cryofall epic games version -> create new atomictorch user-account

Started by charaktermaske, December 04, 2022, 02:34:31 AM


I bought CryoFall over Epic Games Stores. When i installed the game, i was not interested in a atomictorch account, but now i am (because of the editor), but if i use the Link account function, i get the message "the method or operation ist not implemented". On the atomictorch website on the other hand is written "If you want to have a linked account, please create a new account right from the game. There is no other way to link the account now (temporarily disabled)." What could i do? Is there another way to get the editor? I tried over a test-version of cryofall on steam, but this does not function either.



Unfortunately, this feature is not implemented in the current version of the game in Epic Store, and we cannot push a new version.

Please let me know your in-game nickname (as displayed in the bottom right corner of the main menu) and I will create a new AtomicTorch account linked to it (so you can download and use CryoFall Editor from our website).