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Ideas and suggestions / Why can't I pirate?
« on: April 13, 2015, 06:07:20 am »
This actually came about in a weird way...

Let my first suggestion be to please fix your merchant npcs just a tad. They like to cluster and block the entrances to bases, so I let my impatience get the best of me and started mowing them down on sight. In doing so, I made a few observations:

1. You get exp from killing merchants, which means a pirate lifestyle is possible.
2. In the 30-something merchants I killed, not one dropped a pick-up box. So there was no reward...< Please please please remedy this. Having a financial reward for pirating opens up so many creative paths in the game!
3. Even though I killed these merchants in Order space, sometimes even INSIDE Order bases...I was never chased by Order ships, attacked by turrets, or discriminated against in any way while docked. I think there should be a penalty, ie less friendly pricing in the store, less missions from the station commander, etc. Perhaps some sort of reputation system?
4. How about making pirate bases accessible to pirates? Pirate missions, kidnapping, smuggling, assassinations perhaps? Perhaps the Rogue class could access pirate bases from the beginning? Allegiance with the pirate faction?

I wanna be a pirate and do piratety pirate things!  ;D And I would be surprised if I were the only one.

Hello, first off I just wanted to say that you guys are doing a great job with this game. I've been following it for awhile on steam, and I've been super excited for the steam release. I am very satisfied with the way it's come so far, and within 10 minutes of playing the friend and I already agreed that we liked it much better than Drox Operative, which was the last game of this type that we'd played together.

We were also very pleased to hear that you guys are making a GUI for server creation...because that was a pain....

But we did want to voice some suggestions for making the game more fun in a cooperative environment.

There doesn't appear to be a method to give/trade between members on a team. For example, my buddy and I went with a Mining & Escort operation...and the plan was to split the proceeds from mining 50/50. The only way we could do it was for me to jettison boxes of ore in 100 unit increments so he could go in and sell them. OR I would just buy him the parts he wanted. This was rather tedious and we were hoping for a way to just trade/give money and items in the Lobby deck of a station. This seemed to us be the most effective and least complicated way of including this into the game.

Oftentimes on long freighter merchant runs, my fighter escort buddy will straight up run out of fuel. It's a hassle. Plus, my freighter will straight up outrun him in cruising speed, and he can't keep up. I was hoping for a towing method where my fuel costs would be multiplied by like 1.5x or 2x and I could pull him behind me. That would be useful for keeping us together and preventing him from needlessly running out of fuel. Or maybe enable me to refuel him directly from my fuel supply. That would be nice also.

I figure that this is probably already being worked on, but the space debris in the game is just begging to be utilized. I think it's a little easy right now to just jump straight into mining I think there should be a lower starting level. My idea is that a potential prospector should probably start as a space junker. Junk the space debris for scrap metal, with standard civilian lasers. It should fetch a low but reasonable price such as 2 or 3 per unit. Then bump up the costs for mining tools, and bump up the prices for ore. This should make going the prospector route a little more immersive and rewarding. This could be a good starting point for everybody when their ship gets blown up, everybody can scavenge scrap with the lowest equipment! But mining should take special tools, and better miners should have specialized ships with room for 4 mining devices and a massive cargo hold.

Well thanks for listening to these suggestions. I really appreciate what you guys are building here, and I hope these suggestions merit some of your consideration.

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