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Ideas and suggestions / V1.4.9 - suggestions
« on: July 15, 2015, 05:16:02 am »
Hello all,
after near of 30 hours (lvl 60) on the game, i come here to give you some suggestions.

First of all, the game is excellent, you did a great job !

- is it possible to have informations on the galaxy map about the locations of the differents ships we bought ? usually i use map annotations (way points)
- is it possible to have informations about our stock on differents bases ? it's hard to remember all that we stock on the differents bases
- when a pnj merchant is killed by pirates or aliens, it would be fun to get notification and a new quest: kill the <pirate's name>, and if this pirate or alien has killed more than X merchants a special reward can be provided
- More asteroïds diversity (differetns forms, differents colors, differents sizes, etc.)
- More base diversity
- more ennemies diversity (cargos, bases to destroy, etc.)
- more ship
- crafting: with items we found (mining, fighting, etc.)
- Escorts quests
- protecting quest (protect a base, protect a merchant, protect a convoy, etc.)
- Merchants in space could sell more differents things instead just "Fuel" (what they found in space)
- some galaxy zone could be attacked by pirates and aliens, and we should fight to recover the zone

These are differents ideas, perhaps some are ridiculous, perhaps some are more interesting

Thanks a lot for your answer

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