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Mods / [Client+Server] Mutant Crawlers Infestation
« on: August 01, 2021, 09:52:21 pm »
Hi there, sharing here a simple, yet interesting mod for anyone to use.

Mutant Crawlers Infestation


How to install:

Copy the file "MutantCrawlers.mpk" in your mods folder. Usually located at "...\Documents\AtomicTorchStudio\CryoFall\Mods"

Search the file "ModsConfig.xml" and add the mod to the list, if it is your first time installing a mod the file should look like this:

Code: [Select]
<?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8" standalone="yes"?>


Update 0.1.03

- Fix: Mutant Crawlers no longer spawn inside claimed territory on meteorite drop events.

Update 0.1.02
- Roll back on keinite drop: some raw keinite now is also dropped without collector to match the description
of the event mentioning rare resources.
- Slight increase on armor piercing of the mutant crawler spit as it was not causing
any damage to top tier armors.

Update 0.1.01

Small rebalance:

- Mutant Crawlers loot always gives 1 toxin along with other resources depending
 on skills while it now requires Keinite collector in order to obtain raw keinite.

- Mutant Crawlers poison now is more dangerous, specially if they attack in groups.

- Added delay on first event trigger at server wipe.


  This mod brings a mutated version of the existing crawlers which are larger, nastier and spits toxic acid.

 - They are particulary stronger against some weapons so you have to find the right way to attack them.

- There's also a new event consisting of a massive infestation of mutated crawlers emerging across the roads in the whole map, this event lasts only 10 minutes but it is set to start disregarding if there are other events going on so be aware.

- The mutated crawlers will spawn in large amounts on this event so their drop attempts to be as balanced as possible to be complementary of the existing sources of these materials but not a replacement, so please don't hesitate on providing any feedback in these regards.

- The goal is to bring some additional challenge when returning from other events or from any PvE or PvP encounters that might happen. By default the event will happen relatively often, though you can change this in the server rates file.

- Additionaly, a group of mutated crawlers now will spawn in the surrounding area of the meteorites aiming to add a more dynamic gameplay for PvE players and maybe some trouble if used in PvP.

- Some critical changes were made to the Meteorite event to adapt it to the presence of the mutant crawlers.

- The event radius and distance between meteorites was enlarged to allow a better spread of the mutant crawlers around the meteorites.

- The duration was also adapted in order to allow a more tactical approach to clear the area from creatures and also to provide PvE and solo players some extra time to recover their loot if they die in the event.

- One more meteorite was added for PvE to add value to the event due to its additional difficulty.

Meteorite drop changes summary:

Event radius:
PvE from 52 tiles to 72
PvP from 80 tiles to 100

Distance between meteorites:
From 22 tiles to 30 tiles

Event duration:
From 30 mins to 40 mins

Meteorites per area:
PvE from 4 to 5
PvP no changes

To do: Spit attack animation needed for the mutant crawlers.


Event notification:

Mutant Crawler:

Mutant Crawlers Infestation example:

Meteorite spawn example:

Looking forward to hear your feedback or suggestions!

Mods / [Client+Server] Surgical Mask aka: Covid mask
« on: May 26, 2021, 10:48:40 pm »
Hello guys. Today I'm releasing my first mod ever.

Not big deal, is just a Surgical/Covid Mask to wear in CryoFall.

My intention is to present something that although remind us the difficult times we are leaving due to the pandemic, could give us some fun when playing CryoFall at the same time that I added a description to rise awareness of the use of a mask.

I hope you like it!

This mask presents an alternative to the Respirator Mask in order to provide same kind of protection but has half durability (200) than the respirator (400), though this mask is available earlier.

Te recipe unlocks after the Glue node in Defense Tier 1 and the required components to craft it are just Thread, Paper and Glue and is produced on stacks of 3 units.

This mod must be installed in both sides, server and client.

Download: SurgicalMask.mpk


Remember to edit the ModsConfig.xml file to include this mod in the list and make sure it is installed in your server Data\Mods folder and/or  ...\Documentos\AtomicTorchStudio\CryoFall\Mods if necessary.

ModsConfig example:

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8" standalone="yes"?>

Bug reports / Editor: WallWooden props collision/animation
« on: March 08, 2021, 03:01:02 pm »
Hi guys!

Its been a while, didn't have time to play the game yet but been following the great progress you're doing and loved it, however, I'm still messing around with the map editor whenever Ican so I wanted to bring this in case it wasn't reported or found yet:

Have a great day!

Hello Lurler and ai_enabled.

I've been working on a mission design I'd like to bring here for you to consider.

This might not be the most professional presentation of a game mode design and I might be missing some details but I think is enough to illustrate the idea and, if something such like this is ever considered, I'm quite confident you guys will make it just as perfect as possible with your expertise.

CryoFall PvP Missions


The players will have an option to toggle their state to “ready” or “not ready” in order to be able to get into a mission.

The server will trigger different missions in any moment that could occur in any area of the map and even several missions can be running at the same time.

When a mission is triggered the server will search for players that are ready on a queue and according to their distance with the mission area two groups will be arranged, either if they are on a team or playing solo, everyone could be randomly picked.

In order to avoid solo and low tier players matched against large pre-made groups there should be an option to check if you are open for team alliances, if it is unchecked then you’ll have reduced chances of getting matched against a team conformed of players from the same party.

The players on the mission cannot be damaged by players outside the mission and neither can they do any damage to others.

If a raid starts at the base of any player that is on a mission they’ll be prompted to abandon the mission which if they accept will trigger a timer to be removed from the team. The mission could then start to search for another player to join the team.


The “ready for mission” status will come along with a few messages to explain the player that he is now available for missions and that they should remain close to their base in order to drop their loot if they are deployed into action.

Once the mission starts the player will access an additional menu window, like the Diplomacy or Social ones, where they’ll be able to check the names of the participants, the title of the mission, the scores, k/d ratios, stage and time remaining.

Each stage briefing will be also displayed for the participants.

Players on a mission have a dedicated #team chat channel for the team members.

The player respawn zones during a mission are automatically assigned as a ring surrounding the mission area for fast deploying when respawning.

Players respawn with full health and “tired” debuff is also disabled during the mission.

When a player on mission dies they keep their guns, ammo and consumables such as medicine, food and water but the rest of the loot is dropped for other players to pick it up. This is to ensure that the player’s interactions are focused on the PvP engagement and the mission tasks.


Each mission itself would have a chance of dropping a special loot, similar to the Space Debris event, when finished. Also during the mission there’ll be tasks assigned that could request a team to hack, force or find a crate or such which would have along with the mission items some looting that the players will keep at the end.

The scoreboard will list the total amount of LP the players are earning during the mission and their k/d ratios. The top 3 k/d will earn an additional amount of LP.

The winning team will earn a special reward such as full armor sets, weapons and such.

There will also be some random resources and the top scores will have increased chances of getting more valuable stuff.


Along with the scoreboard that each player can access during the match each player gets a “mission ending” pop-up window at the end of the mission to show a resumed detail of the total score and prizes they earned.

The regular scoreboard will be updated in real time to reflect the mission progress.

Let's move to the next post to see how a mission would be:


Bug reports / Colliders
« on: June 14, 2020, 02:43:14 pm »
Hello Lurler and ai_enabled,

Edit: Sorry for posting this in the bugs report section as I didn't know where else this could belong.

I was wondering if some colliders might need some rework unless these are meant to work this way, but if it is welcomed I'm going to post some screenshots of where I've found some issues moving around objects in a new map I'm attempting to design from scratch.

While some of these might not represent an actual issue I'm posting a few that I believe could allow some better circulation around and between these:

1] Barriers. Though I'd rather use the barriers to block the way as it is actually working I think I could bring this particular situation where it doesn't allow a consistent positioning when interacting with other buildings:

Here is an example of the asymmetry when using the barriers this way which is why I would like to have the vertically-flipped version or either a centered one for aesthetic purposes:

2] Crates Pile. Here I think it could allow to walk around when placed close to a wall this way. But that might be also related to the walls as I'll show in the next pictures below this one:

3] Ruins Walls. I found what might be a bit inconsistent, in my opinion it could be nice to have the rest of the walls with the small collider as in the junctions and corners so you can sort of hide a little bit behind these:

4] Flowerbed. As shown in this picture, this could be more a thing of the Construction Blocks object than the flowerbed but since this position of these items allows circulation in the top side I thought it could be considered for improved circulation either adjusting the bottom of the blocks or the top of the flowerbed:

If the flowerbed would allow walking between the top side and a building could be nice:

5] Pool. The bottom pieces and probably also the laterals seems to have a wide space before reaching the actual border, this also stopped me from placing other items in the next tile below a pool as I'll show you in the other image below this one:

6] Barrels. Here I think we have a set of items that combined with the barrels are blocking the path but although I've been bringing these other items in the previous images it looks like the wooden pallet in the base of the barrels is drawn in a way that could make sense if the collider box is reduced slightly, allowing finally to gain circulation around a bunch of different objects:

I hope this helps a bit to improve these items and I'll keep an eye for anything else I found to update this post some other time if needed.

I'm attempting some complex locations for a map design and sorting all these items in different ways allows for wider creativity when it comes to give better immersion to the map I'm working on.


Ideas and suggestions / Personal Force Field & Tactical Shield
« on: May 12, 2020, 06:12:20 pm »
Hello guys. We've been talking about an idea with some players on my team and I wanted to drop it here to see if someone else contributes to elaborate this concept.

Personal Force Field / Tactical Shield

Personal Force Field would be a new implant that allows the player to get protection to either push forward or run away without taking damage in combat for the time it is enabled but it makes you lose your ability to use any weapons. You toggle the force field the same way as the helmet light and it has a slow cooldown between activations. Also if it gets destroyed it will burst a small energy field that will damage you and any nearby players and creatures.

The idea is that a player could act as protection for the team to reach better ranges when willing to use heavier and faster guns than the sniper or survive for a while when dropped out of the mech and such..

Its power source should be the power bank although this "force filed" could add a new portable power source based on pragmium, similar to the core reactors, that could also be used for the plasma guns and other stuff too.

Tactical Shield is an item that allows the player to move towards the line of fire absorbing any possible damage from impacts and energy weapons but not from explosions, however, the kinetic impacts will slow down the player that is holding the shield while it still provides protection against piercing ammo .

It is cheaper to make than the force field, hence it is a lower tier alternative, and it doesn't do any damage when it is destroyed. Can be dropped at any moment and its health points are lower than the force field.

It should be relatively weak, you can't use any weapons when carrying the Tactical Shield although you can switch to it slightly quick from your quick-access bar and the stamina should also be reduced faster by the impact of its weight.

I can imagine some situations where you pull the Tactical Shield but your opposition slows you down by the impacts of their guns giving them time to run away while also providing more defensive uses when covering a team mate placing bombs or building a Li/Oil Extractor.

Also the slowing down function could be accumulative, let's say 1 impact = 0.25 secs of effect so a shotgun in example would make the effect last longer or instead of making it relative to amount of impacts make it work in relation to damage.

Hope you guys likes this idea besides if it is even possible and I hope to read some suggestions and opinions on how this would work, or fail, and how to improve it.


Hello everyone. I've been thinking of a few things I feel were missing when managing teams ingame.

I suggested this on Discord but here I can go a bit more detailed so what I think is that we could have two separated systems, one of them based in the ingame functionalities for a current party on a given server and clan features that allows to gather plenty of people in your guild with its own functionalities that could go further than just in a particular server.

What I suggest is allowing the creation of a clan that will register every player that joins the clan into some sort of "friends list" that is consistent through servers and for all the members of the clan. Let's say you open the game and you can check how many of your clan members are playing, in which servers they are and even join them straight from there showing also unlisted servers they might be playing on, also you should be able to use the chat before joining a server to arrange the teams and have this clan chat also available when you're ingame to give advice to your clannies in other servers when you need them come to defend your fortress or have a fight.

I'll list down some features and would love to have the opinions of other players about these to know which ones would work better for clan or just for the teaming system.

  • Ability to transfer leadership.

  • Assigning "officers" that are the only ones allowed to recruit and remove other members.

  • Team Alliances to make other teams or clans visible in the map but with no other functions.

  • Landclaimer and maybe also doors removal shouldn't be possible for other team members except officers.

  • Door-lock bypass for team leader.

  • Larger groups.

  • Clan chat from lobby.


  • Leadership status: Some times the leader/creator of the clan might have to leave the game for a while or we simply could want to transfer the ability to add/remove members to a player that is often more active.

  • Officers: Should have some limitations over the team tag, name and doors/claimers ownership changes while being the only ones allowed to recruit new players, probably both clan and party should have their individual "officer" rank. Clan Officer / Team Officer.

  • Alliances: Some teams might want to avoid fighting and help each other in PvP engagements while it could be a mess when you approach a conflict area without knowing your allies are already there. If you are going to be allies with other clans or teams, you could allow them to see your team in the map but not the landclaimers and also have a light-blue color for their names. This could work in one direction to save the need of having the other team to accept and making it easier to toggle it on and off for other purposes.

  • Landclaimer/doors limitations: To avoid inside jobs, betrayers and other potential conflicts only the officers and the clan/team leader should be able to dismantle claimers and doors. Officers should be included because it could happen that the door creator or the team leader goes offline and they are recruiting new players that they might need to add to the list.

  • Door-lock bypass: With this ability the Team Leader would be able to enter a room and stock up other member's private chests with anything they'd need while avoiding anyone else from taking anything.

  • Larger groups: Groups of 10 doesn't really stop players from creating larger groups while medium/small groups might find trouble to retain these few extra players that might want to join when merging in example a team of 6 with another team of 5. I'm still not sure because I like the 10 members limit for teams but as we all have seen it really doesn't stop larger groups from cooperating and fight together.

  • Clan Chat: Joining the game and being able to communicate with all your friends/clan mates is a must, you could be able to check in which server are each one of them, join them or simply chat with them to arrange the teams. Also while you are in game you could be able to keep track of the clan chat as we've seen many times that some groups are jumping from one server to another looking to bring some players they teamed up with.

Adding to this, the Clan Tag should be obligatory in order to register the clan and no duplicated tags should be allowed, this is to help to avoid stalkers from faking a clan name and to allow newbies to identify players that are actually part of a clan as same as other clans and teams around.

If I think of something else I'll post later, I hope to see some other ideas or opinions from the other players around here regarding this.


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