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[Resolved] TooManyUniqueStateObjects

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Got some Errorbox, some smart developer made it very easy to get the logfiles :D
Logfile directory opened right up, so here I present you... THE LOGFILES

Made good progress, but the furnace is quite expensive. I needed to travel far for those 250 rocks. Intended?

Thanks for the logs!

250 rocks - not intended, all the balance things were set in a hurry by Lurler :-).

It happened again :(

Also, once you find a good source the rocks are not THAT hard to obtain.
But it is hard to get some charcoal for now. They say it's really rare. I would love to burn some wood into it (like in minecraft) if it doesn't brake balance.

Exception "SharpDX.SharpDXException": HRESULT: [0x887C0001], Module: [SharpDX.Direct3D11],
ApiCode: [D3D11_ERROR_TOO_MANY_UNIQUE_STATE_OBJECTS/TooManyUniqueStateObjects], Message: Unknown

And here is the Logfile:

Let me know once you dont need the logfiles anymore.
Because I got another one of these Errors:


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