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My Feedback after approx. 10h
« on: May 19, 2018, 03:48:56 am »

So. To start i will tell that Cryofall is one of my favorite kind of game. It's 1PM, you say :" i play 2 hours " and next time you check the hour, it's 10PM =D. But i love it.
For an alpha , the game is pretty complete with a lot of things to do. He's gonna keeps you busy for a while. So i recommand it.

Only i thing change my mind about buying the game. I would pre-order the game, but this morning, i discover in suffer that the PK can be done in the game. What a surprise. ( The guy kills me in the back during a fight with a monster ... pretty fair ).
Now, i played a lots of games , i own over 2500 games on steam ( same tag if you wanna check ) , and there is 1 thing that i'm sure of : I hate spending time for nothing. I mean , i farm 3 or 4 hour this morning and the guy stole everything from me within 10 seconds. If i play , it's for fun , and spending time for nothing , for me , it's everything but fun.
My fisrt think was to give the PK's name , but i change my mind. The guy did only what the game allow him to do. He's just half responsible ( was not an obligation killing me =D )

So i will definitly not buy the game because i just wanna relax and not get angry.

But if you love the raw PvP and survival games , just go ahead , the game is for you ( and it's free atm so , don't be shy and test it =D )

Have a nice day guys , have fun in game.



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Re: My Feedback after approx. 10h
« Reply #1 on: May 21, 2018, 04:02:20 am »
Thank you for leaving your feedback! It honestly is very valuable to us.

Here's a few things I'd like to note. Currently raiding system is incomplete and as a consequence - completely unbalanced. We are going to completely rework the wall system to offer more options for defenses (not to mention defense turrets that will be added later). In addition to that we are also going to rework how land claims work to make it easier to use them and offer better protection for new players.

And finally and most importantly we are also going to add explosives in the game. Those explosives are going to be rather expensive to make so raiders won't be interested in spending them to raid new players and instead will focus on more developed players. But those developed players will also be able to defend themselves with better walls and turrets.

Bottom line is - raiding is very important and we want to keep it in the game, but at the same time we want to protect newer players so they are not targets for raiders and griefers. Combat must happen between advanced players who are ready and willing to engage in it.

We will be continuing addressing this balance as we continue developing the game.

Ah, also there will be purely PvE servers! So you can choose which you prefer.
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