Author Topic: WhyNotBoth(...-hands)?!?  (Read 687 times)


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« on: November 19, 2018, 11:33:25 am »
how about dual wielding?

- have 2 weapon slots,
- big guns like machine gun occupy both slots
- can have 2 pistols for instance
- selecting either of the (up to two) items in the two slots will select both
- left click is one item activation (like, shooting...) and right click is the other item
=> shoot two pistols
- extended reload period if two guns are used (more than reloading 2, as it's more difficult to reload one if you hold two^^)
- less accurate at long range than using only 1 hand
- probably higher alpha damage than 2-handed-auto-guns
- more variable (see next paragraph)

- could also add (riot-) shields of different tech tiers (wooden, metal, ballistic synthetics,...)
=> shield can be dual-wielded with guns and melee
=> gives melee at least a chance in late game (how about shockers/powered chain-swords/....?^^)
- "using" the shield blocks/lowers incoming damage of only one direction
- can "use" pistol/melee and shield simultaneously => shooting inaccurately and only partial protection