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A few thoughts on the game.
« on: January 22, 2017, 12:11:35 am »
Hi folks, just a few thoughts after spending a few hours playing now, some of the things i note down I think are already planned to be addressed/changed, and may have already been changed, as this is based on v0.9, i haven't played 0.9b as yet.

Not too many of these, and I think all the ones I've got below are already known about.
- Some sort of lag issue, after a while playing all of a sudden i suffer pretty bad lag with my character stopping and jumping from point to point as things update. it seems to be solved with a simple restart of the game
- Seen a couple of mobs stuck on the rock walls.
- On two occasions I've been able to mine/chop 2 things at once if they're close enough together, screenshot below of one of the occasions, i turned on collision boxes for the screenshot also.
- Invisible melee weapons after switching from a ranged weapon. I switched from both the military shotgun and the submachine gun to my axe and the axe doesn't show up until i chop something

Look and Feel:
I really like the look and feel of the game, I so far haven't spotted any graphical glitches or bugs, and everything seems to tie in together nicely.
I do however think the tufts of grass that you can pick for fibers blend in a little too well with the grass ground texture, sometimes they're hard to spot, but this of course may just be my monitor contrast etc. etc.

I'll probably list a bunch of stuff here, I understand that balance related issues will be addressed at a later date, and also the tech system will no doubt switch the whole balance up too. I think also that there'll be things here that others have already noted or suggested, apologies for any repeats.

- Walls are expensive! a minimum of 5 trees to make a single wooden wall piece just seems a bit much to me.
- I think it should be possible to move something that you've constructed and also to get some materials refunded when you destroy it.
- if a static object like a wall or oven or workbench needs repairs, it'd be nice to get little icons showing the materials needed, a bit like when you're building something.
- It'd be nice to have an option to show shortcut numbers on the tool bar, just a little number showing 1 to 0 next to the icons.
- Emotes or chat bubbles or something for quickly communicating with nearby players. maybe some shortcut keys that will show a customisable message as a chat bubble so you can quickly communicate with other players, messages like "Hi" "Friendly" "Don't kill me" and "Give me all your resources" are handy in pvp survival game, to be able to communicate them quickly without broadcasting over global chat would be good.
- expand the chat system to allow people to create groups, this would also show members of your group on the map.
- For crafting, and more specifically, for complex recipes requiring intermediate items, perhaps it would be good to have a tree style view. for example, nitrocellulose powder requires 2 other items crafted at the same table, when you click on it, it would be nice for those 2 sub-recipes to show up also so you can get a total count of materials needed

I think that's all my comments for the moment, I'll add some more later if i think of any.


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Re: A few thoughts on the game.
« Reply #1 on: January 22, 2017, 06:36:47 am »
Thank you for taking time to write the these suggestions. I will probably not reply to each point individually, but rather say "yes" to everything :)

Some of that has already been mentioned as you noted, while some other points were planned actually, but more importantly it shows that we (developers and players) are on the same page :)

We will have most of these things implemented for the next test or some time after that!


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Re: A few thoughts on the game.
« Reply #2 on: July 27, 2017, 02:35:11 am »
- It'd be nice to have an option to show shortcut numbers on the tool bar, just a little number showing 1 to 0 next to the icons.
BTW, we've added a subtle separation between two groups (5 slots each one) in closed alpha test #2. Not sure if anyone noticed it, perhaps it would be better if we split it into two separate panels.
I also tried to add shortcut numbers now and, in my opinion, it looks too dense and a little bit confusing:
(s1-s5 means press a shortcut while holding the Shift key)
But we definitely could have this as an option.