamSDK
   * And other small changes

   * Fixed: cannot properly play in singleplayer savegame created by another player (topics and quests not working, etc)
   * Fixed: cursor flickering on loading screen (it's properly hidden now)
   * Fixed: startup crash issue on Mac
   * Fixed: scripting API ship.HasCargoAmount() was incorrectly counting amount of cargo in storage
   * Fixed: galaxy generation issues
   * Fixed: SettingsServer.xml not being properly created (now it will created when server launches and there is the settings file is not found)
   * Fixed: flickering textures/shadows on hacking terminal, asteroids, etc.
   * Fixed: quest join faction wasn't finished after joining other factions
   * Fixed: merchants and patrols will no longer leave station while you talk to them
   * Fixed: small issue with Xengatarn travel device
   * Fixed: issue with Barrich quest and inability to progress forward
   * Fixed: alien relics with carvings not spawning properly (blocking Fanatics quest "More artifacts")
   * Fixed: incorrect dynamic data path if using custom folder for user documents (the data will be automatically relocated)
   * Fixed: skill points could be lost when the game crashes; skills displayed as trained when they not (now skills system is completely rewritten so these issues will never happens anymore)
   * Fixed: weapon spread with specified 360 degrees (must not take skills reducing spread into account)
   * Fixed: sometimes sounds playing while loading the game
   * Fixed: cargo item displayed quantity was limited to 65536
   * Fixed: fart-docking issue (when ship constantly fires maneuvering engines to aim on the entrance)
   * And other small fixes.

   * Modding: Added flag to allow projectiles to scatter all other included projectiles upon hit (already used for new weapons)
   * Modding: Devices can now use "special_object" as target
   * Modding: added ship.IsInDialog(ship_id), returns bool
   * Modding: added ship.GetSpeakingWith(ship_id), returns other_ship_id

Known issues:
   * Game might freeze on exit under certain conditions. But you can just close it.
   * Container Exchange window might be displayed garbled in some cases. Try restarting the game or changing the game resolution.

=== VoidExpanse v1.5.1 ===
   * Fixed: Players IDs were sometimes duplicated and that causes some random issues on multiplayer servers (cannot create party, cannot progress quest, etc).
   * Fixed: savegame size was growing enormously fast during the galaxy exploration (especially on multiplayer servers). Current version should strip out unused items which could reduce savegames size up to 4 times in some severe cases. Also savegame creation is much quicker now for big explored galaxies.
   * Fixed: improvements with game server memory consumption (up to twice less memory in some cases).
   * Fixed: server memory leaks fixed. Memory usage should not increase during making of the savegame files (on both .NET and Mono).
   * Fixed: animation of fast item action (with Shift key hold) was incorrect sometimes.

=== VoidExpanse v1.5.2 ===
   * Resolved issues with Unity & Noesis GUI on Linux.
   * Updated texture plugin, now should work perfectly on all platforms.
   * Fixed chashes on quitting the game.
   * Fixed "new game plus".
   * Fixed ship turrets not rotating under certain conditions.
   * Fixed reconnection to local server on game creation.
   * Fixed galaxy rendering.

=== VoidExpanse v1.5.3 ===
   * Fixed player parties issues from savegames prior to v1.5.2.
   * Fixed resolution switch issue in Windows (Unity 5.2.1p3).
   * Fixed rare issue when skill tree and dialogues don't work properly.
   * Modding: restored function ship.AddSkillPointsToPlayer(string playername, int skillpoints).
   * Fixed NPC's equipped devices stops working after loading a savegame.

! Extra notes !
* Saves ARE compatible with the previous versions!
* For multiplayer - make sure you update both: client AND server

Are the linux server mem leak also fixed in this version?
Issues from this thread:

kyokei, partially. There is still room for improvements.

Just bought the game and loving it! Still seems like there needs to be more ship variety and possibly some space cities? Look forward to see what else this game brings  :D


--- Quote from: Vantage31 on September 28, 2015, 12:56:12 am ---Just bought the game and loving it! Still seems like there needs to be more ship variety and possibly some space cities? Look forward to see what else this game brings  :D

--- End quote ---
Actually there are TONS of ships :)
When you venture deeper into faction territories and visit some of their capitals you will see much more ships for sale!


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