Author Topic: PVE PVP 加入国家概念,两个25人团队进行联盟,进攻AI控制的机甲要塞,成功占领后建国成功。  (Read 365 times)


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    PVE  PVP 加入国家概念,两个25人团队进行联盟,进攻AI控制的机甲要塞,成功占领后建国成功,要塞中要存放大量资源,作为攻城胜利的奖励。每个国都有几个要塞,全部占领后可以进攻另外一个国。要塞占领越多,维护成本经费越高,国家电网输电损耗越大,初期国家个数设置为三个,红,黄,蓝三国。为了追求平衡性,帮助弱国,A国建国成功后,B C没有攻击下来电脑控制的机甲要塞。B国 C国资源开采增加百分之20。

      交战法制,PVE只可以在国家要塞附近交战,杀人,PVP无限制,任何地方都可以,解决PVE  PVP后期玩法匮乏,有对抗性,更刺激,
      T6国家科技,科技围国家科技,国家电网科技,国家共享电力,水利发电站,大型活力发电厂  T6 油气管道  液体管道,海水淡水等等,国家交战时也可破坏这些设施。

  PVE PVP joins the concept of the country. Two 25-person teams are in an alliance to attack the AI-controlled mech fortress. After the successful occupation, the nation is successfully established. A large amount of resources must be stored in the fortress as a reward for siege victory. Each country has several fortresses, all of which can attack another country after being occupied. The more the fortress is occupied, the higher the maintenance cost and the greater the transmission loss of the national grid. The initial number of countries is set to three, red, yellow, and blue. In order to pursue balance and help weak countries, after country A was successfully established, B C did not attack the computer-controlled mech fortress. Country B Country C's resource extraction increased by 20%.

      The law of engagement, PVE can only fight near national fortresses, kill people, PVP is unlimited, anywhere, it can solve the lack of PVE PVP late gameplay, it is confrontational, and more exciting,
      T6 National Technology, Technology Encloses National Technology, National Grid Technology, National Shared Electricity, Hydroelectric Power Stations, Large-scale Energy Power Plants T6 Oil and Gas Pipelines, Liquid Pipelines, Seawater and Fresh Water, etc. These facilities can also be destroyed during national wars.
      I have played (Ring the World) God World controls multiple villains and builds homes. Everyone has their own skills to resist attacks sent by the hostile. Many fun ideas can be used for reference. For example, the melee personnel in the ring world have guards. Shield, but can’t use guns
In the doomsday awakening, miners can use shields to resist damage and use energy knives to fight melee
   The population maintenance fee in (Warcraft), the population reaches 80, the mining speed is reduced by 30%, and the professional arms are well coordinated, and each arms has the feeling of being needed in this collective.
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