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hello  :)

i try to make my first test mod with a minor change

i download 7 zip so as to make my mpk file

i have modified the header of the mod and the mod config file of the game

verified that its encoded in utf 8

removed the unused content

but when i launch the game  a bug appear at start

25.7.14 10:06:55.9587: Important:
Current log severity: Important

25.7.14 10:06:56.1858: Important:
Mods folder: 'C:\Users\Thomas\AppData\Local\AtomicTorchStudio\Launcher\Games\VoidExpanse\Mods'

25.7.14 10:06:56.7722: Error:

La référence d'objet n'est pas définie à une instance d'un objet.

"the object reference is not set to an instance of an object"

i so much would like to make a mod on this game that i had tryed so many times to install unsuccesfully
without understanding this error, which is weird for me  :'(

my header is

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8"?>
   <title>VoidExpanse Endless universe Data</title>
   <author>AtomicTorch Studio, toto</author>
   <description>Extended mod for VoidExpanse. </description>
   <modtype>2</modtype> <!-- 1 - server, 2 - client-server, 3 - client -->

and my mod config is :


i try this mod on version  0.8.4.c   
Servers / Re: -PVE- / community server
July 24, 2014, 10:36:29 AM
yes i play actively  :)
sorry i'm a noob  :-[
its public now

added some music free for space rpg (i'm the compositer)

and 1 hull model 3d

one gauss canon test

and two skills not functionnal (team combat repair hull, and advanced team combat  repair hull)

it sounds great !!!

i made 3d model of a destroyer (using, void expanse models) if someone is interested
i'm interested for modding, i can do graphics and codes, but i 'm searching for the file where the effects types are defined
after tried naev, escape velocity nova, starsonata, astroflux, pocket starships, dark orbit, nova raider and a lot of them ...

i spend many time in search on google : top down space rpg 2d or 3d but with a lot of contents

this one is the game i seached

thanks !
Game version:0.8.4.c
Game mode:both (its before the selection of multiplayer or single player)
Bug Location: after the cinematic when games launches
Steps to Reproduce: low images definitions (fastest)
Reproduction Rate: i encounter it many times
Screenshot: noone sorry

Bug Description:
i tried many times to set a low resolution with the fastest config for gameplay, with a low backgrounds + no flare no special effects... (it's hard to survive in space with little lags)
and then the game shut down after the short cinematic introduction where we can see the logo of atomic torch studio

so i delete the game folder , reinstall, and just reduce the backgrounds details and special effects and it works

maybe it could be useful for someone, i hope

ps :
thanks for the game's team, its very great !!! ^^

my favorite space game is this one, void expanse and i have a lot of hope in it !!!
(modding tools !!!!, don't hit automaticaly, top down rpg space opera, a lot of content and ships, beautiful, easy interface and gameplay,great effects, various weapons and devices, hangar interface, history, simple but efficiency graphics, instead of epileptic graphics with poor content, all my hopes goes to atomic torch with this game !!!!)

for a long time i searched a game like it

thanks for developpers !!!!!!!!   ;D

after it i like space empire 5, galactic civilisation 2, dox operative a little bit, and space ranger a little too