Author Topic: My experience with raiding.  (Read 664 times)


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My experience with raiding.
« on: October 25, 2018, 01:07:56 pm »
I want to share my experience with raiding. I started around two weeks ago yesterday i could craft my first modern bomb because i could by some Lithium at a trading Stationaslo i crafted 2 primitive bombs.
I went out to look for a target and found 2 guys who started a few days ago they had one wooden Wall around their camp and started with a second layer. Both have been online so i first said "hello" and told them i´ll raid them now :-) they were not amused but what could they do i had a machine gun and they had only some sticks.
So i placed my first primitive bomb at the entrance and boom it made the Wooden door got damaged by around 50%.
One of the guys inside instantly repaired the door bevor i could place the second one.
So i decided to place the modern bomb at their wall behind their smelters and boom the wall was down.
Now i would have been able to kill both and take all their stuff i could have stayed there a while and respawn kill em until they decide to spawn anywhere else. (sidenote: Im not a dick so instead i didnt kill them, left some stuff and left peacfull)

What i learned:
If they had brickwalls i would have been not able to break the wall when they are online because they could have repaired it much faster then i could destroy it. So the only chance to break in is when they are offline.

-there should be a bomb which can blast away each Wall in one boom: primitive for wood, modern for Stone and high-tech for bricks but only when the claimowner is online.
-The bomb should have a 10 minutes timer and the owner should get a message when a bomb gets placed. So he could run to his base and fight with the raider and if he wins he can defuse the bomb.

-If a bomb is placed you should not be able to build anything.

-If the owner is offline the Claim should get a shield which absorbs a huge amount of damage maybe 20 times the damage of a bomb equal to the landclaims Tier.

-shield regeneration should be very slow 20%/24hours