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Bug reports / Dedicated Server Crash
April 19, 2015, 08:07:28 PM
Yesterday my Dedicated Server (Omnicron) crashed.
Here is the log file that tells me that the server got shutdown because of to many errors.

Version 1.2.8
Windows Server

When i was trying to run multible dedicated servers i saw a wierd propblem.

If you have a server running on slot_0 and a server running on slot_1 the server with slot_1 will save on slot_0.

To reproduce this "bug" just start 1 dedicated and load slot_0 and then you start a second (diff port) and let it load slot_1.
After that you will see that the second server (slot_1) will save on slot_0.

I am using version 1.2.5 for the server.

PS: It would be cool if we are able to set our own slot_ numbers like: new [slot] [seed]
Servers / [EU][DE][Dedicated][1.4.4] Omnicron
April 07, 2015, 06:26:19 AM
If your current location is in Europe or Germany this Server is just made for you!

Server Name: [EU][DE][Dedicated][1.4.4] Omnicron
Version: 1.4.4
Server address:
Hosted in: Germany(EU) Datacenter at Cologne(K├╢ln)

Server settings:

* Mods installed: None
* Whitelist only: No
* Player limit: 100
* PVP: No
* EXP Bonus: 10%
* Money penalty: 10%
* Ship/Item penalty: No

Additional information:

- Active admin to make sure the server is running correctly (Maroku).
- If you have any suggestions or the server stops working you can mail me at