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Bigger galaxy Map mod?



Im wondering if anyone has tried to get a bigger Galaxy map as in i can get 725 stars Inside one full map when i press "N". The map is squared and all my stars are covering the galaxy. What i am wondering is if it is possible to scroll more than the maximum amount allowed from left to right and bottom to top when we press "N". There seems to be that maximum scrolling that doesn't budge? Does anyone know which script needs modifying. I could try to modify but just don't know where i can find it.

Thank you in advance.

unfortunately, the map size is hardcoded in the client UI code and we can't make it configurable - the game client is not moddable. You can only add/edit content and gameplay scripts in Core.cpk.
That's something we wanted to take into account for our next game, CryoFall. It's already completely moddable but in closed alpha.


ok thank you for your fast response! I might be able to modify the javascript scripts or add new ones but .dll i got no clue how to modify them... My galaxies are maxed at 759 Stars now Inside one map... Squared kind of galaxy shape and the paths are nicely linked with routes of max 2-3 connections... will add photos here soon if i can find out how to take screenshots ingame.

Press F12 key to make a screenshot.

Unfortunately, there is no way to modify galaxy map without hacking of DLL and it's really hard work as it will require a lot of changes. And you will be unable to distribute it as a mod (MPK-file).


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