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The almighty all-consuming bottle


Kneel before me, as I have created a black hole.
I call it the everything consuming bottle. (Name Subject to Change)

I was filling 8 Bottles with Water at my well.
I took out the bottles and went to my chest.
I went back to the well and found the 8 bottles still inside the well, as well inside my inventory.
(Oh jolly, maybe I can abuse this bug)
I took out the bottles (again) and put them in my inventory. (We will call them fake-bottle from now)
I tried to pick up the fake-bottle, but instead I picked up the other 8 bottles in my inventory.
Right-Clicking reduced the number of fake-bottles as well as normal bottles, I repeated that until I had 1 fake-bottle left.
I couldn't do anything with it, so I tried removing it from my inventory by exchanging it with berries. And the berries disappeard.
Thats when I decided to start the video and show you the hunger of this fake-bottle.
(I paid attention not to waste something usefull like fiber)

... also Right-Clicking anything in my inventory does not work anymore.

Restarted the Game. The Items in my Inventory are back to normal.
The fake-bottle turned into 2 empty-bottles.
My 8 original bottles are still in my inventory.

Filling up the ex-fake bottles is no problem.

Thanks for reporting!
Definitely this is a synchronization issue - the server didn't properly re-sent some data. It's linked with the "broken well" issue. Please upload the logs folder for further analysis.


That will be the same log as in the "well problem"

After Re-Connecting the issue went away.


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