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Modding info / Re: Lock On Range not modable?
« on: April 10, 2015, 05:33:47 pm »
If it is in fact how far the lock on can remain connected after being established that would be great.
For my mod it would work great, as they would still have to be in normal lock on range but when they flee the missile would not just unlock (until their out of the range) like it does with some smaller tier radar as soon as they're off screen.

Modding info / Re: Lock On Range not modable?
« on: April 09, 2015, 11:42:13 pm »
Yea I can see the value in game. Ill try to get some screen shots and post it below/edit this post.


Using 150 Range and Tracking Range, you can see they have to be pretty much in view able distance to be locked onto (which kind make the whole point of long range scanners + cruise missiles a little pointless :D)

The Radar

Target within my 150 Range, unable to lock on.

Only able to lock on once the Red Arrow appears (not 150 range away)

After editing the radar to have a lock on range of 5 I can only lock on when they're really close, it seem that the maximum range I can ever use is when that red arrow appears, which at that point you're close enough for the player/AI to detect you.

Edited Radar with 5 lock on range.

Reduced range works as I am unable to lock on even with the red arrow.

It's the only viable way I can think of of doing cruise missiles, ideally I would like an option for missiles to be able to track targets for X seconds after the initial lock and firing but I can only work with what's available :)

Modding info / Lock On Range not modable?
« on: April 09, 2015, 10:42:33 pm »
Hey guys/devs/robots,

For my latest mod I was trying to adjust the lock on range for radar, however changing the range does not seem to do anything.
Using a radar_targeting_range_value of 20 seemed to have no difference to using something such as 150. (they both allowed me to lock on only when the target was within firing distance)

I even increased the radar_range_value to match the radar_targeting_range_value but there was still no difference to when I could lock on (R Key)


Modding info / Re: Few modding questions, Trails, Missiles
« on: April 07, 2015, 01:35:42 am »
Thanks for the quick reply ai_enabled!

Are weapons able to apply certain effects on hit?
For example;
- Removing % or X amount of shield
- Removing % or X amount of hull
- Removing % or X amount of energy
- Stop cruise mode
- EMP effect
- Radiation

Thanks again!

Modding info / Few modding questions, Trails, Missiles
« on: April 06, 2015, 11:11:45 pm »
I am quite new to modding this game and would like a few questions answered if possible (I did check the wiki prior to this but it has no info on item mods atm)

How do I re-size the trails of missiles?
For example, I have reduced the size of a missiles to 0.5 and now they look a little silly with such a large trail.

Ahhh, the file(s) are located in engine_trails

How are colors calculated? It does not seem to be an RBG as 1;1;1 = white.
Using CMYK it seems??

What is <impulse>?

What is <structure> regarding missiles? Is this the bonus damage to structures or the amount of HP a missiles has?

What is <direction> in regards to weapons

Can weapons be fired as a staggered amount?
Example atm you click the fire button and 1 bullet or 5 bullets fly out at one (depending on the weapon) is it possible to stagger/burst fire to a mouse click fires x amount every x time
Click > Fire > Wait 0.03 > Fire > Wait 0.03 > Fire > Wait 0.03 > Fire > End Of Firing

How does projectile quantity work with damage?
Does it work like quantity X damage = Max damage on 1 target if they all hit?
Or is the quantity more of a visual thing, each one can do X damage per target. For example I launch 3 missiles at once with 10 damage. If they all hit an NPC would the NPC receive 3 x 10 damage or just 10, if it's just 10 would another NPC next to that one also receive 10 damage as well (if within the radius and/or hit by 1 of the 3 missiles?)

What is <homing>?
I understand what it does, just not what the value represents. For example whats the difference between 72 and 360 when it comes to <homing>? Is it the angle it's able to turn?

Thanks guys!

Mods / Mod: Chainguns
« on: April 06, 2015, 09:55:53 pm »


This is my first mod for VoidExpanse.

Chainguns are rapid firing ballistic weapons that are best used to take down enemy shields. Much like the Machinegun weapon, the Chaingun is a relic of the past and just isn’t up to the task of punching holes in modern armor plating without expending large amounts of ammunition.

Chainguns should be used in more of a supporting capacity rather than a main weapon although it is possible use dual Chaingun-XK on a Hammer and wreck most Tier I and II ships.

The mod includes four new weapons which have new Icons and Sounds.
Light Chaingun | 500 Ammo | 187 DPS
Medium Chaingun | 700 Ammo | 312 DPS
Heavy Chaingun | 900 Ammo | 437 DPS
Chaingun-XK | 1200 Ammo + 2 Power | 1167 DPS

Mod ID: chaingun_mod_v1
Mod type: ClientServer
Mod version: 1.0.0
Min game version: 0.0.0
Mod size: 0.7 MB

Please note: this mod is required for loading a savegame created with this mod.
Steam Link:


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