Author Topic: a few questions about modding variables  (Read 1074 times)


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a few questions about modding variables
« on: April 01, 2019, 04:51:04 am »
hi, i'm working on my pvp/raiding-oriented server, Cryoballs. i have a few questions if you can help :)

1. can i make the loot better in radtowns
2. can i make the range of the sound of explosions louder
3. how do i change retained LP after death?
4. how do i make the player move/run faster?
5. will there be a way to make gather rates 3x soon?
6. can i map wipe my server but have my players still retain their LP and skill levels? or do they both wipe together

thanks devs for all the help!


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Re: a few questions about modding variables
« Reply #1 on: April 02, 2019, 06:41:54 am »

1. You can edit the loot droplists in Core.cpk\Scripts\StaticObjects\Loot folder — they are defined in C# files for each crate type.
2. It's already as large as possible — as player could only heard sounds from the objects in scope. If the object exploding too far from the player's screen bounds on the max zoom-out, it could not be heard — the object is not in player's view scope.
3. Edit "Core.cpk/Scripts/Skills/Skills/Personal/SkillLearning.cs" there is a const LearningPointsRetainedAfterDe athBaseValue you can also modify it to retain much more when the skill level is increased.
4. Edit "Core.cpk/Scripts/Characters/Player/PlayerCharacter.cs" there are the player's base move speed and the run speed modifier. However, this file should be distributed as a client mod otherwise there will be a discrepancy between the server and client — the movement is simulated on the client to reduce the network lag — without the mod client will not know it should use a different move speed.
5. If you mean any vegetation, you can change "Core.cpk\Scripts\StaticObjects\Vegetation\Base\ProtoObjectGatherableVegetation.cs" to set shorter DurationGatheringSeconds.
6. Unfortunately, it's not yet possible.