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Testing new server. Please bare with me! SkyCemetery

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My intention is to create mods and a server for this game because its hot. First my goal was to create a bigger universe. Right now I can spawn a system of 300 stars//1400stars//2800stars but at 2800 its lagging a bit. The thing is I don't know how to test my stuff online on the server so everytime i create a server in the server list of the game... It probably must piss off some people because i disconnect right away also. I am sorry for that as i do not know how to test my stuff offline. Just wanted to add that 2 other servers with my name SkyCemetery are appearing on the list I do not know why and they arent coming from me...


Edit: nvm i found out that i can log in my server in the custom Multiplayer server list... Thats what ill do from now on until the server is up. If it ever will be. cant promise anything.


you can edit the SettingsServer.xml file (should be located near the server executable file if you run it with the --dedicated flag as described in our wiki http://wiki.atomictorch.com/index.php?title=VoidExpanse/Server_setup ). There is a special flag <is_public_server> - you need to change it's value to 0 if you want to hide your server from the Public servers list.


Thank you for your answer! I got a problem though... i dont know how to link an image to my message. Its the little Mona Lisa button "insert image" but i don't understand the format ;( silly me.

Edit: Thank you I now know how to post images.

You can upload your image on http://tinypic.com/
then you need to copy-paste the text from "IMG Code for Forums & Message Boards".

Normally id edit my earlier post to counter forum message spam. Sorry in advance


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