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« on: June 03, 2018, 06:41:43 am »
Hello Everyone.
Most of the time im in the game I see questions regarding usually the same stuff. So I will collect them here to point you here when asking :)

Can I repair my equipment? - Nope, and once it breaks it is gone for good. Just craft a new tool/armor.
How can I move my wall? - You can't. You need to deconstruct it and build it somewhere else.
How can I deconstruct? - You need to get a crowbar. Research it in Tier2-Contruction. But be warned, you don't get any ressources back

More questions once I hear them and got the time to document :)

Where can I get #ressource?
Clay is dark orange on the map, on the right in this example.
Copper and Iron are found on the mountains, they are marked brown and located on the top of this example.
Sand is located at the beach and around water sources.
Berrys and herbs are found everywhere on the map, but are more common in the dark green spots.

Regards, p0ki


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Re: F.A.Q.
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By the way, I don't see the picture in your post. I think it is better to upload it to imgur or similar service.