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Title: Food preserving (freezer and canned food)
Post by: EvilMammoth on June 09, 2018, 07:01:54 am
  As I already noted it in nearby forum brach: it will be good idea to add Freezer in addition to Friedge in late game. I think we have to be able to preserve food for some longer than 1 game session or 24-36 hours of real life time. Players payed time it take to collect and cook complex food. So there should be a chance to prederve it.
 To balance it - deeply freezed food may should be unfreezed before use, with 1-2 in-game day time, placed to friedge, or spoiled instead.

 Also may be it would be interesting to add canned food for long time preservation. Player will pay it's toll in time and resources (water,salt,iron/glassbar,spices) to preserve canned food.