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My ideas
« on: March 23, 2019, 05:00:30 am »
Hello guys, the game is great and it has huge potential! I know its still alpha and and many things will be added. I want to share my ideas with youm hope you will like them.

1. Traveling, you can add some mounts(T2), speed could be around 2 times faster than runing. While mounted you can use only 1 handed weapon, accuracy should be much worse. I know you want to add some vehicles later, they can be higher tiers and much faster.

2. I know you are planning to add some teleports in the future, what about some kind of trains, or other vehicels that will use kind of railroads? Imagine situation that one group need to transport something and another will try to hijack it:D

3. Mining charge, since its T3, it could be more efficient, now its a bit hard to blow 3 nodes with one charge, and 4 nodes is super rare, thats why imho is not very efficient. It can be improved by few ways.

      I. Create special nodes that can be blew only with mining charge, for one node its required 3-5 charges to destroy it, every blow gives significant amount of ore or other recources.
      II. Just increase range of explosion (at least double it).
      III. Increase amount of ores(kno3, pyrite, etc). spawned after explosion.

Mining skill could have influence how efficent Mining charges are

3.Gathering sand and clay, maybe you can add some special tool to gather sand and clay a little bit faster? Some tool in T3 and in T4 some kind of implant that will increase gathering amount from one spawn(at least double)

4. Improve smelting, cooking with every tier. Tier 1 is like now, you can upgrade your furnace, cooking table, stove,  to  smelt, cook, faster T2 x 1.3 – 1.7, T3 – x2, T4 x3

5. Base, is it possible to make it that people who are outside of the base can't see what is going inside? Also people who are inside shouldn't see much what is going on outside :D . Walls, how about to make visible only outer layer of the wall. Now, everyone can see how developed is owner of the base by seeing crates in base. Based on that info they can judge if its good moment to raid or still wait.

6. Add some skill related to explosives, with lower skill there should be chance(very small) that bomb will blow while planting it(and kill attacker :D), with higher skill chance should be smaller, with no chance to blow at level 20.

7. Planting bombs should be much longer, only one bomb at a time should be planted on one tile. Every movement, damge taken interrupts planting. Repairing base during raiding should be not possible.

8.Blowing up crate can destroy some items inside

9. Please add log info about who and when attacked your base.

Thank you for reading and wish you easy codding :D