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Modding info / Problem with script
« on: August 23, 2017, 05:31:34 am »
Hi, i'm working on a new mod, a device to restore ammunition it work but i have a problem

i've this
Code: [Select]
var ballisticWeapons = ship.GetWeaponsOfType(args.ship_id, 2);


//check weapon
if (ballisticWeapons == null)
ship.DeviceDeactivate(args.ship_id, args.slot_id, true);
        game.SendNotificationError(game.GetShipOwner(args.ship_id), "No Ballistic Weapon"); // Repair is not required: Repair is not required.

not working, the game just ignore the if.
i've tried if (ballisticWeapons == undefined)
if (!ballisticWeapons )
and nothing work.
Is someone have an idea why it's not working?

Mods / Problem with my mod
« on: July 19, 2016, 02:24:51 am »
Edit: just found why it's not working anymore * Changed healing beam balance, now it heals 25% structure for 5 seconds regardless of maximum HP

i've create this mod

it was working fine on 1.4.9 but now it just see ship immortal...

i've look into device_repair_beam.xml to see if anything have change but it's still the same, so device_repair_beam.xml work and mine not and i don't know why.
Maybe it's a bug?.

here's the code

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8"?>

      <title>Experimental Repair beam</title>
      <description>Special device designed to repair other ships in space.</description>


         <!-- none -->

         <!-- none -->


         <!-- none -->


         <durability>25000</durability> <!-- max durability -->

         <cooldown>1</cooldown> <!-- cooldown in seconds after initiation of usage -->

            determines a way the module can be activated
         <target>3</target> <!-- 0- N/A, 1- self, 2- area (around self), 3- object, 4- coordinates -->
            <range>10</range> <!-- used for all except "self" and "area" mode. -->
            <!-- determines area of effect on specified coordinates. only for "area", "target", "coordinates" -->
            <!-- only for "target" mode. For target can be specified: asteroid, ship, crate, jumpgate, base -->

         <!-- DEVICE ACTION
            determines how module effect should be applied
         <action_type>2</action_type> <!-- 0- N/A, 1- immediate, 2- per frame, 3- on complete -->
         <!-- the following configuration is only applicable for "per frame" and "on complete" modes -->
            <duration>0</duration> <!-- 0 for infinite -->
            <cancel_on_move>0</cancel_on_move> <!-- module is disabled when ship moves -->
            <cancel_on_take_damage>0</cancel_on_take_damage> <!-- module is disabled when ship takes damage -->
            <cancel_on_deactivate>0</cancel_on_deactivate> <!-- module is disabled when user activates it again (in this case deactivates) -->

            can be any number parameters, also accessible through scripts
            <!-- duration in seconds -->

         <!-- script definition for this module, must be valid filename -->


Modding info / software to creating hull
« on: July 15, 2015, 07:30:00 am »
Hi i use Gimp to change the color of the asteria but when i test in game 've a pink error color, what can i use to modifed it? i'll try blender with hull_asteria.obj.
Otherwise what can  use?

Modding info / question about goods/ore
« on: July 12, 2015, 01:01:57 pm »
i've made a mod, it add uranium bar for 1500d but i can't see it on a old savegame, only on a new.
Is it a problem with goods/ore? anything else can be found right after install... :s

Modding info / Mod error i don't know why (solved)
« on: July 11, 2015, 10:57:09 am »
i want to create a more powerfull version of repair beam but i've this error
11.7.15 15:36:22.4315 [IMP] Error loading mod from C:\Users\Pc\Documents\AtomicTorchStudio\VoidExpanse\Mods\Experimental Repair Beam.mpk

I don't now what is wrong, i've copy the script and rename it, my device .xml seems ok...

I've the same error with my new mining device mod...
No problem with my hull mod.

       mod.xml (modified from the original repair beam, use the script RepairBeam.js)
         RepairBeam.js (original)

If you need more info tell me :s idon't know were is the problem i think it's a script problem

The problem come from the header, i don't know why just recreate it from the uploader, now it work

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