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[Client+Server] Mutant Crawlers Infestation
« on: August 01, 2021, 09:52:21 pm »
Hi there, sharing here a simple, yet interesting mod for anyone to use.

Mutant Crawlers Infestation


How to install:

Copy the file "MutantCrawlers.mpk" in your mods folder. Usually located at "...\Documents\AtomicTorchStudio\CryoFall\Mods"

Search the file "ModsConfig.xml" and add the mod to the list, if it is your first time installing a mod the file should look like this:

Code: [Select]
<?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8" standalone="yes"?>


Update 0.1.03

- Fix: Mutant Crawlers no longer spawn inside claimed territory on meteorite drop events.

Update 0.1.02
- Roll back on keinite drop: some raw keinite now is also dropped without collector to match the description
of the event mentioning rare resources.
- Slight increase on armor piercing of the mutant crawler spit as it was not causing
any damage to top tier armors.

Update 0.1.01

Small rebalance:

- Mutant Crawlers loot always gives 1 toxin along with other resources depending
 on skills while it now requires Keinite collector in order to obtain raw keinite.

- Mutant Crawlers poison now is more dangerous, specially if they attack in groups.

- Added delay on first event trigger at server wipe.


  This mod brings a mutated version of the existing crawlers which are larger, nastier and spits toxic acid.

 - They are particulary stronger against some weapons so you have to find the right way to attack them.

- There's also a new event consisting of a massive infestation of mutated crawlers emerging across the roads in the whole map, this event lasts only 10 minutes but it is set to start disregarding if there are other events going on so be aware.

- The mutated crawlers will spawn in large amounts on this event so their drop attempts to be as balanced as possible to be complementary of the existing sources of these materials but not a replacement, so please don't hesitate on providing any feedback in these regards.

- The goal is to bring some additional challenge when returning from other events or from any PvE or PvP encounters that might happen. By default the event will happen relatively often, though you can change this in the server rates file.

- Additionaly, a group of mutated crawlers now will spawn in the surrounding area of the meteorites aiming to add a more dynamic gameplay for PvE players and maybe some trouble if used in PvP.

- Some critical changes were made to the Meteorite event to adapt it to the presence of the mutant crawlers.

- The event radius and distance between meteorites was enlarged to allow a better spread of the mutant crawlers around the meteorites.

- The duration was also adapted in order to allow a more tactical approach to clear the area from creatures and also to provide PvE and solo players some extra time to recover their loot if they die in the event.

- One more meteorite was added for PvE to add value to the event due to its additional difficulty.

Meteorite drop changes summary:

Event radius:
PvE from 52 tiles to 72
PvP from 80 tiles to 100

Distance between meteorites:
From 22 tiles to 30 tiles

Event duration:
From 30 mins to 40 mins

Meteorites per area:
PvE from 4 to 5
PvP no changes

To do: Spit attack animation needed for the mutant crawlers.


Event notification:

Mutant Crawler:

Mutant Crawlers Infestation example:

Meteorite spawn example:

Looking forward to hear your feedback or suggestions!

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